Spain · 7 Days · 30 Moments · September 2017

Asturies patria querida

9 September 2017

Gifts for Berlin! :o
Puertas de Vidiago, The indianos have money money! Last day in Asturias :( so sad!!

8 September 2017

Railway Bridge by Rio Puron
Puron Toro Sentado is looking to the other people.
Río Puron The beginning of Rio Puron allocates below the Sierra del Cuera, only about 4 kilometers far from the sea. The Rio Puron has some effluents as Rio Barbalin which connects exactly on the village of Puron. The walk to see the beginning is comfortable and easy as it is shown in the photos. We had today the company of a small dog, somehow he wanted to come till the end of the path with us. Lovely dog.
Puente del Clérigo The bridge connects the road to La Borbolla and the road to Puron. It is used by the people of Puron to make the way to the civilization easier
Playa de Vidiago Weather for the beach and waves for me! 😎

7 September 2017

Río Puron The river is located to the east of Puertas de Vidiago. Puron River goes along the valley between Puron and The Sierra Plana. It is about 4 km long. The source of the river and the ending worth a visit per year, each time it is different.
La Cueva #dietastur ON #dietamediterraneaisover
Playa de Vidiago Red Flag, time for negotiation with the rescue team. Best day of waves of the week :)

6 September 2017

Peña Tú Puertas de Vidiago's Idol. The prehistoric location is to be reached on foot through a short hike of about 900 meters. The stone block has a shape of a face (4 meters high and 1 meter width). It has paintings of about 3700 B.C. from the cupper age. On the other hand, the view from this place worths a lot
Path to the Revueltona, Valle Oscuru Beautiful path from the top of the Sierra Plana to Peña Tú. The view of the Valley Oscuru is now amazing. At the beginning, the first neighborhoods of La Borbolla are shown afterwards the different fields/meadows are visibles, sometimes with cows or sheeps, and at the end, closed to Peña Tú, the village of Puron. In September, the path is plenty of Chestnuts. My mother picked a lot of them and she wants to cook them.
Llano de Buena y Vidiago
Bocayus Valley of Novales river
La Cueva, Riego Rainy days, cozy living room

5 September 2017

Camino del Carrocedo A path of some kilometers from the center of Llanes to Pancar. First time that we did it. We enjoyed the time with Jose and Pili.
Playa de Vidiago Finally, a day with huge waves.

4 September 2017

She's thinking a lot!
Bufón de arenillas The bufones are located closed to Puertas de Vidiago. These cliffs have many holes in the lower part, where the water gets in and out. Since the rock is karst, the water has created many holes and places to get in. Sometimes, if the sea is enough brave, the water can rise through the Bufón and showers the visitors. Unfortunately, the sea was calm and the spectacle was not so interesting
Pescaino The Cliff next to Vidiago's Beach. Many cows and sheeps are this year there. It was not possible to see the spectacular views today. Let's see tomorrow. We, my sister and I, jogged again till the beach. We are getting fit! 💪💪
Tomatoes From the garden of my uncle 😍😍

3 September 2017

La Eria / Senda Costera The Senda Costera goes from Unquera until Llanes through the coast the Sierra Plans. It takes around 30 kilometers. It is plenty of nature, cows, sheeps and domesticated animals. In the area closed to Vidiago, the new road has reduced the area between the village and the coast. Therefore, the animals are closer to the path (Senda Costera). It deserves a walkdown the way from Vidiago's cementery till the bufones of arenillas in puertas de Vidiago. In the first photo, the bull is imponent, his strengt, a force of the nature. However, it has been injured and he was not able to walk properly , the rear right leg was shorter than the others.
Vidiago Nothing more to say! The old road has become calm and quiet. There is now time for taking a photo and even to walk closer.
N-364 The old road
Sidrería Casa Poli The best restaurant of this area. Many people of Oviedo, Santander and even Bilbo come here to eat Cachopos, Chuletones and the best fishes of the Cantábrico. The place is hardly ever empty and it is even difficult to get a table from 14:30 onwards. The restaurant is located in an old farm building
Vidiago's Beach, nuestra playa. I have a lot of remembers about this beach, 27 years already here :) Each year it is different. This year, since it is September, there is not so many people as during August and it is the best place for relaxing and enjoying with this nice weather. By the way, the temperature of the water is not so cold as expected. :)
Way to the Vidiago's Beach. My sister has decided this year to get fit and we go jogging there. It takes about 20 min. Hopefully, we will be fit for the next season
The FEVE, the train of my childhood. We used to take it in rainy days in order to get some hot chocolate in Unquera with corbatas.

2 September 2017

Santander airport Puron in Santander?!