United States of America · 4 Days · 3 Moments · August 2018

13 August 2018

So many aspirations and creativity has flooded my thoughts over the weekend ☆☆☆

11 August 2018

New moon in Leo ♌☀️ this new moon is also tied with a partial Solar Eclipse and is happening during 5 retrogrades. You may want to reflect, encourage ambition, meditate, understand emotions, and allow your will power to take over for you current manifestations. All these are encouraged by each of the 5 planets that are retrograde. With fiery sign Leo allow yourself to be confident, optimistic, straightforward and loyal to your aspirations. I'm so ready to see each person's progress from this ♡

10 August 2018

New moon tomorrow and dreams have been vividly wild. 9:06 am and my mom, uncle and myself had the craziest, short lived, vivid and wild dreams last night. It was a tough sleep! I didn't check the time but I'm sure I woke up about every hour with intense feeling. Paxson rolled and turned all night so he must have been feeling this too. Currently the moon is 2% illuminated. In the sign Cancer moving into Leo. New moon in Leo approaching☆♌