North America, Asia · 11 Days · 133 Moments · January 2018

Jan 2018, Thailand, ( Bangkok, River Kwai)

26 January 2018

25 January 2018

24 January 2018

23 January 2018

Hotel lobby
Hotel breakfast buffet

22 January 2018

All the foods we bought from that street market.
Thieves left the Head of the Buddha and tree grew around it.

21 January 2018

20 January 2018

They all look REAl except in miniature sizes. I would love one but don’t know who they are and kind of creepy to see them in my house.
You know I love to to pictures with animal.
So happy! He is very heavy!! Fun!
Breakfast, the egg and spinach is so good and easy to make. The breakfast buffet is great, fresh juice every morning. That’s watermelon juice there.
Make you own fresh noodle soup.
Fresh Juice bar is amazing!!

19 January 2018

Additional boat tour around the city river.
Sweets and mixed beans + on top of crushed ice. Kinda like the rainbow we have.
Ice toppings mixing station
This lemon grass with bean curd salad is very good.
Lunch buffet at the twin towers.
Recognize the Buddha’s? Found them and took a real pic and not a testing pic any more.
Solid gold 150 ft reclining Buddha, 3rd largest in Thailand.
Hall way to see the reclining Buddha.
Flowers for offering
That’s veal sausage.
Hotel breakfast
Round is passion fruit.

18 January 2018

Got those from the food court in the mall and some from street vendors. They were all so bad I was really disappointed! Egg rolls are soft, grind fish salty and fried chicken nothing special.
This mall is connect to our Hotel. It’s big! Just like our malls. Lots of the stores we hv in US.

15 January 2018

Testing photo only. So mom and dad can share too.