United States of America · 10 Days · 60 Moments · September 2014

Ashu's voyage to Vegas-Part 1

26 September 2014

Finally back home in Seattle! Now we are back to our routine with our jobs and our home. We had a great time in Las Vegas but we sure do miss Seattle.

24 September 2014

This time we were finally able to get on the plane and start heading to San Francisco. The entire day went out on flying. Took us about 13 hours to get home. We could've flown to Italy in the same amount of time!
We saw a taxi flip over right in front of us on our way back. That really was a scary moment.

23 September 2014

10:00 PM last night in Vegas what else do you do? Go to downtown of course!! We did more famous sightseeing of the old establishments of Las Vegas. I love the history of the city.
More meandering around the MGM Grand. Gosh this hotel is gigantic.
We had miso soup some vegetarian sushi as well as a lobster sushi. The food was to die for!!
Wandering around the MGM Grand late at night we found a sushi restaurant that was about a mile away from our hotel room. Mind you we were still in the same hotel!!
In a couple months we will be back in Las Vegas to see Mr. Bocelli Live in concert at nowhere else but the MGM Grand. This really was a perfect trip giving us a preview to our next adventure in Las Vegas
Uh oh!! Our flight was delayed to the next day because of fog in San Francisco! Luckily we found a last-minute room at the MGM Grand. One more night of Vegas craziness here we go again!!
Few last photos Las Vegas before we head to the airport.
Had an absolutely amazing lunch at Javier's our favorite Mexican restaurant in the whole world.
Walked around the swimming pool for the first time to see what it was all about. Nice, big pool, but I could only be there when it is shaded. I don't know how people come out in direct sunlight when it is 90+ degrees.
One last coffee and croissant at the French bakery in Paris.
After a late night pizza after the MJ show, we walked back through Luxor, the hotel we stayed in during our last visit. Brought back some fond memories.

22 September 2014

I always wanted to see Michael Jackson perform live, but missed the chance before he passed away. Thanks to Cirque du Soleil, I feel like I got to see the closest thing. What a mind blowing show. Thank you, Cirque.
Watching the sun set on this amazing and vibrant city.
After being bored in the SLS hotel we went to the Venetian, one of the best. Saw Venice street performers and gondola singers, and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere.
Went to SLS hotel after the tour. We were quite disappointed, it was really boring. Nothing to see or do there, other than stay in the hotel, drink, and gamble. But it was cool to see the new "Sands".
Walked around Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Shops and I can still see remnants of the old Aladdin hotel. It had really cool Arab style architecture and designs but are mostly gone now for a more blandified shopping mall.
Woke up early to see the backstage tour of Jubilee. This was so worth it. It again reminds me of all the tiny details that go into making Vegas special. They showed us the dresses, which are hand made, piece by piece, sometimes welded together by local talent. The hard work that these dancers put into the show is stunning.
After that amazing cappuccino we stayed up until past 3am finally gambling in Vegas. Had a tough night. About to turn in since we got an early morning to see the Jubilee backstage tour.
After watching an amazing show in Jubilee, we had a late night meal at the Sugar Factory

21 September 2014

Amazing clouds forming tonight over the strip
Had dinner at the Paris Burger Brasserie. Unfortunately Nidhi's was filled with mushrooms, but mine was pretty good. Delicious food but reminds me why I don't like eating beef anymore. It will sit in my stomach for forever now.
Pretty cool set up of the fashion show that literally rises out of the ground. Very well done fashion show. Excited to see the photos from my DSLR!!
Headed to the Fashion Show mall today to take photos of the Fashion Show that happens here

20 September 2014

Went to the Mirage to see the beautiful white tigers and lions. Another highlight of our trip. The Cubs were wonderful. But it was terribly hot and we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We finally got food after but it was well worth it!!
Took the monorail to Harrah's. Even after 10 minutes of being outside I was reaching for the first signs of air conditioning
Enjoyed a delicious French breakfast while watching the Bellagio fountains from our room.
Just like in the real Paris I love waking up early to fresh espresso and French pastries. People do get here super early in the morning to get first dibs on the best stuff.

19 September 2014

LOVED the Polaroid store and museum!! Highlights of my trip so far right here! I may stop here one more time before we leave Vegas!
Got to explore the Linq for the first time! I was really impressed! The new Ferris wheel is gigantic. Each pod is like a mini lounge with standing room and couches.
More delicious food in Paris. The crapes were very heavy but most of the food look like it was freshly made.
More amazing sites while walking through the Bellagio
Enjoyed our time in Aria, Cosmopolitan, and Vdara. Had a delicious veggie burger.
So much good stuff
Some macaroons for the road. We'll burn them off in the next 20 minutes.
After walking around in the crazy heat we stopped for a cold drink or two at the Bellagio.
Amazing food at La Cafe St Louis.
Nice day to sit outside and eat in Paris
Could not sleep. Is it iPhone excitement? Walking around Paris suddenly so empty is weird, but very calming. Now I'm just going to muscle through the next few hours with a dupio and yogurt parfait. It's Vegas!

18 September 2014

We ate until we died, then came back to life and ate some more. The food was so good
Dinner at the Eiffel Tower
Met with our neighbors and friends at the airport and shared a plane to San Francisco!
Relaxing after my massage
Our first stop for lunch
Enjoying our time in Vegas.
Mojito #1
Our view
Beautiful reception
First sights of the strip
Another sign! We really made it!
We are so here!!! My favorite sign!
We are here! Viva Las Vegas!!
Almost there! Omg omg omg!!!
I love the Bay Area. Something about it always feels warm and familiar. 'Till next time, San Francisco!
Virgin America is such a good airline. Met some awesome friends on the way. One more leap to Vegas!!
It sure is early in the morning! Could hardly sleep with all the excitement!

17 September 2014

We are going from 65 to 95 degrees. Take a deep breath.

16 September 2014

Starting my trip from beautiful, cloudy Seattle.