North America · 4 Days · 22 Moments · June 2017

Costa Rica 2k17

21 June 2017

Our ride to tortuguero

20 June 2017

Our dinner today
Pool side
The school we painted and picked up
Traditional dish for breakfast in Costa Rica. Omelette with pepper onions beans, Rice with beans

19 June 2017

Host familia
Host family's granddaughter. She is so cute!
Random pics of Costa Rica
Cafè Britt (coffee plantation)
Love it here😍
Nuestra familia anfitriona tiene un cachorro! Our host family has a puppy

18 June 2017

Bus we took to rancho
In customs in Costa Rica!!!😎😎
Breanna was tired 😴
Waiting to board in Huston. None of us have had much sleep so pretty dysfunctional
Made it through security now we wait for another hour and a half till boarding🛫

17 June 2017

On our way to Chicago about two hours to go!
And we are off! Hello warm sun!
Ready to go!!