North America, Asia · 21 Days · 43 Moments · June 2017

Ashley's flourishing Experience in China

23 June 2017

#20 DM continued.... Lastly Shanghai, this city surprised me the most. After exploring multiple cities in China, Shanghai was very modern. Many people speak English and we haven't got our picture taken here much. The image I have for Shanghai is The Bund. The Bund is a beautiful skyline, especially at night. This skyline is my image because when I think of Shanghai, I think of sky scraper buildings and lights, The Bund shows that perfectly. All and all these cities have impacted me tremendously. These images do not do these cities justice when it comes to beauty. My only hope is to visit again soon(:
Cc #20 continued... The Minnie Mouse ice-cream consisted of strawberry ice-cream covered in white chocolate. I choose this sweet snack to spoil myself for my last day in China, plus.. I love strawberry/fruity ice-cream and this made my tastebuds happy. The food was delicious, but I think I loved the rides the most. I recommend Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean(:
Cc #20. Whether you go to Disney tomorrow or not, what did you eat and why? Wow, Shanghai Disney Resort was an experience itself. Even though this park is small, there is excitement around every corner. I ate 2 snacks and 1 meal today while visiting Shanghai Disney Resort. The first snack I ate was caramel popcorn. The reason I choose this snack was because it made me feel at home. Me and my dad are big popcorn junkies, It is our go to snack when we hangout. So I got it to feel as if he was here with me today, experiencing every moment. Then for lunch I went to the celebration cafe and ordered a chicken waffle sandwich. I forgot to take a picture but it was a Mickey waffle with chipotle mayo, fried chicken, lettuce, and cucumber. It was pretty good πŸ˜‹ I choose this meal because it was unique to things I have been used to eating while on this trip and I like to enjoy things that are uncommon. My last snack was a Mickey Ice-cream. I got the sweet Minnie Mouse.
Dm #20. What is the brand image of all 5 cities that you have visited? These 5 pictures represent the brand image I see when I think of the 5 cities we visited. Beijing, my image is of BISU. BISU was by far my favorite university. They set the bar at the very top and made me want to learn more about China's education system. Xi'an, I get the image of bicycling along the city wall. The city wall separates the old city from the the new city which brings the history to life and it is fascinating to see the culture on both sides. Hangzhou, makes me think of Gondola ride is WuZhen. Even though WuZhen is a little outside of hangzhou, it was a memory I would never take back. The museums, shops, and stories in each made me fall in love with Hangzhou/WuZhen. Suzhou, my image of Suzhou is the garden we visited. Specifically the stone work along the ground made me fascinated. Pictured is a stone floor of pomegranates, which the ladies would hangout out in and relax to remember to reproduce.

22 June 2017

Cc #19. How is tourism responsible for preserving culture in the Chinese context? A huge part of tourism and why people travel is to experience a different culture. Multiple cultures around the world have unique qualities and beliefs they follow day in and day out. I think tourism preserves the culture in the Chinese context because it brings the the demand to these cultural locations. The World Tourism Organization defines tourism in one way as "Traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes". The definition describes how tourism is portrayed as someone not within their usual environment. Leading to the reason that the purpose of the individuals travel is to learn and long for a better understanding of another's culture. Therefor, China is preserving culture all around us knowing that being a tourism destination, they will make a profit and in all, support the home community more.
19. Based on the lecture this morning at Fudan, what did you learn about destinations in the west part of China compared to the east side of China? The western side of China is composed of plateaus, snowy mountains, and deserts. They follow ancient and local folk customs throughout. The biggest thing about the western side of China is their lack of economic development, even though they have increased incredibly from 1998-2015 they are not up to the same growth as middle and eastern China. Due to the lack of transportation in western China, economic development is limited. For the east side of China is it far more advancing in many aspects. The eastern side is advancing far faster in tourism itself, by including convention tourism, MICE tourism, urban tourism, and marine tourism. These tourism traits in the east allow the east to develop faster economically. These types of tourism have allowed international travel agencies to grow from 1998-2015 far more than in western China too.

21 June 2017

#18 Cc What was the significance of the ping pong diplomacy? The ping pong diplomacy happened during the year 1971. To give some background, China and the United States were not in a "talking" relationship. One day, there was a table tennis tournament that included China and the United States. As boarding the buses a US player missed the bus and had to get on the Chinese delegations bus. The head of the Chinese delegation bus said "let us be nice", "invite him in", and "pamper him". Being pampered with an interpreter and more. After this happened, the US and China started praising each other. Going above and beyond to appreciate each of their cultural views. Therefore, growing into a new friendship. Bringing two countries together. Since these two countries are now in a friendship this allows to build stronger relationships between them and more. Business, cultural, and social relationships are being still being made nowadays, and that is shown with our trip to China with RosenπŸ‡Ί
#18 Dm what recommendations do you have for tourism destination steak-holders for them to regulate tourist behaviors? How to keep this as a destination that wants to be visited by many, years to come. πŸ€” With a high populated tourism destination different kinds of groups/travelers will visit. Throughout these visits you want to make sure the destination is respected and the people. This allows the destination to fully grow and blossom into a true destination people want to see. By marketing the tourism destination a certain way you can influence the experience one individual would have in this place and influence their behavior. I believe these destinations should have security and regulations that must be followed to make everyone's experience is enjoyable. Making sure all tourist do their part, can add to the overall experience. Additionally, tourist facilities should have multiple languages present to make sure rules and regulations can be read so there is no misunderstandings.

20 June 2017

#17 CM discuss the historical relationship between Suzhou and Shanghai in terms of commerce, education, or other context? Arriving and having our first bus ride with Jeff as our tour guide was very informative. He described Suzhou and Shanghai so much to really give us an understanding of these two cities. Jeff mentioned Suzhou is the city of art and Shanghai is the city of lights, women, and nightlife. Therefore, Suzhou is the village and Shanghai is the city. Yet, back in the day, it was the opposite. One thing that really stood out to me when Jeff was talking to us about the Qing dynasty. He mentioned how this dynasty was 270 years old. It lasted from 1644 to 1911. People living during this dynasty would test to be the #1 scholar every 3 years. There are 90 #1 scholars, 36 in Suzhou. That is where the scholars go and live. Good teachers go there. It is crazy to see how much these two cities differentiate but yet, link up so much with the community of people in living/working.
#17 Dm First impressions of shanghai as a destination? Today is our first day in Shanghai. I have so many mixed emotions because this place is so exciting and modernized, but this is our last city of the trip which means it is coming to an end. πŸ˜₯ My first impression of Shanghai is the Times Square of New York City. Restaurants and souvenir shops all around us. Sky scraper buildings surrounding every corner and I can not forget about the lights. This whole city is flashing! It is amazing to see how each city has changed so drastically in modernization. Our new tour guide, Jeff, said that the inner city looks like this but when you get to tier three, it becomes more of the historical and cultural homes and apartments. I'm excited to say I have already seen Shanghai from a birds eye view and the water and architecture make this place worth to explore! Im looking forward to experiencing Shanghai more while I am here the next few days because I feel as if this city has surprises for me

19 June 2017

#16. CC please choose an impressionable art/craft which you have seen throughout our time in China and describe how you felt about it. Arts and crafts can be classified as painting, sewing, food, entertainment, dancing, wood-carving and more. An art during this study abroad trip to China that stands out the most to me was watching the Tang-dynasty show. The effort and time they took into perfecting this craft is astonishing. They had skill and technique that needs to be practiced and trained for years to accomplish something this spectacular. This show made me dig deep into my emotions. Watching the passion on stage and seeing that passion within them, makes me strive for my love in this world which is events. The greater picture is to always go for what you believe in. Never give up, never back down, and always stay positive. The show must go on, same as for events and there will be complications on the way but if you're good at what you do, you can make it! You can pull it off!
# 16 DM during your "your own time" or group activity, please discuss what you have seen that can characterize Suzhou as a tourism destination. Visiting the city of Suzhou, I feel I have seen a whole different side of China. The images I saw today were a realization about history. I'm not talking about the museums you pay to see, but the history of families and living. As this may have been a group activity, I was in my own thoughts. Floating along the Great Cannel on a boat today, we passed many houses. These house were not the best structured homes to live in, but yet that had history in every brick holding them up above the water. In some of the pictures I posted with this you can see repairs of the brick and how this family had to adjust to keep their home. This home may not be what we are used to in the United States but it is someone's home. A home that a family treasures and grows old in. I believe this is a tourism destination because it shows life and a love for ones home.

18 June 2017

#15 Dm Please talk about the impact of tourism? Tourism can impact culture, development, social, environment, community, and individuals separately. The biggest impact of tourism I believe is on the community. The community can get impacted socially with having a new language challenge to try to accomplish. It can impact the community with environment because when tourism are living within the environment, the norm of the environment is disrupted. As well as community is impacted by development. The more tourism that happens within a country, there will be more development efforts to better the location. Further, the community is impacted by the culture. The community lives the culture out and shares the culture. Tourism can impact that because when people from other cultures visit, there are new cultural experiences. Differences that can impact the view that people perceive. Lastly, the impact of tourism on individuals are seen when people learn new qualities and experience them
#15. CC compare how Westerners typically relax and spend time with friends compared to the Chinese context? Westerners cultural relaxation techniques are completely different than Chinese culture relaxation practices. Where as we might be with friends in both of our relaxation times, we express them in different ways. Westerners have lazier relaxation activities. I believe westerners use the TV for relaxation. A huge thing is crowding around the TV to watch shows and movies. This is a place for unwinding after the full day of activities and may contain some snacks. Chocolate and ice-cream are delicious. On the other hand, In the Chinese culture they use tea and gardens for relaxing. Tea is drank when longing for a comfortable and peaceful time where you are quiet and within mindful thoughts. Another way the Chinese culture relaxes is visiting gardens. Gardens consist of beautiful nature and have a soothing contemporary feel that can completely unwind the body, mind, and spirit.

17 June 2017

#14. CC From the university visits, identify some instances in which you experienced the effects of long-term orientation? While visiting these universities I'm excited to learn what these students go through in school. As well as learning interesting facts. For example, most do not chose their major and instead they test into it. The biggest observation I have taken in of long-term orientation is after our chats with the students we exchange our "wechat" account information. This makes it possible for us to keep contact and build a long-term friendship and relationship. Another observation is when we as students give a business card to someone we've met at one of the universities. This is building a bridge to have a potential long-term business relationship. Specifically, I remember our second university visit, where I met Vicky. Vicky talked to me about her birthday so I gave her a bracelet of mine to wish her happy bday. This is the start of a long-term friendship I wish to have
#14. DM what were some intangible tourism products that enhanced today? Exploring WuZhen gave me excitement to see what is next. It is such a beautiful place full of culture, color, life, and history. The first intangible tourism product I encountered today was the service given to us by Bing, our tour guide, he treats everyone with respect and a little bit of sarcasm but looks out for the best of the group together. This is intangible because he makes me feel happy and you can't buy happiness. The second intangible tourism product was the experience riding the gondola. The ride was peaceful and mesmerizing to just flow and relax and take in all the scenery which you can not purchase as well. This intangible product was something you can purchase but you can't hold it in your hand and take it home with you, it was the feeling that came with this. Lastly, is the customer interaction with the people selling goods. This intangible product is a lasting memory of good or bad service.

16 June 2017

#13 Cc: Please give some examples of power distance protocol based on our meeting with Zhejiang University? Visiting the Zhejiang University today we were around many powerful people. This lecture was informative and shows how we have built a strong relationship with China. Like Amir Ye said the New Tourism is where tourism and management are bridging people from different countries together. As far as power distance, it is referred as the degree to which less powerful members of society accept that power is distributed unequally. When reading this definition, the first thing it made me think of was when we first sat ourselves in the room. We, the Rosen students sat near the back of the room, knowing that we were of less power than those who were hosting and being acknowledged. We knew that the powerful members of society would be sitting at the front of the room. That being said we would have a high PD score because we understand "our place" as well as accept our distribution power.
#13 DM: What is your opinion of smart hotels based on the presentation today? The lecture today gave us an insight for the future. Amir Ye stated Smart in the future is a data based innovation in the hotel industry. Based on the presentation, I think the smart hotels are a great way to get the high-end hotels to become up-warding again. Since the high-end hotels are in a down-warding motion doing something to change and excite the consumers is the way to peak interest and increase sales. I believe as well that learning about the smart hotels this will benefit the hotel with cost in energy consumption, hotel management, and maintenance. The ability for the hotel to get data and use it to cut cost and become more green is always beneficial. Plus, I enjoyed the idea that when consumers become in the high percentage of being in a green routine they get a reward to use at the hotel. This will entice consumers to become more green and therefor helping the high-end hotels all around.

15 June 2017

#12 Cc Ancient china woven with modern china, how to bring these two together? When really thinking about this question the best example that came to me, was the show in Westlake. This show expressed the story of Westland and presented songs about the Chinese hometown feeling. These songs represented the ancient Chinese cultural ways/feelings and presented it modernized. The time and effort people put into presenting this show and explaining the life of the Chinese people is astonishing. Another example is turning the Chinese historical gardens into museums. These historical places were once only used for the royal and now they modernized it. Since they collect money for people to enter and explore. In addition, they have set players you can walk around these places to listen to the culture and stories of things that happened there. This is the luxury of learning the ancient cultural side and then the modernized side of players to present how they are being woven together.
#12 Dm Identify and describes tourism destination marketing tactics you have experienced? Marketing is all around us. Every city we have visited uses similar marketing tactics to entice their consumers. The first marketing tactic that comes to mind is while visiting Zhang's house. While exploring and touring the area and his home there was a story. A story to be told. This story contained questions that contributed towards deep appreciation for him and his family. This story was their marketing tactic. After the story and meeting with him, more than half of the students bought his artwork. The second marketing tactics I have seen here was when we went to the tea plantation farms. While enjoying our tea and getting sample to "bring us in". We were also being taught good things it can do for your body and being sold on this product. As well as, giving away small items if you purchases more. Altogether they both did a good job to bring in and influence their consumers to want to buy

14 June 2017

#11 Dm Describe the use of technology in tourism attractions that improved your destination experience? Three technology advances that have improved my destination experience just for today are: First, while exploring the fan museum. They had a miniature set up of what it looked like back in the day but what added to this display was the hologram of the people performing the task they would back then as well. This made the display something to catch my eye and want to read more on. Second, while exploring the same museum. Walking throughout, it was built as if you were walking through that time period. The experience was made though when you could hear music playing in the background as if people were around you in the scene. Finally, the show on west lake. Specifically the scene with the ballerinas performing to give the illusion of more dancers than just one. Altogether these advances make the experience more memorable. They are eye catching and are ultimately what bring guest
#11 Cc Name 2 or 3 about Chinese beliefs of gift giving or eating the food? Today was our first day exploring in Hangzhou and by far was it gorgeous. Bing, our tour guide, gave us some history on gift giving and proper food etiquette in the Chinese culture that was interesting to learn. The first one, is giving fans as gift. This is not done between Chinese people because giving the gift of a fan is consider to resemble separation, therefor saying goodbye and that you do not want to see that person again. The second one, is giving the gift of a clock. In the Chinese culture this means death or your "time is up". Therefor, being disrespectful to give as a present to others. The third deals with the drink, tea. Tea is widely drank upon Chinese people and for multiple reasons. The main reason being the meaning of longevity. The more tea, the healthier and better they will be. In the Chinese culture these beliefs are well known and have become a cultural norm for Chinese to follow

13 June 2017

#10 Cc Compare the foods of Beijing to the foods of Xi'an? The two cities we have completely experienced the cuisine have been delicious. As I may be eating more than I usually do it is a must, because I have to try everything πŸ˜‰ Starting in Beijing my image of their food is Chinese traditional meals. This cuisine you do not get the luxury of being able to eat in the United States. I'm not sure if that was because it was my first city to taste the cuisine but there were New and exciting things to try every corner we turned, such as duck. As for Xi'an my image of their cuisine is definitely the dumplings and sushi. I say sushi because our initial night inside the hotels buffet was the first time I saw sushi that consisted of protein, instead of veggies. As for the dumplings that is self explanatory. The meal that consisted of 18 different dumplings caught my tastebuds. Everyone of them were so unique and they put so much thought into the design to describe the flavors. YumπŸ˜‹πŸ’¦
#10 Dm In contrast with Beijing and xian, what is your first impression of hangzhou? When first arriving into Beijing my initial view was a huge culture shock. I think initially arriving in China was all so exciting and different that I wanted to explore as much as I could. I say this because when I first arrived I had an image of China, an image of advanced technology. While inside the buildings that was noticeable, the view of the buildings were not. Then making my way to Xi'an I saw more tall buildings. An area with the modernize things as well as history, which I absolutely loved. Making our way by plane to Hangzhou my initial view was of buildings around us. They were cute small homes, that consisted of lots of color and structured like a doll house. My next view was of the tall city buildings. Walking around at night we saw buildings with firework lights on the outside. This place is a beauty. Every city has something to them that is a little different and unique πŸ’πŸŽ†

12 June 2017

#9 Cc: What did you learn in your cross cultural exchange? Today is a day to remember! While visiting Xi'an International Studies University the school of Tourism and Research Institute of Human Geography, I met this amazing girl named Vicky. Vicky gave me a whole new outlook on the world. She has such big dreams of wanting to travel the world and I love hearing her passion in learning about the things she enjoys. She expressed her love for Taylor Swift, traveling, and wanting to have the college experience you see in movies. We talked about boys and how she believes in the true love that starts when you are really young, you start dating in high school, and get married in college. It is interesting because she loves the gossip, and that is no different than from the United States. Vicky did mention how this degree was chosen for her. How well she did in school determined what degree she could go for. I told her how this was my passion and she smiled. I made a new friend todayπŸ‘―
#9 Dm: Why do you think Muslim street is a must see for both domestic and international tourist? Muslim street consisted of both food and retail shopping. It was a good experience that you can only fully understand when submersed in the environment. The task of the day was to really feel as if we were on our own. Bargain and be tough and I feel like I accomplished that. Muslim street is a must see for domestic and international tourist because it gives the tourist the ability to try new things and be in a whole different cultural experience than the norm. Normally you order off a menu and pay full price for your clothing, there is no haggling but on Muslim street it is different. Different in a good way for the ability to entice your consumers. The marketing interaction used on Muslim street was personal selling. By doing this it gives the producer a chance to "talk up" the product and persuade the purchase of the goods. Yet, even though they talked it up, I drive a hard bargain πŸ’°πŸ‘˜

11 June 2017

#8 Dm: Based on your experience so far in Xi'an, what is the most memorable experience and what tourism product helped create that memorable experience?! Exploring Xi'an has truly been a blessing. The impact this city has on on me in a few shorts days amazes me. My most memorable experience so far was biking on the city wall. This moment got to me just knowing how old this wall was and how it got there. It separates the inner and outer city, also meaning the old and new city, which is remarkable. Tourism products are all around us in Xi'an. A few specifically in this city are entertainment, such as shows. The food, which keeps you coming back. The people and animals you meet while exploring. Sally our tour guide, always helping make an experience memorable. Music, that impacts the whole crowd to stop. The buildings and architecture around us. Activities such as bicycling to attract tourist from all around. The host, that give you more knowledge&Finally, the warriors museum. Thankful❀️
#8 Cc: Express from a cultural stand point or a food stand point what the most challenging part is for me and how did I overcome it? Day to day going through new experiences and making new memories, I learn more. Even though everyday brings new excitement it can bring challenges as well. The hardest challenge to overcome culturally is language barrier. While participating in Tai-Chi the instructor was informing us on what to do, yet, we had no idea what she was trying to explain. This was complicated because I wanted to grasp this cultural beauty as much as possible. To overcome this I am learning more Chinese language everyday. As well as always treating the people around me with kindness. The biggest cuisine challenge for me was when we first started this trip. I had not practiced with chopsticks ever before coming. After being here for a week now, I feel as if I have overcome a huge challenge. I can pick up anything from slimy to noodles, I feel accomplished. 🍜

10 June 2017

#7 DM Based on the experience today, please talk about the characteristics of Chinese hospitality? Today while having lunch and participating in two hotel tours, I have never seen Chinese hospitality any better than this. The first thing that comes to mind, pointed out earlier in the day is giving face. By doing this you show appreciation for all that the host are doing for you. The second characteristic is the full-service. When at the breakfast buffet I have noticed Staff will come around to ask if anyone wants tea. The connection made with the guest after the initial Hello is very crucial. The third, is how they encourage knowledge growth. Every place we have visit, they teach us more and more about China as a destination and the culture surrounding us. Finally the biggest thing I have recognized with Chinese hospitality characteristics is welcoming. I am not just talking about the the hello, but the comfort and happiness they bring with the hello they give us. Very Thankful 😊
#7 Cc How did we give face today? How did we honor wei wei, the host and the meal? When giving face to someone it is a sign of courtesy and respect. This shows how much we appreciate all that they do for us and in return make sure they know they are never forgotten and always acknowledged. Today while meeting our host at the recreation resort, we presented them with a smile, a hand shake, and by saying "Hello" in the Chinese language. With this demeanor we showed them we were enthusiastic to be there, grateful that they were welcoming us in, and gracious to be apart of something this spectacular. We also honored Professor Wei Wei today as I hoped we would have. She gave us the opportunity to get a beautiful and elegant meal by an outstanding chef and amazing team of people. By treating every host with respect we showed Wei Wei how much she means to us. All together we honored the meal by putting our best foot forward and trying everything that was presented and it was deliciousπŸ˜‹πŸ›πŸ£

9 June 2017

#6 Cc: Provide some evidence of collectivism you have seen in China? While In China I have seen that people over here are always working together. Whether it comes to traveling together on the streets and with big groups or eating family style at restaurants. This is a huge observance of how in the Chinese culture there is evidence of collectivism. The biggest one that I have noticed being here than in the United States is the family style eating. In the United States we choose our own meals and to be honest get very picky on what we want and when. The United States offers an option for everybody. It has come down to the ability to be able to go to a restaurant and make your own meal based upon just what one individual likes. Whereas in China, the people eat together, they eat off the same plate and eat what is served to them. They share their food as a collective team and wait for each person to serve themselves to pick what they want off the spinning table in front of them. 🍚🍲πŸ₯˜
#6 DM Looking at Beijing as a destination what do they do well and what could they improve on for destination tourism/marketing? While making my way through Beijing, I have seen marketing tactics all around me. Ways to entice individuals from China and other parts of the world to visit and enjoy. One thing I think they have done well with attracting tourism to their destination is knowing even the slightest English. The people working throughout Beijing knowing even some common English words makes it very convenient for travelers. The extra mile they go to learn our language is very kind and very respected by me as a traveling individual. On the other hand, I believe they could attract their destination by offering more written English. I have already seen this around Beijing as presented but even the slightest things I wonder what it say. Street signs, instructions, and titles. This not only helps me get around more but gives me the ability to learn their language which fascinates me

8 June 2017

#5 DM, How did the interaction with your peers influence your travel experience in anyway? Elaborate First and foremost, I love learning about each and every person more and more as the days go on. The interaction personally with my group makes me feel safe while in studying abroad in China. Getting to meet and learn about people is exciting and experiencing a new place together makes the trip much more worth it. Not only does this interaction give me friends for a lifetime but this is now a forever family! These are people I could possibly travel with in the future and explore a whole new world with. Not only does this interaction benefit me with friendship but also in happiness. When I am around this group I feel excited to take the next step forward. Whether it is climbing the Great Wall of China or walking the Forbidden City. I know each of my peers have my back as well as I do theirs. All and all, this interaction can only make my travel experience more of one to rememberπŸ‘­πŸ‘«

7 June 2017

#5 Cc,What are a couple cultural behaviors that you have noticed that you did not know before? There are many things in the Chinese culture that are done differently over here than in the United States. The two that stick out to me the most, are people taking pictures of us and when people stare. Before studying abroad with The Rosen College of Hospitality in China, we were told that Chinese people are going to stare and be curious. They are fascinated with how we look and dress. Plus, we are a large group and that comes with attention. While exploring, many of us have got our pictures taken as a group and individually. It is similar to us being in a photo shoot because they get us from all different angles. There is nothing really wrong with this but in the United States, this is not the normal. The United States is big on privacy and personal space and in China it is a little different. We even got to a point where we start taking pictures of them back, as they take some of us. πŸ“·πŸ˜‚
#4: DM, Identify as many tourism products as possible and pick one you like to describe the most? Tourism products are all around us. Everywhere you go, you can experience a product that can make a lasting memory. The memory is what makes a product of tourism exist. Tourism products consist of attractions, foods, beverages, buildings, souvenirs, people, interaction with people, pictures, and service. The one tourism product that means the most to me is service. Working and learning in hospitality, you gain knowledge of how Service should be presented. Always treating people with respect is the most important. Showing them you care about them goes above and beyond. Exceptional service is where the memories come from. We get ours from Nikki, and we Thank you! Nikki has been a great addition to our group and has made this trip more incredible. Nikki gives us a story; a story to hear and a story to share. These stories impact me in many ways and only get better, trust me! πŸŽ’πŸ±πŸ΅πŸ―πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§
#4: Cc, Describe your journey of the wall? The experience of walking the Great Wall of China was outstanding. Over years, I have seen pictures of people on the Great Wall and I would envy them. I would wonder how their experience was and would question how they feel after accomplishing a walk so amazing. With each stride and step going up, I felt as if I was becoming something more. I was growing into someone I could only hope to be. Not only do I feel special to have had this adventure but the fact that I can share this with my family and friends gives me the privilege to empower others and that is what I plan to do. The personal growth I feel for myself after walking the Great Wall of China is helping me become more of the person I wish to be. One day, I will be there and look back on these adventures and cherish every moment. I wish to explorer and discover more and more of the world, with each step this seemed possible, because I was getting one step closer to my dream. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

6 June 2017

#3 CC, What is one major takeaway that you got from the intercultural experience&why? Today we explored BISU. We met instructors and students enrolled at BISU that were born in China and other countries studying abroad. The biggest takeaway I got from this experience was the Q&A session with the students. I enjoyed learning about their ways of schooling to career life. I found it very interesting that the college offers more classes for students freshman/sophomore year but then bring down their class count in junior/senior years to allow for career growth. I also found it fascinating to learn about the teaching styles china uses. Why I am interested in this, is because I believe the United States should use hands-on learning and theory in their classes. I always ask myself why do we do the things we do, why was it created, and why do we continue to use it today? These questions can help me gain knowledge of the world. A better understanding of the world can make one minds flourish 🌏
#3 DM, In an educational context, what can be done to improve a DM/marketing? There are a multitude of destinations that should be discovered and explored. I believe that in many school's students do not get the opportunity to learn as much about destination management and marketing. There are different styles of management/marketing all over the world that can build the minds horizon in personal life and in a career. To me, there are great ways to improve this issue in an educational aspect. First, offering classes that touch upon multiple destinations and their management. Second, holding conferences with important figures from other countries that students can attend and learn more about. Third, giving more opportunities to students to study abroad and making them more aware of the great opportunities the school can offer. Lastly, building relationships among students and allowing discussion between them. These all can give students the chance to excel and become more worldly in DM

5 June 2017

2.DM please identify the stakeholders throughout the day's activities, how did they work together? Today was day two and we took on Beijing! While exploring we got to experience many different destinations. Starting off at the 798 area, knowing of art of the Chinese young people, we have our amazing tour guide Nikki helping us. She makes sure everyone gets what they need, and makes me feel comfortable to roam and ask questions. Our second stop was the Hutong-tour in Nan Luo Lane. Victor, the tour guide for this excursion was very insightful. He brought back to life the culture and history within our tour. He even introduced us to this sweet man, who is a free lance artist, his name is Zhang. The community we toured has been his home since he was born 71 years ago. All of these stakeholders in Beijing influence tourism destination management by expressing the authenticity to the fullest. Working together to bring everyone the happiness knowledge can give us all πŸ“š
2. CC: how were today's Chinese meals different from those youve had in the US? To start off, This picture is not of the flavorful dishes we got to experience today but this is the lovely family I got to enjoy it with. Our first real Chinese meal here started at lunch. They offered a variety of dumplings, pot stickers, and sweet snacks. This was unlike the US Chinese food, I usually stick to fried rice and orange chicken in the US but this made me go out of my comfort zone and try things my palette has never tasted. Finishing off the day we had dinner nearby the Hou Hai area. This dinner was a little bit more familiar with tastes. For example, some of the things offered were white rice and sweet and sour chicken. Yum! πŸ˜‹ One huge difference I see is the table set-up from the US to China. In the US when I think of Chinese food I usually think of takeout whereas here all the food is served at once and placed on a huge round glass table that spins and everyone shares. Sharing is caring

4 June 2017

#1 Any cultural differences /similarities you can pick up on so far Let's talk about one of my favorite things in this world, FOOD. The cuisine offered in China can be similar in some ways but for the most part is very unique. One difference that I noticed from the beginning is how much healthier the cuisine offered in China is. This is a huge cultural difference because cuisine is such a important thing in cultural celebrations and everyday life, all around the world. What I am used to eating in the United States for breakfast is not what China offers for breakfast. There is nothing wrong with any of this, it is just different, unique, and special to that culture. For example, the United States offers French toast/pancakes and China offers Omelettes/pork. The base of China dishes are protein, whereas in the United States it is carbs. I think I should probably stay here if I want to lose weight, plus there is so much to explore. πŸ˜‰πŸ©
#1: first impressions of China as a destination coming from airport Arrived in China today and it is absolutely breathtaking and I have not even seen it all. This destination is incredible. I have already made similarities for the destination. The comparisons I am making are to New York architecture. My dad is from New York. The first thing I see is the tall buildings from the view in my hotel room. The second is the comparison of the character of each of these buildings. You can see the age and the definition of these buildings and that shows the culture that has been here for years. Another comparison I make to New York, is the traffic. The traffic in China is very busy. I thought it was funny how Nikki mentioned how Sunday afternoon traffic was called "Crazy Sundays" and of course that was the day we arrived. All is well, I'm used to it from Orlando. Guess no matter where you are, traffic is always there 🀣🚍

3 June 2017

Today is the start, The start of an experience that is going to last a lifetime. China to me is vibrant and exciting and the first steps I take there will feel completely different. After this trip, I hope to gain professional and personal life skills that will help me wherever I go. Taking on this trip is a challenge I cannot wait to accomplish. This will show my employers that when I put my mind to something, I make it happen. Altogether Knowing, this trip to China is going benefit me in more ways than I can even grasp right now and I am excited for that! New friendships, new experiences, new culture, new cuisine, new destination, new view, and new me. All of this seems a little scary right now and the nerves come up, but the enthusiasm and thrill of experiencing this new destination and culture is overpowering. China here I come πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³