Belgium, Netherlands · 4 Days · 11 Moments · April 2015

Belgium and Netherlands

27 April 2015

Today was King's Day in the Netherlands. A huge celebration for the King's birthday. Tens of thousands of people gather for street parties...I would call it the biggest Rave party I have ever seen! Maybe the King likes to Rave???
Just decided to head to Germany for lunch...cause we can...

26 April 2015

Van Gogh portrait recreated in flowers! Looked and smelled awesome!
Beautiful tulip gardens💐🌷 Keukenhof, Holland

25 April 2015

Visited Atomium- crazy architectural structure built for the World Fair. Modeled after the crystallized iron molecule, it stands 102meters high. Apparently the most popular structure in Europe!
Tucking in for the night- great first day of sightseeing! And a delirium tremens and some Chimay to top off the night😊

24 April 2015

Chocolate EVERYWHERE!! Crazy liquors lit up...and chocolate porn...crazy Europeans!
Check out the tiny little kid beds at Hotel Bloom!
Trying to find our way...

23 April 2015

Rolling down the TPA runway- JFK bound to meet up with Jenn for a great trip!! Can't wait to see this girl- been way too long! And what a way to catch up!