United States of America · 8 Days · 29 Moments · July 2017

Adventure South, Taos

23 July 2017

20 July 2017

19 July 2017

18 July 2017

Taos-Pueblo, Earthships, Beer, & Burgers
Taos Pueblo Indian settlement

17 July 2017

Soaking at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and crossing the Rio Grande
Walking around Historic Taos
Sunday Reflections -Westminster to Denver Breakst at Low, flannel at REI. Large, overwhelming store of mass consumption. On the road to Garden of the Gods, dispensary detour. Ate up time. Garden of the Gods, BUSY. Fun day hike chatting with the girls. Head South Pretty drive into Wyoming-estic landscapes. Detour off the Interstate and into the mountain pass to Taos. Passing thunderstorm smells and majestic creatures along the way. Beautiful Elk. Confusing chaos to find the Airbnb but once settled in, it felt cozy and safe. Including homemade grilled cheese and quiet time.

16 July 2017

HWY 64 to Taos
Headed in NM and Taos. Wildflowers welcomed us into the pass to Taos.
To Garden of the Gods
Breakfast, downtown Denver before spending money at REI.