North America · 8 Days · 27 Moments · June 2017

Ashley's tour through Costa Rica

7 July 2017

On our way home!

6 July 2017

Stopped in the town of Sarchi at a cooperative to support local artisans. Side note- This was also the town with the largest ox-cart in the world. :)
Presenting what we learned ALL IN SPANISH!!!
Learning about the process of roasting coffee.
Day of travel with beautiful views!

5 July 2017

Later that evening the teacher took down her drapery rod so the kids could limbo!
We were invited to a local teacher's house for the afternoon. Her students were there to practice their English. The challenge was that our kids were only allowed to speak Spanish! It was a fantastic experience! Oh! And then they played soccer!
The kids helped prepare lunch today! Check out the view we had during lunch.
Today we were given the wonderful opportunity to taste some interesting produce today. Some good, some not so good. :)
Our tents! We are staying here for two nights. The kids will have many stories!

4 July 2017

Zip lining!

3 July 2017

Afternoon language lesson: design your own sustainable community and draw a picture of this community.
Our hotel in Arenal
We also made cheese!
Going for a walk around the ranch.
More cheese making!
More photos of the "rancho margot"
We toured a sustainable ranch and learned about the different methods in which they cultivate their crops, create fertilizer with manure and how they raise chickens, pigs and cows.
Language lesson of the day- write a summary of what we have done so far on our trip!

2 July 2017

Then we traveled on our Marvi bus for several hours. Stopped at a cafe with amazing pastries, coffee and smoothies. Check out that view! And now we are in Arenal!
El reto del día- (challenge of the day) talk to locals to find out about Costa Rican culture. Also- to try "una pipa" (coconut water) and take a picture with the national tree. Then we made part of lunch at our tour director's house, interviewed the family and some tried the pepper challenge!

1 July 2017

Then we rode a tractor to transport us to the hot springs located 20 minutes from the hotel. Along the way we saw spider monkeys!
We learned how to milk a cow and how to make soap!
This is where we had our first language lesson. What a view!

30 June 2017

Breakfast in Houston!

29 June 2017

On our way!