North America, Asia · 121 Days · 13 Moments · June 2017

Follow My Heart To Cambodia

21 October 2017

Beautiful sunset on the Gulf of Thailand
Handmade spring rolls

17 October 2017

The kids all chipped in to get a cake for us ❤️

4 October 2017

My team and some of my students at Stronghold

3 October 2017

Stronghold Cambodia

1 October 2017

I could get used to these sunsets

29 September 2017

Tour of the Royal Palace

28 September 2017

Tour of the S-21 Prison
First ride on a tuk tuk

27 September 2017

Finally here!

26 September 2017

Cambodia here we come!

23 September 2017

All packed and ready for Cambodia!

22 June 2017

The story behind my heart. I made this ceramic heart during my last year of college as reminder of where I have been. Now I am going to use it to show where I am going. For now it will be documenting the amazing ways God is working in my life in preparation for Cambodia. But eventually I hope to use it to show how God is at work there. I cannot wait to see all that he has in store 💙🇰🇭