Bolivia · 6 Days · 17 Moments · September 2016

Ashlee's trip to Bolivia

27 September 2016

Rocks in the desert
Galaxia museum - cave of petrified algae

26 September 2016

More Salar de Uyuni
Our first real taste of Salar de Uyuni
Artisan market & stuff made from salt
Train Graveyard, Uyuni

25 September 2016

Teléferico, La Paz
Streets of La Paz 3

23 September 2016

Death Road, La Paz

22 September 2016

La Paz, Main Square, Presidential Buildings, the clock that goes backwards & the church
Witches Market, La Paz

21 September 2016

La Paz Food
Streets of La Paz 2
Streets of La Paz
Muzuku BnB, La Paz
Peru to Bolivia Another pain free border crossing! And it is possible to get a bus direct from Cusco to La Paz! Winning!! The 10pm Trans Salvador bus from Cusco was supposed to be a double decker, however a last minute change to a single story bus had the Latinos' knickers in a twist. The bus was a little dirty & they didn't unlock the toilet, but we still got front seats, & the seats were semi-cama so it wasn't all bad. Plus they didn't play a horrendously loud movie & I got some sleep; I was stoked! We arrived at the border just after 8am. We stamped out of Peru, walked across the bridge that looked out over Lake Titicaca & stamped into Bolivia with no issues. Getting the bus out of the border town seemed to be the real issue. The bus did a ga-zillion 10 point turns down bumpy dirt roads before we were La Paz bound... Lake Titicaca looked nice, but nothing in comparison to Lago Atitlan... Nothing...