United States of America · 5 Days · 21 Moments · September 2017

Irma's Visit

14 September 2017

11 September 2017

There are gust of wind occasionally but for the most part I think we are in the clear...now that hurricane Irma is a tropical storm.
Keeping himself busy...
Very lucky for extremely minimal damage!
Little man checking out the debris...
Current Radar. Most are sleeping- but we are in the calm for now.

10 September 2017

Current radar.
This is Liv's 'winning' face.
Palm Tree Dancing
Passing the time...
Chris and Kristopher checking out the winds..
Punk hoping for a spill.
Current radar..
Current visual...embracing her beauty while we can.
The boys watching the storm come..
Kristopher is packing his emergency reptar bag! As you can see, behind him, there's one for each of us ready to go- if needed.
Current radar
Update...lots of scattered rain. Wind is blowing. Minus the looming hurricane- kind of nice sleeping weather!
Chocolate cake...good, even during a hurricane warning.
Current radar view..the blue dot is us- the star, my mama.
First picture of our hurricane documentary. Liv and mom on the way to drain the lake at the front office.