Spain · 7 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

Gran Canaria:)

4 September 2017

So for our last day we used to our advantage the facilities around the hotel! We played lots of pool and swam a lot. Also drank alot of drinks and ate a fair amount of food, gotta make the most outta all inclusive? I honestly can't thank the hotel enough for making the stay so wonderful, and the welcome at first to our stay was so warming! We were able to use a complimentary room to shower half an hour before we had to leave for the airport. We all said we would 100% go back, this holiday had made us so many memories and made us closer as a family thanks to the hotel. So glad to be back in my own bed though. Roll on Cyprus!!!!

3 September 2017

For our last evening in Gran Canaria we decided that we would take a walk down to the local beach, 150steps which were rather steep but all great fun to take very lovely photos of the surroundings, it is a very nice family walk with alot of nature and scenery on the way to the beach
It was our last full day so we decided to get as much sun as possible before we have to return to rain!! Although it was absolutely roasting, we had an excellent day by the pool:) was so so relaxing and a gold laugh everyone is so friendly.

2 September 2017

The entertainment at the hotel is absolutely brilliant!!! Very funny and great for a family evening out, its very active with the audience and everyone has a smile on their face. Didn't get bored once, absolutely love it here i don't wanna leave:)
Today was a day at aqualand! Amusing as im not keen on water slides so i just lived in the lazy river. The slides my family went on they rated as amazing although there aren't many slides there and they're very far away from each other. Its also rather expensive and you don't really get your money's worth, great place to get a good tan as its so hot there and good pictures but not overly great for a full day out there.

1 September 2017

We are half way through our holiday and we are having such a wonderful experience!! We did spend today lazing about in the sun and the pool but in the evening we decided to go to a better shopping centre which was absolutely beautiful!! We had a lovely meal in a steak house(but i had a pizza😂) and then adventured some of the shops around, i totally recommend going there because not only are there shops/restaurants there is a beautiful walk along the sea front very hot but a nice cool breeze to keep us happy:)

31 August 2017

Today was the shopping day!!! Although it wasn't as good as we thought it would be, but we had a nice time and got some good bargains:) the sun was blaring and it was so lovely, got some cute souvenirs for my friends they're are so many shops that sell souvenirs same product but all at different prices so you have to watch what you buy:) had such a lovely lunch, in a cafe which we were welcomed in by such sweet waiters that were extremely polite and talkative. Would definitely visit the cafe again but not keen on the shopping centre

30 August 2017

Loving it so much here i really don't wanna go home!!! Weather is wonderful vibe is happy atmosphere is perfect,But im missing my best friend more than anything rn:(
In the pool at 8pm?? After a very relaxing day working on the tan we decided to try and tire ourselves out a bit by going for an evening swim whilst everyone was eating tea so it was empty there!!
Only 10am and we are out getting the sun!! Absolutely beautiful, not too hot but not at all cold perfect in fact:)

29 August 2017

We decided to get our feet done yesterday evening, great experience very fun and always makes you happy relaxed and just chilled although it can tickle at times which could send you into a massive laughing fit😂
The view as well from certain places of the hotel are absolutely stunning so so calm and quiet and also very photogenic i already don't wanna come home!!!
So today was our first day here and it was a hot one!! Although we were constantly at the bar drinking:) and swimming, we got up rather early to adventure are learn what to do for breakfast, the food here is outstanding such a large variety which is good as we are such a fussy family!!!

28 August 2017

First time on a plane sat with complete strangers, i was bricking it but woah i felt so much more confident as soon as i sat down and had a good chat with a lovely woman next to me and before i knew it i was off the ground!!! The view is absolutely spectacular, i cannot wait to see the sights back on the ground:)