Africa, Asia · 29 Days · 43 Moments · June 2018

Arron's tour through United Republic of Ta)..

10 July 2018

Jumping on the plane in a couple of hours. I have had such a great 4 weeks in Africa and Bangkok. Totally got to switch off and enjoy each day. So many things I loved and enjoyed. The kids, the town of Moshi, Zanzibar, the Serengeti and spending time with Jules and seeing him doing his thing over in Tanzania. That was my highlight. Bangkok was a big surprise. I’ve really enjoyed the few days here just relaxing and exploring. Anyway, sadly my last entry into Jorni for this trip. I’ve had such a great time and such memorable and rewarding experience. Kwaheri (goodbye in Swahili ) 😜

9 July 2018

So we where booked into the restaurant on top off our building last night. Apparently best view in Bangkok. It’s outdoors. But started raining in the afternoon and didn’t really stop. They put us in another restaurant that with a big steel beam going across the glass. It was so funny. So decided it was a waste staying as we where only there for the view and dinner here is roughly $200 a head so wasn’t prepared to pay that unless we had a view. So we went and a drink in the bar downstairs just to say we had been there. Beer was $25!!! So after that Jules and I went back to the cheap Thai we went the other night. Was beautiful and cost less than the beer at the sky bar 😳😳
So today is our last day in Bangkok. To be honest thought this place would be just a pit stop on our way home. It’s actually an amazing place if you want to put in the effort to look around. If you love shopping you will love it even more. Not that cheap, lots of rip off stuff but it’s quality. At night Bangkok looks many roof top restaurants, bars and pools. During the day it’s chaos. I went walking today while Jules chilled and got a massage and found this artist home which was like a sanctuary in the middle of the city. Really beautiful and relaxing. Hung there for an hour just switched off from the life. It was a bit surreal, the moment you walked out the gates it was just full on. No one was there and it cost $1.80 entry. Stopped into a bar and had pork and beer and chatted to Al and message Bubby girl debating best actors and actresses... We have varied taste. Jules and I are off to the Sky Bar tonight which is supposed to be a must do here. It’s 11 floors above.

8 July 2018

Last night we did a dinner river cruise which was really nice. Seeing the city at night so nice. Food was great and some funny entertainment. Didn’t realise how much there is here in regards to bars and restaurants along the river. Some off them looked so cool. Up high in buildings over looking the ancient temples lit up at night. Not many pics as night time ones rarely come out.

7 July 2018

Early entry today. Last night had a great dinner out. Crispy pork, Prawns Tempura, Rice and Salt n Pepper chicken. This morning went to Chinatown. It was so incredibly packed. So hot. 32 here today and steamy. Never seen so much junk being sold. And some funny stuff. Chinese aren’t friendly at all like the Thai people. Or maybe it’s just Aussies they aren’t a fan of. Jules is off to get his hair cut at the barber I went to yesterday. He is nervous cause he doesn’t trust many hairdresser.
1st full day in Bangkok today. Up at 5.30 to shower and have breakfast before our tour. Went to the fresh food markets and water markets. Both where really cool. Fresh food market is built on a railway line. And built it is. You actually walk on the tracks to look at the produce. Then when the train comes the shopkeepers move their stock back and pull back their awnings. It’s so bizarre but very entertaining. It happens 4 times a day. My pics will show before train and during and how close it is. Then we went to floating markets. Jumped in a boat and went through suburbs that live on the river and then to markets. Again lots to buy. After that came back to town and I got a hair cut and beard trim for over an hour. Was so amazing. Beat barber in tripadvisor said and I agree. Went to buy some shorts but apparently my arse and thighs don’t have a matching size here. 😩 I’m at the room, not sure where Jules is. He had a steam room experience and lunch is outside our roo

6 July 2018

Here we are in Bangkok in a really nice hotel. Apparently the movie the Hangover was filmed here. Exhausted when we arrived so just showed and had room service. Very nice food. Then we changed some money, got SIM cards, went to a massive shopping mall and got our feet nibbled on by fish. So touristy.. Had a crazy tuk tuk ride to the shopping centre which was quite funny. Guy just flying around everywhere. Staying in tonight. Have a tour tomorrow that’s pics is up at 7am to do the floating markets. Pics of our room from the verandah are pretty cool.

5 July 2018

Board flight in 10mins to leave Tanzania. I have had the best experience here. Really not ready to leave. 😥 Amazing place, and fantastic people and such a different culture. Scenery is pretty amazing. I said to Jules I regret not taking in Mount Kilimanjaro more. It was right next to Akili, I just forgot to look up sometimes. Also, when driving around or walking I tended to just take in more what the Tanzanian people where doing. That was also so cool to watch. I think it’s three main religions here. Christian, Muslim and Hindu and they all respect each other’s religion and there is no discrimination or aggression to other people’s religion. They all get on and interact with each other. Extremely rare these days. When I was in Zanzibar with the guide doing the city tour he said something to 3 Muslim woman and I asked what he said. He told them may peace be around you. He was a Christian.... Any way, we are off for a few days in Bangkok R n R before coming home. No pics.

4 July 2018

Yesterday Jules was saying some good byes to people then we went to town and picked up his curtains for his place. Also one of the kids has a rash all over him so took him to the doctors. Got some cream for it. Total cost was roughly $50000 Tanzanian shillings. Which is roughly $29-$30 aussie dollars. That’s consultation and cream. Lilly was saying it’s expensive and it wasn’t the best hospital either. She told me that one visit we paid for is roughly the same cost for health insurance for a child for hospital and dental consultation for an entire year. So for about $400 14 kids can be insured for 12months and Akili won’t have to worry about hospital or medical cost any more which apparently is a drain on the finances. So decided to pay for their insurance as my goodbye thankyou for having me. Such a small amount of money for 14 children. Last night saying good bye was sad. Mama Jackie, the lady who sleeps with the kids at night was very emotional. She is such a great person.

3 July 2018

Last couple of days just been getting Julian’s place all set up before we go. He’s been running around paying school fees and last minute stuff finalised. Got 5 guys and truck to pic up his new furniture and Lily’s who is house sitting while he is gone and take all to his new house. 4hrs for them and truck was about $50. They did some patching work Julian asked and just paint the walls with a different colour. So funny and no one cares. As Julian said, they just don’t see an issue with that sort of thing. It’s a power point, it works so what’s the issue. Finishing off things is not in there thinking, So many buildings and structures are unfinished everywhere. In the city they build a 5 story building and only complete the floors as they are leased. It’s so bizarre. Building that sit for years with a couple of unfinished floors. I’ve just got ransoms pics to send.

2 July 2018

So my prayers where answered 🙏🙏 Hot water came on. So happy. Then I jump in and the water is off! Which means it just dribbles out. Such an emotional roller coaster here in moshi 😂😂
So no pics yesterday as I thought nothing worth showing until I looked at yesterday’s lunch at Moshi. Beef Kabab sort of crumbed and deep fried.. So early post today. Just doing washing and hanging it out in the rain.. There has been no hot water here for two days. Only the lights work and one power point. I didn’t shower last night and I am really filthy dirty and my sheets look like a homeless mans bed. My blister I got from fishing on my elbow has been bleeding every night. They are gross. Also no toilet paper here so had to use a waxed paper bag that Jules must of had takeaway delivered in. It’s not very absorbing. 😂😂 There is a red light that tells you when the hot water is heating up. I can’t take my eyes off it hoping it comes on. Hopefully warms up before Jules gets back from errands. Probably shared too much this morning but not much happening and raining outside. Please don’t judge me on some of the pics. It looks worse in real life 😂😂

1 July 2018

Slept so soundly at the Sheraton last night😂😂 was worth the cost. Got up and had breakfast then went back to bed for a bit and watched the world news. Then checked out and decided to walk around Arusha for an hour or so and head to the bus terminal. Lol so Hectic. Asked some guy which bus to Moshi and he looked after everything for me 🙄. Was running all over but eventually got me on the bus. Ticket was 10000 which is about $6 for a almost 3 hour journey. It should of cost $2.80. But they kicked the guy off next to the driver out for me lol. Also paid the guy who looked after me 10000 and then his mate cause I’m apparently their Australian father!! Lol So they said this bus was the express so a bit more expensive. We stoped 7 times in the first 15mins then once every 10mins after that. Must admit I had a great seat and just watching Tanzanian life go by in the semi comfort of a bus meant to carry 15 but probs 32 people on board. At one stop they lifted a two seat sofa on the roof!

30 June 2018

Day 3 and final day of Safari. Went through the crater today. Really amazing and animals absolutely everywhere. I’m mean like you had to wait sometimes for them to get off the road. Was great to watch. Not too many pics as I’m sort of over animal pics. Was a long way back to Aursha. It’s the town where the airport was where I flew into the Serengeti. 11 hours to get here and that’s with me telling guide to cut short safari. I was stuffed. I’m staying the night so decided to spoil myself with staying at the Sheraton. 😂 Tomorrow I’m making my way back to moshi. Private car about $45 and just over two hours or public bus which I think is about $2 and 3 to 3 1/2 hours with locals and their livestock🙄 I’ll see how adventurous I feel when I wake. About to have chicken penne in pesto sauce on the balcony of the restaurant. Sometimes ya gotta spoil yourself 👍

29 June 2018

Day two safari. More lions, hyena, elephants and finally close to the zebra. And then I went out later this afternoon to find the hardest to find apparently. The Cheetah !! And we found three.. So I have seen pretty much everything except the Rhino. That’s the goal tomorrow and also the crater. Also had a great lunch on the verandah of the tent overlooking the plains. Great day

28 June 2018

Safari Starts!!! Jules and Murundah drove me the two hours to Aursha this morning to the airport so I could fly direct into the Serengeti. Been a great day. First thing was a lioness coming straight up to the 4wd which you will see has no window or glass actually no door no nothing!! Not sure what was the most amazing thing. The lioness so friggin close to me or how quickly my bowel turned solids to liquids 😂 Both where impressive and to happen both at exactly the same time is amazing. So seen so much. Elephants, hippos, zebras, leopard, lion and lioness, ostrich, baboon, gazelle, blue balled monkey(that’s not a joke), vulture, pumba, etc etc. Really amazing for someone who is not really an animal fan. I think it’s something you need to do as pics don’t do it justice. Most of the footage is video so the pics aren’t great. I’ll me having a movie night for all when I get back. 😂😂

27 June 2018

Jules turned 21 today 🎉🎂🎊 so birthday party at Akili with the kids and some friends. He wasn’t feeling 100% today which is a shame. First stop was the markets to pick the chickens to be eaten at the party. So fresh, you just point to the ones you want, feel how heavy they are then barter the price. Then back to Akili where we paid some women to help cook. Marunda ended up killing the chickens, then he soaked them in hot water to make it easy to pluck the feathers. Quite time consuming. Then the cooking began and went on for a while. Food was delicious. Then they have a tradition of throwing water over the birthday boy. It was so funny. Wish I could put video on here. Mama turned up with a gift for Jules which was a jacket she had made for him. Great day, too much food. Early night tonight as Julian is taking me to Aursha in the morning around 5.30 to the airport so I can fly into the Serengeti for my safari!!

26 June 2018

More pics from yesterday
Today was a day of 1st.. 1st time I topped up my phone in a moshi store by myself. 1st time the kids had been to a hotel and played on brand new playground equipment and bikes. 1st time kids have had pizza.!!! 1st time the older kids have ever been in a swimming pool !!!! Kids loved the play equipment, especially the bikes. They did not stop the whole time they where there. Pizza....hmmm not a hit at all. Lol. Some gagging, some tears and some just didn’t know how to eat it. They looked in shock, usually they scoff down everything in front of them. The kids in the pool was so amazing to watch. They where so excited and scared at the same time. They loved it. I ended up getting in with them after one walked off the step and Jules stepped in and lifted him up. He could stand but just had no idea what to do. Really great day for me to see these kids do things for the first time at an older age. Our kids have been doing since day dot. So lucky to be here and be part of it all.

25 June 2018

This is second half to my day so go read first part then come back. So while the porridge was getting done this random little boy jumped in the car and started watching Swahili cartoons on my phone. Very cute kid. Then we checked on Jules furniture, seems on track wit few small issues. Then went to Akili and painted last two rooms so that’s all finished. After that had small race day at Akili with kids. So so much fun with the kids. Even Jules and I had a running race. 😂 I don’t have many pics of the races mainly videos which I don’t think I can put up. Either way today was 👍👍👍
Today we where in town getting two soccer balls, dropping Lilly to her driving lessons, looking for wiper blade and plastic for a slip n slide for the kids. We got the balls and Lilly to her driving lessons it’s so funny the driving lessons here. 1hr a day for 6 days a week for one month. They teach you to change a tyre, check oil, break fluid etc which is fantastic!! Great idea. Funny thing is when you go for your lesson there is 3 other people taking their lesson too in the car with you. So you just jump out and take turns driving 😂😂 Talk about adding to your nerves and anxiety while learning to drive. Also we got portage powder. Wow it’s a process here but was interesting. You go buy the ingredients raw, like maize, and then you add what you like. They add rice, peanuts, millet and other stuff. Then you take it it the get grounded into the powder to make porridge. You also have to help.

24 June 2018

Two of the rooms I painted yesterday where the rooms the kids have their afternoon naps in so they all slept outside on mattress. Along with the girls who work here and Jules. They slept for like two hours. The boys wok up first. One of the kids was snoring so loud it was all you could hear over the chooks. After that they coloured in and did puzzles. Very chilled and relaxed afternoon. The pic of all the kids asleep is probably my favourite pic I’ve taken here. Also I took a pic of their tooth brush cup.. OMG!! So funny!!
So back at Moshi. Had a great day. Kids where funny. Went to markets for weekly supply of food for the kids. Jules dropped me back at he’s place to do bit of washing and clean up a bit. Walked to Akili and walked in and seen they now have 5 chooks and a rooster. And eggs!!! Painted second coat on the rooms we did before and first coat on the last two rooms. The road out the front of jules place is still torn up. You will see in the pics Murundah made a scooter out of the tools we brought. Very smart kid. All the kids are back from visiting family now so I’m really struggling with the extra faces and names. Total of 15 to remember. Also went to Kitchen the restaurant last night for dinner. Best meal I’ve had here in Tanzania. Sooo fresh! Vegetable spring rolls and chicken vollavants. (That’s their spelling not mine) was amazing.

23 June 2018

Just got to Julian’s place. 9hrs after leaving Zanzibar..... It’s only a one hour flight. 😭. Probably should of read my itinerary before I left sydney. So not much to report. Heading out to dinner now. I’ll just put up some random pics from Zanzibar.

22 June 2018

Splurging tonight. $18 for lobster grilled with herbs.
My last full day in Zanzibar today. Weather amazing again. Did some shopping and looking around. Was after a soccer and netball, going to get a netball ring made for the kids at Akili. Found Freddie Mercury’s house, which I have walked past every day with out noticing. Went to the beach for some sun and one last swim then went fishing with some locals for 3 1/2 hours out near a reef. Was a good day. Caught two fish. Got quite a few between us but all small. They keep any thing here. One guy’s sinker was a small spark plug... he caught the most. My back pack stinks like fish so should be fun on the place back tomorrow. Few more days here would of been good, couple of more things I want to see plus just getting to know my way around. Anyway can’t be greedy. Dinner now at the restaurant at the end of my street. Then home to pack. Oh also Julian has been send pics of his lounge and furniture under construction. Don’t think he is too happy. Will go with him tomorrow.

21 June 2018

Today was meant to be raining but turned out amazing. Went to the beach for an hour. Stinking hot. One of the guys asked if I wanted a tour so decided yes. Thought was dodgy but turned out a really good day. Had my own boat and private guide for $46 👍👍 Guides name was Mandy. Apparently his mum was a Barry Manilow fan and that was her favourite song. Went to Prison island which apparently was never a prison but a quarantine island. But then Mandy was showing me how the prisoners where unloaded from ships to the island....I need to do some research!! Also have massive tortoise on the island which was so hands on it was a bit disturbing. Had lunch on the island then back to mainland where Mandy showed me a roof top bar to watch Australia and Denmark in the soccer. I’m such a huge soccer fan! Place was really cool on a roof top of an old building. Early night. I’m burnt to shit..

20 June 2018

Last night had dinner at a restaurant at the end of the street on the beach. Couldn’t decide between the Chicken or the Seagull Swahili style 😱 Went with the chicken. Where I’m staying is in a small alley way and thought I have trouble finding every time I went out. So far so good. I’ll send a pic of the stair case in my hotel. It is so steep it’s more like a ladder.
Today had a bit of a sleep in which was nice, the room was pitch black dark. Had a great breakfast on the roof top terrace. Did some walking around and found a small pocket where the buildings aren’t mostly rundown. Some amazing buildings and hotels. Right on the water. Went and got some sun at the beach which was great. No people but water is so warm it really does nothing to cool you down. Now I’ve just got back from a 4hr walking tour of Stone Town which was really really interesting. So much history here. Amazing architecture. We finished off at the slave markets which was such an eye opener and actually very sad and depressing. To see where people where sold and treated like things and not humans. And where they where locked up. This tour was so interesting, won’t bore you all with the details but just an eye opener. So much history here. I’ll send the pics of the day. Just random ones.

19 June 2018

Lol. Guess who’s wife works in pharmacy and packed.... Only 3 shaving bags 😳 Xxxx I may cure cancer while I’m here with what’s in them. Lol Very lucky x
Ok. Today i arrived in Zanzibar. Stone town is the main city. Very full on. Reminds me of morroco but faster. It’s really amazing what I have seen but it’s like it’s very rundown. In saying that I’ve only been here for 6 hours. But exhausted. Was very hot when I arrived but came over cloudy later. Place I’m at is really cool. Very authentic. I think. Tomorrow sunny supposedly so will go to the beach then rest of my time will do yours.

18 June 2018

Jules went to get a couple of kids from the village and took a two with him to visit. It was hilarious when he got back and the kids hopped out holding three chickens by the wings with their legs tied as if the where holding a shopping bag each from Eastgardens!!
Today, we went shopping in moshi town and then went to the timber yard so we could make the perch for the chickens to roost on at night Again Murundah did most of the work. He was so good at cutting the timber and nailing the perch together. He said he used to make toys and things when he was young...(he is 13 😳) So he must of been very young. The other kids are now playing with the tools. I’m too scared to watch but no one else seems to care. It’s a lump hammer, normal hammer, hand saw and a small axe!!!! Oh and a large knife! It’s so funny/scary.

17 June 2018

Today was park day and picnic. We all fit in jules car and the kids got dressed up for it. Very cute. Chicken chips for everyone. Some of the equipment was a bit questionable but didn’t phase the kids. They seemed to enjoy it all.

16 June 2018

Pretty quite day today. Hung back at Jules house and did some washing then walked to Akili. Underestimated the distance. Almost an hour. To hot to work outside so Murundah and I painted the lounge room and dining room. It’s bizarre but there is a sink in every room you go to. Very random. It’s 7pm and we just got home waiting for the hot water to heat up then out to dinner. Tomorrow I think we are going for a picnic. Don’t think the kids know yet so should be fun, 10 kids and 4 adults and picnic stuff in jules 8 seater. 😳 Took a photo of Mt Kilimanjaro from Akili. Photos don’t do it justice, it looks small in photo but it’s pretty spectacular seeing it covered in snow and we are in 28 degree heat at the base.

15 June 2018

Clothesline finished and almost finished the chicken coop plus we put shade cloth along the front fence for privacy. Murunda has helped with everything and the other kids helped with the chicken coop. Now they are having a swing.
Today Jules decided to do food shopping today at the markets which was also the last day of Ramadan. So markets where crazy busy but so much fun. One the way back tried to get someone to make hens laying boxes but all too expensive so going to buy handsaw and hammer and make it ourselves. Lily and kids are preparing lunch as I am writing this. Kids are so amazing how they all chip in and how much they know about food prep. Last night we went out to dinner to an indo/Italian restaurant. Jules got chicken snitzel and saying how juicy it was. No wonder it was juicy. It was like jelly inside, not cooked.!! Luckily he only had one mouth full of the raw bit. So he has googled and said salmonella can take 36hrs to develop. 🙄 Anyway apparently he has his own drip at the hospital constantly on the ready 😂 I’ll update more of the day later

14 June 2018

Big day today so far. Picked up steel for clothes line and concrete, cleaned out shed ready for coop, steel fabricator came to site to measure door for coop.Murandah and I dug the holes for the clothes line and concreted them in. Now on our way to get chicken wire and post for the chicken pen, cable for the clothes line, and shade cloth for front fence. People just stand and stare at Akili so they want privacy. Road works has been happening on the road outside of Akili. So random, they don’t say anything and come and tear up the road so you can’t drive down to your house or if your home you can’t leave Then they may decided to come back the next day or two. Just depends. I dove down it today and something is hanging from the bottom of the car. 😳 Wearing shorts today cause it’s steamy hot, lily said I’ll get laughed at in town but don’t worry. I think the kids are freaking out at my legs too. Keep touching my knee caps and pulling the hair on my legs. At least I’m entertaining

13 June 2018

Just finished dinner at Mimosa. Very nice. 10pm so off to bed.
Day 2 we have been running around all day. We got paint and brushes to paint two rooms at Akili, went to steel fabricator to make post for the new clothes line, bought new shower hose for Julian’s place because more water came out of the hose than the shower head. Purchased some tools from hardware store, tape measure, shovel, shifter. Funny thing was we had to go to different stores for every single item because stores sell such random items. Then went and got stuff for Julian’s new place. Cooker n fridge for kitchen. Then designed and ordered, lounge, coffee table, dining table, 4 chairs, two double bed frames, shelving unit for kitchen and bedside table and also a modular lounge. All this from the carpenter down the road and he said he will have it done in a couple of weeks. He took us to moshi to pick lounge fabric. Then had lunch with kids and had an afternoon nap. Just quickly meet Mama and now about to head out for dinner.

12 June 2018

So it’s 6am Wednesday morning and yesterday first day in moshi. Got my new SIM card so can send some pics of yesterday. Went to Akili and meet the kids and lily and Gundar (I’ll have to find the right spelling). It was so cool to see the kids and watch them open all the stuff from Australia. We hung there for a bit then went to moshi which is heaps bigger than I imagined. Got food and supplies, jules and I had lunch and then we had a look at his new place. It’s really nice and new. Went back to Akili and Jules showed me what needs doing so today we are headed out for supplies. Jules went out for dinner with Murundah while I hit the wall at 7.30 and woke at 5am which is amazing for me. I’ve sent some thinking outside the square building designs from Julian’s new house too. I’ll send more stuff today as now I have a sim.
So landed in Kilimanjaro. Connecting flight was cancelled which didn’t matter would of missed it anyway with the other flight delayed. Got on another flight last minute. And surprise surprise Jules is running late to pic me up. Good too see he is constant time wise wherever he lives.
Just Landed in Nairobi. Plane was delayed in Bangkok.