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Around the world trip

27 June 2017

This is the last post, thank you everyone who followed my journey. Means a lot. Hopefully in not to long I'll make a new one 😊 All the best, Robin

26 June 2017

So yeah, after spending a week in Rio I've done a lot. Crazy stuff I never thought I'd do.. today I said goodbye to my friends, who are heading home, I'm leaving to Canada so see my family. Thanks Rio πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

18 June 2017

So since my last updates, I've danced tango, colored my hair white, turned into a mixture of Legolas and Malloy senior. Oh, and I'm in Rio de Janeiro now! I really liked Buenos Aires, miss it. Met some awesome people and saw a lot of cool stuff. Gotta go back one day. More photos of Rio will come later πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡· (Oh and the drunk dude on the photo was a really nice drunk dude)

17 June 2017

So yeah, I'm in Argentina! Buenos Aires is a really, really nice place. Maybe my favorite so far, not sure yet. Here for 8-9 day and then over to Brazil! Got a lot of stuff to see here before we leave, done maybe tours and all that, but so much here. Love it here

13 June 2017

Visiting the famous Concha y Toro vineyard an hour from Santiago. Heading over to Argentina today! Buenos Aires next πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·!!

10 June 2017

And there's graffiti everywhere here..!
I'm in Santiago! Reeeeally cold here, but it's a nice place. If I had to describe the city I would say it's a mix between Barcelona and Kathmandu. Kinda weird. But nice!

5 June 2017

So the Australian camping-trip is over! Was a lot of fun, but also very tiring. Now our journey takes us to South America, with our first stop being Chile! We had to rushhhhh to the airport, overslept a little. So I'm going to make this a short post. CHILE πŸ”œπŸ‡¨πŸ‡±
We're now in Newcastle, about a two hour drive from Sydney. We haven't done much this week except visit a bunch of places. Loooots of beaches, the weather hasn't been to good any of the days really... its surprisingly cold here. We all freeze in the night and morning! There's a power outage at the moment, our camping site got hit by some heavy rain. We head over to Sydney today. That's gonna be real cool!!

2 June 2017

Today we drove around Yamba, checked all the beaches and left for a left called Brooms Head (south of Yamba). On the way we saw so maybe 10-15 kangaroos (!!) and then when we finally got to our camping site a huge ass kangaroo was just chilling right next to our van. See him on the last photo, he was crazy big and had huge muscles, so weird. Sleeping next to the sea tonight. Gonna be nice 🌊🌊

31 May 2017

IM IN AUSTRALIA!! Rented a Toyota Hiace, it's made for two adults and one child so you can imagine it's a little tight. We drove from Brisbane to surfers paradise and then down to Byron Bay. We found a free camping spot not to far away from there, so tomorrow we'll drive in and explore, maybe do more surfing. Ao far so good, living the camping life πŸŒŠβ›ΊοΈ

26 May 2017

Been surfing and going to the beach most days. Should really have a month here at least to explore everything.. one weeks to short. Soon we head over to Australia!!πŸ€™πŸΌπŸŒŠπŸ€™πŸΌπŸŒŠπŸ€™πŸΌπŸŒŠ

24 May 2017

After a short stay in Singapore in now in Bali, Indonesia! Going to be here for eight days. My good friend Michael came down from Norway to meet us so we're going to do a lot of fun stuff. More pics will follow πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸŒž

21 May 2017

IM IN SINGAPORE. Really cool city, huge and really weird. It feels like a mix between Vienna, New York, and a ton of other cities in one. Reeeeeeeaally expensive though, so glad we're only staying here for three days. Today we went to the Garden by the Bay, awesome place, this city is full of amazing architecture... should come back one day when I don't have to live on a shitty budget 🌞

17 May 2017

Celebrated Norway'a national Holliday @ Halong bay with a homemade flag and lots of beer. Now back in Hanoi again for a couple of nights before we hit up Singapore!🌞

15 May 2017

We're in Hanoi! Absolutely beautiful apartment, 3BR huge place (we even have a jacuzzi). More to come, gonna use the next two days to restock on clothe, other stuff, and just chill 🌞🌞

13 May 2017

Last day at LWRC. It's been really fun, lots of great moments and awesome people. We travel to Vietnam today, for 6 days before going to Singapore and later Bali. On to the next trip.

25 April 2017

Almost been here one week now at the Lao Wildlife Rescue Center. It's been hard, realllllly hot, humid and tiring, but good! Lots of great people, fun work and awesome animals! Right now we're building a new bear enclosure for two bear cubs we've built the tower and the the "roots" next to it. Soon we'll paint it and it'll look like the finished one on the next photo (just finished that one recently). Also building a new macaque enclosure, pictures will come when finished. Yesterday a family dropped of a baby jackal, the family thought they bought a baby wolf (don't know why they would want to buy a wolf) but yeah, so we'll probably build a new place for him as well. Liking myself so far! Here are some pictures!

23 April 2017

So I'm at the Wildlife rescue center now! Crazy crazy hot and humid. Over 500 animals (leopards, bears, monkeys, one elephant, and so on). Work starts tomorrow, gonna watch the FA CUP semi finals and go to bed πŸ˜΄πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

22 April 2017

Allllllright, new update! We spent two days in Phuket, Warsame and co. recommended we stay in Phi Phi for a couple days, so we did. Little did we know that Phi Phi is an absolute party place and that our hostel turned into a nightclub at night (every night)... safe to say it was not the best place to rest. We did some snorkeling, unfortunately not diving (never had enough time or energy to wake up at 6 am to head out). If it wasn't for all the really annoying drunk Canadians we shared the room with or the thousands of drunk British people everywhere on the island, it was a really really beautiful place.. Now off to Laos πŸ‡±πŸ‡¦! One night in a five star hotel in Vientiane before our three weeks of work starts! Update will come from Vientiane!

17 April 2017

So yeah, we've celebrated Songkran 2017, seen a little of bangkok and we've now headed down south to Phuket to meet a couple of buddies here. Bangkok was crazy and I don't need to go back there but some of it was really nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ We stay in Phuket for 2 days and then we gotta figure something out... πŸ™„πŸ™„

15 April 2017

I'm in Thailand! Super duper tired... it's New Years here, so full festival mode in the city. More pictures coming up ✌🏽

10 April 2017

Day 5 in Himalaya here. So many impressions and stories to tell in one go. The guides we had were amazing. This dog (we called him shorty, inside joke because we kept taking shortcuts that didn't feel like shortcuts, so he became shorty), just decided to join us halfway through Sundays 18km trip. He even slept all night in the same room as me and olav. He was a really cool and playful wild dog just traveling with strangers. He left the next morning after breakfast :( Most of the villages we stayed in or went through, no matter how big or small, where mostly destroyed by the earthquake (in 2015 I believe). The pictures are from the first village we stayed in, most people are still staying in houses literally made of sheet metal. We've been made to do the same since all the lodges faced the same fate as everything else, except for the first night. This trip has probably been the most exhausting trip I've been on I think. More stories will come later :)

9 April 2017

View from my bedroom last night. We're heading in that direction. I'm assuming this will be the last post from me for the next 4-5 days (13 april). The village we're staying has no more than 10 houses or so, all are new/rebuilt since the 2015 earthquake. There are areas that are completely destroyed, houses standing on a 45 degree. Quite the impression... Talk soon!

7 April 2017

Im in Nepal! Here for two days then going to helambu to do some hiking for three days. Then back to Kathmandu for one day before going to Bangkok! 😌 here for one week!

6 April 2017

So last full day in Goa. Went to swim in a waterfall, visited a spice farm (which was really interesting) and saw two really old churches (I really do not need to see any more churches or forts.. they are all the same here in India hahaha or that's my feeling at least). We head out to the airport at 9pm, fly to Delhi, in Delhi from 2am-13:30pm, arrive in Kathmandu (Nepal) at 3pm. Going to be one hell of a long ass journey. It's been really fun here in India, I feel like I know Goa in and out after driving around on scooters literally everywhere... glad we're moving on, new instagram video and YouTube video coming up today πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ˜Œ

4 April 2017

Haven't posted in a while, sorry! I've been very tired, got a real bad sunburn from snorkeling the other day. It wasn't to fun because the water had really low visibility.. otherwise we've been chilling at the beach enjoying the last days in Goa. We're heading out on Thursday to Nepal ❀ can't wait now!

30 March 2017

So yesterday was the last day at the hostel zostel, we have moved further north in goa, not far away from a place called Anjuna. We've rented a airbnb,pretty decent place. I slept on a mattress in the kitchen today since there are only to beds and we take turns. Other then that everything here is going fine. I think I now know goa by heart, we've been everywhere now south and north on the coast. Yesterday we went to vagator beach (north goa) and chilled there with some cows. We all agreed that even tho goa is nice, two weeks is too long to stay in one place. There are only Russians and Indians here on vacation and mostly in couples. So not a lot of people our age which is a little lame. The two on the right are staff from zostel, really really nice guys! And the third guy is Carl from Yorkshire, awesome lad! In one week we head to Nepal πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅ where we Will be staying in Kathmandu and Lokla (check out Lokla airport, insane haha) Lots of love Robin

29 March 2017

So yesterday, was hungover so we all got a massage. Today we drove south, and did some parasailing! Some awesome video will be coming your way and the best probably will be saved for the PR video for the hostel. I'm having fun tho❀

27 March 2017

All is good here. We've been traveling on scooters a long the coast now every day I'll draw a map to show it. Hope y'all are watching our YouTube videos and instagram! We might have secured a promotional offer from Zostel (a hotel branch) to make a video of goa. So they'll promote us in exchange for a video of their hotel and area around it. (They have a following of over 100k). So that is cool. Otherwise the beach is life here in goa. Much love ❀❀

26 March 2017

Forgot to say we've rented scooters here, I'm kinda of a pro now. Instead of signaling where you're going or stuff like that you just constantly honk your horn, for everything. But it's cool. And we've started to use the mosquito nets, but non of us have figured out really how to use them...

24 March 2017

So Goa is paradise, ish. Very dirty but nice place. We're here for two hole weeks. Tomorrow me have three things we might do: windsurfing, surfing or paragliding, or chill. We'll see. Anyways, talk soon! Skype tonight or tomorrow night? 🌎
In Goa! Everyone so far are really rude. It's crazy crazy humid. Taxi driver is driving 110km/h om a 50km/h road and demands another 200 rupees for airco, said no and opened all the windows, don't think he liked it. (Did y'all see instagram videos and pics?) More updates tomorrow!

23 March 2017

Leaving New Delhi -> Goa next!

22 March 2017

Visited lotus temple and some tombs. Very nice day, editing some videos now for the instagram profile (t_roj). 🌎❀
We are pretty much famous here in India. Everyone wants pictures. Have some videos of us with a small crowd of people just taking photos as if we were famous. Also got interviewed by India Today, so was live on national tv here πŸ˜‰ both videos will be on instagram soon!

21 March 2017

We sorta got scammed today, like not really, but ish. And not money wise, more time wise. It's a reeeeaally long story but to cut it short: we arrived in Agra (the city where Taj Mahal is) and the drive in was crazy full, so a guy from the bus company (guide) offered to take us on foot for a good price. We accepted, had a great great tour of the taj, but then wanted to take us to a place where they made traditional masonry like used for the Taj Mahal. Was very interesting, and would've been nice, but they tried to sell us a hole bunch of stuff afterwards (like they literally took us from rom to rom, to sell us stuff) we declined of course. Our guide just took us from place to place. Interesting but just really wasting of time and "forced us" to give a nice tip. It's actually a pretty crazy story. But I'll tell you guys the rest over skype one day πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸŒŽβ˜ΊοΈ
Some quick pics of the great Taj (have plenty more but this is all I got on my phone as of right now)
Now traveling to Taj Mahal and some other spots. Will post photos soon. It's a 18 hour travel day (takes four hours to get there from New Delhi). We have airco so it'll be fine, just really really jet lagged and I'm pretty sure Indian bus drivers are the best in the world and at the same time totally, totally batshit crazyπŸ™πŸ˜‚ Gonna post more tonight, and also creating a YouTube and instagram account to post pictures and videos. Olav will make videos for the YouTube account and I'll make videos for instagram and Jonas will take photos. They'll be updated whenever we have good enough internet to post stuff πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸŒŽ

20 March 2017

Check out a part of Delhi. Decent🌎
I have had a crazy day. Our host are just... incredible. Never met people who goes so far out of their way to help "strangers". Insane. We've been driven everywhere, seen the lotus temple. Seen a hole bunch of ruins and stuff. Lots more pictures are coming later (and soon a video!). Oh and I have a Indian number now!
Just arrived in New Delhi!

19 March 2017

On our way to the airport - trip starts now