Taiwan · 7 Days · 112 Moments · August 2017

Arianne's adventure in Taiwan

20 August 2017

See you, Taiwan! 'til next time.

19 August 2017

Had a good time here in Taiwan. Generally, Taiwan is a nice country. It has a higher cost of living than the Philippines, but the country is great. It is so clean. The crime rate is low. Technology is advanced here. People are friendly. The place is full of history and tradition. Drinking water is a bit scarce though. I mean water is not freely offered in restaurants. It's a convenient place to live in because of convenience stores. It is hotter here in Taipei. The WiFi is fast. Generally, I had a good time here. I enjoyed the scenery and the hotel hopping ;). Will I visit Taiwan again? Maybe. We'll see. :)
That was it. The last sunset in Taiwan. I'm thankful for Alan and Vincent for touring us around Taiwan. Of course, I would like to thank my parents for this opportunity.
Shi Lin Night Market.
Taipei Grand Hotel. The hotel has an amazing architecture. It was on top of a hill. You'll see this one in the highway. This was off the list. We we're lucky that Vincent is our guide and brought us there.
Next stop off the list, was a Catholic church. Vincent said that 80,000 Filipinos go here. They have schedule for Tagalog masses.
The 32,000 US dollar lotus pot/vase. Ivory ball. Cabbage. Toy box.
Next stop was the National Palace Museum. A lot of tourists were here. We were given headsets so that we will hear only Vincent's voice. It houses the famous Jade cabbage, the ivory ball, the sleeping kid pillow, the rotating vase, the Jade screen and a lot lot more. The lady statue was their definition of beauty at that time >.<
Then we went into a museum featuring the traditional hot spring house.
A boiling lake. You can see steam and boiling going on there. The tour guide Vincent told us that when he was young they boiled eggs there. It wasn't included in the itenerary but he said he brings all there because, why not? It's cool you know.
We ate lunch. Then went to an ancestral home.
Eslite xinyi We were here because of the beautiful view of Taipei 101.
Pt 2
At Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Taipei tour starts here
Day 7 in Taiwan! I wanna go home!! :'( 5 days around Taiwan done! Day tour in Taipei for today.

18 August 2017

Back to Taipei. KFC Ximending. No rice. No utensils.
Lunch time! Beef noodles. Pork noodles. Intestine. Century egg tofu.
Buddha cave
Pictures along the way
Meander core pt 2
Meander core scenic trail
4 generation bridge
Day 6! Last day of out 5-day Taiwan Tour! Exploring Taroko Gorge. Ci Mu Bridge. Famous picture site.

17 August 2017

Dinner Recreation area Swimming pool
Hotel number 5: silks place The bed is a memory foam cushion. This hotel is pretty neat.
Swallow grotto pt 2 Now with the Indian head
Swallow grotto. Turtle head. Amazing view
On the road
Pebble Beach. An airplane says hello! Dark skies in the mountains
3 immortals
Little crab Long queue at a bun shop Green onion bun
Rock formations Tofu rock
On the way to Xiaoyeliu, Alan bought some betel nut with betel leaf along the way for the whole group. Tried it. It tastes like leaf. Feels hot after sometime. Spitted it out and it becomes brick red.
Good morning Day 5! Missing home. I wanna go home! Good bye sulfur smelling hotel.

16 August 2017

The view outside.
More of the amenities. :) All the items in the ref are free like hotel #2. The free comb is bigger. Trying out their yutaka. :)
At last, the hotel! Hotel #4: Hotel Royal Chihpen Alan the tour guide warned us of the smell inside the room. It's true, it smells surfur in here. 😂 Free WiFi ✓ Bed ✓ comfy with 2 pillows Curtains ✓ TV ✓ cable not that clear Comfy chair ✓ Toilet ✓ with automatic bidet ✓ Shower ✓ Personal hot spring ✓ yes.
Pictures along the way
Long bus ride to the hotel. Travelling along the east- the other side of Taiwan.
The cliffs. Photo-op.
Eluan P Lighthouse pt 2
eluan P light house The light of the east. The southernmost part of Taiwan.
A piece of rock salt. Hahaha. Hot outside. Look at the little duckling with a hat shade.
Lunch time at Kenting St. Language barrier. May aray yung Isda. -_- Otherwise, yummy bamboo shoots, shrimp and clams. Also got ice cream and iced bubble tea for dessert.
Next stop: Kenting National Park Kenting St.
Cat Rock pt 4
Cat Rock pt 3 Plants, fly, scooter.
Cat Rock pt 2 More rocks and the sea.
Cat Rock. We are in the 2nd southernmost point where different rock formations can be seen. It's call cat Rock because it looks like a cat. Well I agree with Alan our tour guide that it looks more like a dog. It was a walk uphill but not as demanding as the previous days.
Spotted the monkey face that's a cultural landmark of going in to the Hengchun peninsula
Stop over. Their toilets are squat type. -_- getting used to it..
Inside the shop. One thing that I love in Taiwan is that they have free taste for the food they sell. ^_^ yumyum
We're going to have a long trip down to the Southern part of Taiwan, to Kenting National Park.
Breakfast buffet in Grand Hi Lai Hotel. The food selection is better than Hotel #1 and 2 -so far.
Good morning Day 4 Taiwan! We woke up at 7:00am. It was a nice sleep. I wanted to sleep more though.
Taiwan coins. No cents here. -_-

15 August 2017

View outside
The mall below the hotel
Grand Hi Lai Hotel pt 2 The weighing scale here is close to the truth. :P A little dark coz it's yellow light there.
Hotel #3: Grand Hi Lai Hotel Fancy looking hotel. But I liked hotel #2 better. Sockets are limited. The mini bar wasn't free. Also a little bit dusty. No bidet or automatic toilet. But the bed and comforter was comfy. TV is okay. The view is overlooking Kaohsiung since we're on the 28th floor. Not bad.
Some of what we had :) Grilled squid. Grilled shrimp (aligue!). Oyster pancake. Half a lobster. Food is okay.
Food stalls :)
Street market! Food stalls left and right!
Love river pt 2 Aboard a solar powered boat, an English video guided our ride. I realized that Taiwan is rich in history.
Love River pt 1 It is said that two lovers jumped in this river and drowned because their parents disproved of their love.
Streets of Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung City
And that was about it. We went back down and took pictures of the big golden Buddha that sits on top of the mountain shrine.
So we met the master. She was friendly, asked a lot of questions and gave prizes. She's fond of children. She guided us in the museum, however no pictures allowed. After that we went inside the temple with 3 Buddhas. Gave us something to offer and candy to eat. She also let us meditate a bit. Afterwards we went to their dining hall which can accommodate 3000 people and they eat everyday without a single sound. Amazing.
"Writings go beyond time and space"
Along the way we're chibi Buddha's. Cute.
At Fo Guang Yuan The bus dropped us at the entrance to the way up the temple to meet the master who will tour us around. The pilgrimage up.
Just passed by a bridge. 2nd biggest asymmetric? Bridge. Hehe. Can't shoot a good one while moving.
We're on our way to the Buddhist temple. Constructions are ongoing on the freeway, maybe we'll be delayed.
We stopped by a reststop along the freeway. We ate the food recommended. Look what we found... Pikachu!
Jiji train station Japanese type train station. Photo op place.
Somewhere along the road
Temple rebuilt. Statue with magically growing beard. :O
Temple destroyed by earthquake.
Pictures from Fleur de Chine before we leave. Oh the moon. It was a pretty good hotel. :) Byebye Sun Moon Lake!
Good morning, Day 3 Taiwan! View from our room in Fleur de Chine. Morning coffee from Nespresso. The lobby and viewpoint on our floor.

14 August 2017

Dinner time
Everything in there is free! Even the ones inside the ref. 😁 It has a Nespresso machine. Lots and lots of sockets and super fast wifi. :) The yukata and slippers aren't, but it was fun to try out.
Hotel #2: Fleur de Chine The best hotel I've ever been so far! 😍 It has a spacious room. Comfy bed ✓ with 6 pillows per bed Toilet with automatic bidet ✓ Personal hot spring ✓ relaxing Super comfy chair ✓ Phone with e-butler service ✓✓ cool A very big TV ✓✓ with built in FREE movies!! 😆
Temple with the view of the heart (center) of Taiwan
At last, back down. -_-
Its scenery and view
Pagoda on top of a hill
Food trippin
More of day 2 coming soon.
I Da Shao
Taiwan tours tour! Yay! Day 1 of tour (day 2 Taiwan) Inside the bus. Pictures thru the glass window. The bus is actually cool. Free WiFi. Free 4G. Free charging stations. Trash bins. Good air conditioning. Good tour guide.
Day 2 in Taiwan. Good morning breakfast in the hotel. Chinese breakfast. Where's the rice?

13 August 2017

We were hungry when we arrived our hotel. It was past 10 and most of the stores were closed. We found a restaurant with lots of people. It served noodles with dumplings as well as different side dishes. The noodles were roughly $75-90 and the side dishes were $25. We paid less than $400 for 3 noodles and the side dishes . One thing we noticed is that they don't serve water. You ought to bring your own.
Taipei 101 observatory. I booked online voucher via klook. We arrived there and found a very long Queue. We waited for about 30 mins to get the tickets. Another 30mins more to go in. One good thing about their queue is that it's numbered. The elevator was fast. I read that it will take you only 45 seconds to go up the 89th floor. Up there, the view was great. It was clear. The city lights, the silhouette of the mountain and the cars are the things you'll see. However, it'll be hard to take clear pictures because the glass reflects the people and light inside the floor. We weren't able to go to the 91st floor because we were already tired. Going down, there was also a long queue. You'll pass thru a jewelry, Jade and coral stone shop before queuing. It was almost 10pm when we got down and we were starving and tired. We took a cab going back for $260.
We walked to Taipei main station to take the train to Taipei 101. When we got there we didn't know where and how to buy tickets. We found a visitor's information center and instructed us where to go. The station was congested. It was hot, not like in Singapore or Hongkong. But train wasn't congested and hot, unlike in Manila. We were able to sit comfortably after 2 stations. The little coin was the one way ticket. It was interesting and cute. The train was fast.
After some shopping in ximen, we went to 7-11, it's Chinese food and drinks. After resting, our itenerary was Taipei 101. Mom bought some Starbucks mugs along the way.
Day 1 hotel: Taipei M Hotel I got no pictures. 😂
After dropping our luggage in the hotel, we asked the receptionist for good food. He gave us a map and showed pointed the best beef noodle soup. The walk was long and hot before arriving. When we got there, there was a queue. After some time, we were able to enter. The beef was tender and flavorful. The side dishes were yummy as well.
Hello Taiwan! After going out the airport, it was so hot. Hotter than Manila. The driver was not good in English but he was very friendly. He said he has 3 kids as well. He drove us to Taipei M Hotel.