North America · 6 Days · 37 Moments · March 2017

Orlando, Fl

31 March 2017

After eating we drove to the airport and checked in all of our bags, and then waited for the plane.
We parked in the same parking garage as 4 years ago in the same mall which was crazy. While waiting for mom in the mall, apparently some 20-something year old hit on me and I was completely oblivious to it. He even straight up came and talked to me and tried showing me a shirt (we were standing at a shirt rack). whoops! After this encounter we went to Lulu's Bait Shack (a restaurant that overlooks the beach). I got a chicken quesadilla which was super amazing.
After driving for 3 hours, we arrived in Fort Lauderdale.
After packing, we drove to Jamba Juice where I got a matcha green tea smoothie once again (it's so good). Then Alia and I walked over to Tom+Chee where I got a grilled cheese donut and alia got macaroni and cheese on grilled cheese. I was surprised by how good my donut tasted.
We woke up and packed up all of our stuff. Our last day in Florida :(

30 March 2017

After showering, we went to Disney Springs again and walked around for a long time. Dad, Alia, and I got disney shirts from UNIQLO and we all later ate poutine from a poutine shack. I love Disney Springs so much because it was like 10 pm and it was still completely busy and had a bunch of entertainment (there was even an area with a couple country singers).
After cheesecake we swam for quite a while in the pool but they must have turned the heat off because the water was cool.
We headed to Cheesecake Factory after catching the bus back to our hotel. I got carrot cake cheesecake and it was pretty good.
At Magic Kingdom we had fast passes for both the Thunder Mountain Rail Road and Splash Mountain. We rode the rail road and had time to kill after, so we got Dole Whips which were basically pineapple ice creams. They were really good! After our ice creams we found shade in a cafeteria-restaurant area and waited until our fast pass time. Alia and I got the front row in our log and thought we were going to get soaked but we actually only got a little wet. It was really refreshing though because it was sweltering outside.
The shuttle bus took 45 minutes to come and during that time like 80000 buses came for Caribbean Beach and at least 2 came by for Epcot. Us and the other people waiting were all dying in the heat.
The park was super jam packed and it was a great time as usual. We arrived at Hollywood Studios right when it opened so we got to the Rock N Rollercoaster fairly quickly. This was quickly followed by the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Alia and I then went back on the Rock N Rollercoaster and after, we all walked around the park for a bit. We then had to wait for another shuttle bus to take us to the Magic Kingdom.
We then drove back to the hotel and waited for the shuttle bus to bring us to Hollywood Studios.
We drove to Jamba Juice again this morning but it was so early that it wasn't even open so we got smoothies from McDonalds instead.

29 March 2017

We spent quite a long time in the pool when we came back, and then after showering, we drove over to Sweet Tomatoes. We had thought this was just a salad bar but it was really an all-you-can-eat buffet ranging from pizza to sweet potato baked potatoes to ice cream. I got all of these things and the ice cream was especially good as I packed cookie crumbs and chocolate mousse on it.
At the beach, we swam in the ocean right away, and then walked along the pier for a while. Once we were done on the pier, Alia and I walked back to where we had rented a tent and relaxed in the shade while Mom and Dad walked the pier. When they got back we went to the store and bought a football to throw around in the water (we forgot ours at the hotel). When we got back in the water and had been swimming for quite a while, about 8 dolphins came up to the buoy line and 2 even swam past it, coming really close to people. They were like 50 ft away from us and we watched them swim and jump out of the water.
We drove for about 1.5 hours to Clearwater Beach just outside of Tampa.
We drove to Jamba Juice in the morning and I sadly got the worst and most disgusting smoothie in the world. It was lemony and gingery and tasted like sadness. We, however, were going to the beach so I wasn't going to complain too much.

28 March 2017

When we got back to the hotel, we all showered and then drove to Yard House. This restaurant has the best macaroni and cheese ever called the [Mac + Cheese]^2. We sat on the deck and it was really nice because in the shade it wasn't too hot or cold. After eating, we drove down International Drive as the sun set which was super pretty because it had a bunch of palm trees.
We then drove to Blizzard Beach and got there right when it opened so we got a really good parking spot. The park was a lot of fun and Alia and I went on a tube-racing slide about 4 times and then spent most of the time in the wave pool. The whole family went down the lazy river and we also went on a family raft ride twice which was super fun. The first time we went on the raft we didn't know you could take a ski lift to the top of the hill so we walked all the way up on burning concrete. After this we got a "sand pail" which was an actual sand pail filled to the top with soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, cookie bits, and waffle pieces.
We got up and got ready for Blizzard Beach, and then drove to Jamba Juice where I got an "Apple 'n' Greens" smoothie. It was alright but I just wanted a green smoothie after eating so much junk food.

27 March 2017

When we got out of the pool, and after we showered, Dad and I picked up pizza and wings from Flippers Pizzeria (this place had a lot of drama amongst the workers and they were yelling at each other really loudly just behind the counter). The pizza, however, was really good. After eating, we hung out in our room watching Diners Drive Ins and Dives, and then went to bed.
Once at the hotel, we hung out in our room for about 15 minutes and then got ready to go hang by the pool. Alia and I went downstairs and chilled beside the pool for a little while, taking pictures of us doing so until our parents came down. We forgot the football so we went back to the room, came back down, and threw it back and forth for about an hour.
We left the park at about 4:45 and on the way back to our hotel I fell asleep.
At the park we went on some crazy roller coasters (some that rattled you around so much it felt like your brain had a giant bruise), some water rides (we all got soaked), and saw some animals (from being so high up on the roller coasters and from riding the train that tours the park). The best line of the day was when a little kid was standing outside of a rollercoaster telling his little brother that he was just "fake crying". My favourite ride was the __________. The giant drop that they had there was also crazy as you were completely faced down when you were at the top.
We then drove to Tampa (where Busch Gardens is) which was just over an hours drive.
Once we all got ready, we headed over to the food outlet mall to Jamba Juice and McDonalds for breakfast. I got a matcha green tea smoothie and it tasted like a frappuccino. 100% would order again.
We woke up at about 8 and decided that we were going to go to Busch Gardens.

26 March 2017

We went back to the room and got ready to go to Disney Springs and then did the 15 minute walk to get there. Here we walked around for about an hour and we had planned to eat at Planet Hollywood but the wait was 2.5 hours. Instead, we went to Earl of Sandwich (10/10) where I got a chipotle chicken avocado wrap and then after, we went to Ghiradellis which sells amazing ice cream. Alia and I split a cookie bits sundae (100/10). It was honestly so good I want 47 more. We then walked back to the hotel and it was pretty late already and everyone was tired so Alia and I ran most of the way to get back faster.
When we got back to the hotel, Alia and I went down to the pool and hung out there for about an hour. We played with the football and while we were swimming the bartender brought everyone out a sample of a smoothie and gave me and alia samples of piña coladas. They were really good so when Mom and Dad came down to join us later we ordered piña coladas to drink poolside.
Mom fell asleep so Dad, Alia, and I walked (about ten minutes) to go get McDonalds. McDonalds was in this type of food outlet mall area so we walked around for a while, going into restaurants and checking out their menus.
We waited by the pool for about 45 minutes until our room was ready and got some nice sun burn. Then we went to the room and put all of our stuff away.
We then drove to our hotel to check in to see when our room would be ready. While waiting we went to Walmart and got a bunch of stuff for our room like water and sunscreen. All of this was done before 11.
We landed at about 9 am and took the shuttle train to the terminal where we picked up our rental car.
We got up at 3:30 am (oh my god) and packed up all of our stuff (alia and dad had arrived at the hotel when I was sleeping). We then went downstairs to the lobby, poured myself some tea and boarded the shuttle with a bunch of other people. US customs was really quick and we were soon hanging by Gate F69 at about 5 am. Our flight was at 6:15 am.
We got to Toronto at about 11:30 and boarded our shuttle to The Hilton Garden Inn and immediately got into bed (room 913).

25 March 2017

We got to the airport at around 5:40 pm (dad,mom, and myself) and got all our boarding passes. Then dad left because alia and him are catching a later flight because of her Westerns banquet. Mom and I got starbucks (I got a green tea frapp) and then waited at Gate 5 for our flight to Toronto. Our flight was slightly delayed so I used the time to catch up on Great Expectations and we boarded around 7.