Argentina · 5 Days · 4 Moments · December 2016


23 December 2016

Iguazu Falls Such a magical place, even better than we'd imagined. So many impressively powerful waterfalls in such a small place. We had such a great day here and once we had walked around the whole of it we were taken on a boat underneath all the waterfalls until we were completely soaked! Was so much fun.

22 December 2016

The cutest teeny tiny kitty the hostel found on the streets and so adopted. I wanted to take it home but Rosina wouldn't let me

18 December 2016

We are nipping through Argentina to Iguaza Falls. Don't have enough time/ money to do it properly so will come back another time do see the country in full detail. Currently staying in a city called Salta as a stop off point. Got here from Chile the day before yesterday. We love the city, it's very beautiful and so civilised which is such a nice change coming from Bolivia and there are trees and greenery too which we've really missed having been in the desert for a while! We had a picnic in the park today which was so lovely. Tomorrow we get a 24 hour bus 😬 to Iguazu. Absolutely dreading it!