Canada · 10 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

April's voyage in Canada

15 July 2017

You were my world when I was so young I didn't even realize what life would be like when you were gone I remember your furnaral it was 1985 My first grade in school I still remember the day September 21 when I seen you there in your casket I wasn't understanding that you had passed on leaving me behind I love you and miss you think of you often I still at 40 still remember the last words you spoke to me in my ear, you said you have to go now I remember saying okay, When I got home that day I ran in the house and told mom that you passed away My mother startled said how do you know I said gram told me and I dreamt of you that night I will always love you so so much I was 5

14 July 2017

My life since yarmouth for the first few years were like I was living straight out Halloween, Became very depressed was in a dark bedroom sleeping at least 16 hours a day I was taking a lot of medication over the limit of what I should of been taking, life was so overwhelming for my mother she drugged me for a year and a half because I became to much to handle(I just wanted to wake up like it was just a bad dream I was loosing grip my young life had been about abandonment, abusiveness, home to home then abandoned again by both parents what a mess lost and wanting out

6 July 2017

This is me a few months after my grandmother passed away my 5th Christmas oh if I only knew what was to come in life Dad was barely around if it wasnt for my grandfather we never would have had Christmas that year