19 Days · 13 Moments · January 2018

Balance & Health!

14 February 2018

Getting back to the stairs. These are a great wake up call to one’s current fitness status.

8 February 2018

Wow. When will tanning beds not be an acceptable part of “Health” Clubs? How is is okay to offer a service which, for only the sake of vanity, has such harmful effects?

7 February 2018

Well the Chilli was much more enjoyable after I added some chicken, quinoa and cooked vegetables.

6 February 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve made a meatless Chilli. Usually it’s pretty good, and this one was good, but a bit overpowering...too rich! It may have been the barbecue sauce I added, which usually is a good flavour boost. It might be more enjoyable with some quinoa, rice or maybe even some chicken added.

3 February 2018

This sums up my attitude perfectly when I’m at the gym....

2 February 2018

Shouldn’t the gym be empty at midnight on a snow squalled unpleasant night such as this? Nope. Busier than ever 😫. This is why I had my own little corner in the basement set up nicely for myself. Slowly, due to my own inconsistency and family’s changing needs, the area was taken over and rearranged 😞. Last year I gave this place a try hoping there would be no people there late night. Well, there are, unfortunately. As the years pass, I find it harder to hide my disgust and dismay with others, even though It’s not justified. I hate people!

1 February 2018

Sometimes, a Lean Cuisine fills the gap for take-to-work meals. I used to live on these at work, but didn’t realize they can be high in sodium. In recent years, there are better options for frozen meals, for example President’s Choice Blue Menu meals. I always check the sodium content now when purchasing these.
3.7 miles today...walk to work: 1 mile, the rest—after work between 11:30 and 12:30 am. Walking in mushy snow MUST burn extra calories.

31 January 2018

It’s easy to stay on track during my work week. It’s like I just go on auto-pilot. I have planned, healthy meals and snacks, don’t get hungry, don’t get stupid cravings. What will become of me when I retire? I honestly need a plan 😕
Gym tonite 👍

28 January 2018

Spinach in Smoothies....always
Glad to be going DOWN these stairs at the end of tonight’s 2.7 mile walk. It’s been a while, but I use these stairs for cardio and sometimes for a lower body workout. My record is 36 Trips up. Soon, my ascending friend, soon...

26 January 2018

Everyday things look and feel different at night. The trees against the glow of a winter sky were just one thing enjoyed on a two Mile walk the other night.