India · 1 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Anusha's adventure in India

22 June 2017

Today is my star birthday, June 22nd, two days before my birthday. I just learned that a star birthday is kind of related to the gods. Your star shows you how your characteristics are related to one god upon all the gods there are. My birth star is Rohini. Rohini is when you're characteristics are related to Krishna, or the rebirth of Vishnu. Krishna is very cunning and sly, but smart and talented. I may not be all of these characteristics that Krishna has, but I am at least some of them. Krishna is the rebirth of Vishnu, and why he was reborn is to protect his parents, from an evil demon. The evil demon threw his own sister and his sister's husband into a very strong jail, that you could not break. Krishna broke through the jail, even though he was just a new born baby! After many events like this, it was proven that Krishna was Vishnu, who has been reborn, because of his strength and smarts. I am almost 11 years old!
I didn't talk about transportation that much, but all I can say is that, unlike last year, we're going to need lots of money here. First, we went on Asiana airlines that took twelve hours from Seattle,Washington, to get to Incheon, Seoul. Then, from there, we took a seven hour flight (Asiana airlines) to New Delhi. We settled at my "brother's" house for almost 2 days. Then, from there, at 1:20 p.m. my family and I went on IndiGo airlines and it took 3 hours to get to Coimbatore, Chennai. After that, we had a taxi to ride for one hour. I don't like Ariana airlines, because they ride the plane so high up, that the altitude makes me sick, and kind of hard to breathe. The smell of food is so strong, that it also makes me want to throw up. Luckily I didn't, and now here I am.IndiGo airlines is better, and at least THIS time it was shorter. But if you think about the longest flights that IndiGo had, it was 18 HOURS, and it was awesome! The food was great, and I could not get sick!

21 June 2017

Tomorrow my grandfather's younger brothers and other relatives are all coming over here for a family gathering and the day after tomorrow we are going to Rameshwaren, Tamil Nadu, and preform rites for my grandfather's death. Although this isn't very interesting to talk about, yesterday and the day before yesterday was really fun. My "brothers" or my dad's brother's sons and I did not really go outside and do anything, but we had a very deep discussion about things that were beyond our age. Maybe it is inappropriate for people who are six and eleven, but we talked about global warming, space, multiverses, theories on how the universe will end, and life. You could say that we are really interested into some sciences. I will stay with them for about three more days at the end of summer vacation. It is going to be fun, and I am going to be very busy this one month, so I'll have lots to talk about.