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Anurag's adventure in Hyderabad, Telangana, I

12 January 2019

I met these people on Priya's birthday. Probably, a good day, given how the year had started. I was excited when priya had called mr over, somehow i was excited for her growing up rather than meeting her friends. I thought it would be casual meeting all of them, and it was. It was fun talking to them and i couldn't have had asked for more. Days pass and her friend's birthday had come, on the 9th of January. Little did I know, that i would send a voice note which would change my life around. I meant all of it by the way. And some how, her friend and I started to talk. Each day, a little more, till I started to wonder why the stars started to shine brighter. I was in a not so comfortable (social) relationship with a person, but i guess at some point i wanted to feel good about who I really was. We talked, exchanged number, went out for dinner with the group and then come the day we drank till are hearts were filled with our own bile juice. That was the day, we both started seeing stars

15 August 2018

Jai Jagannath. The Jagannath temple in Hyderabad. One of the many places people of Odisha could go to and connect with Lord Jagannath. A beautiful place which is not quiet, but has a feeling of home and it is home to a lot religious people and followers of Lord Jagannath

16 April 2018

Nature at University of Hyderabad at it's best

15 April 2017

Eggstop at DLF cyber city Hyderabad. A must place to go, if ya love eggs 🐣

26 March 2017

Hyderabad - Araku - Paderu

21 January 2017

One has to visit the Ananthagiri hills to take of his mind and relax, and enjoy some quality time with nature