Asia, Europe, North America · 2 Days · 9 Moments · September 2014

Anuj's trip to the States for Maker Faires !

10 September 2014

Checked in at the Crowne Plaza in Orlando Hot bath, fresh clothes and super fast internet.
Why don't they have McCafe in India ? Gotta love the coffee choc
Frankfurt Airport ist wunderbar Also, ich kann gut Deutsch sprechen :D
Did they change this after Fight Club ;) ??
Flights a 747 :D Never been in one before. Wonder if it'll be similar to the Air Force One which Harrison Ford used to travel in
iPhone 6 and 6+ launched. Crappy network coverage not helping. Can't find out more ..
Note to Future Self : No Airport nachos. Ever.

9 September 2014

Maybe while coming back ...
Leaving for Mumbai(BOM) airport Should reach by 0000hrs for the 0300 hrs flight Will have to watch Apples launch on the road :/