Italy, Finland, Japan · 9 Days · 39 Moments · August 2017

Our journi to Japan

22 August 2017

Amazing costumes!
Here's matcha 🍡
Matcha 🍡 means tea powder
Tea ceremony ... matcha 🍡 tea!
Walking in Kyoto

21 August 2017

Rock garden at Ryoan temple
Meditation at Ryoan rock garden
Looking at the pond (Ryoan temple)
Arashiyama bamboo forest...180 degrees pano
Chilled cucumbers against thirst!
Ready for our fourth day in Kyoto

17 August 2017

In the Emperial GardensπŸ’«πŸŒΈ

15 August 2017

Ramen 🍜 at Tokyo Ramen Street πŸ˜‹
This is crazy!
Personal dressing room
Don't make me a photo!
My first torii πŸ™‚
Gym at gardens
More aliens πŸ‘½...
Waiting for aliens at Hama-Rykiu gardens
Al mercato del pesce ci sono anche le frittate! πŸ˜‹
Seaweeds at Tokyo fish market.
Rainy day in Tokyo

14 August 2017

Landing @ Tokyo Narita!

13 August 2017

On the plane
@Helsinki airport...waiting for a grilled salmon!
Waiting for our first flight to Helsinki
Ready to leave!!!