Antigua and Barbuda · 1 Days · 1 Moment · January 2015

Antigua! Island hopping

13 January 2015

After two nights in Guadeloupe we safety arrived to Antigua! The airport is small but they take Really seriously the job! Not allowed to take Photo at the airport!the bus came on time and after a short stop at the only open supermarket ( u can pay with credit card- we had nothing else just euro) we finally arrived up to the hill! Our hotel is on the hill hill!! The view is wow but the beach is a bit far. Walking down is not a problem but up!! There is a shuttle bus going down once a day and once at the afternoon.On the beach actually public beach however everything is reserved for the cruise people! To have a bed- 15 local money/ 6 euros pretty expensive! The water is nice and clean the restaurants ( there are couple) are ok, food is tasty price is high!We found a supermarket on the corner with cold bier and chips!!! Our Life was saved!!!:) we had dinner and breakfast at the Hotel!U need to have time if u wanna eat something. Not fast at all but the food taste really good! Next stop: