United Arab Emirates · 43 Days · 3 Moments · March 2017

Let's start with Hong Kong...

10 May 2017

So, it was the second time in Hong Kong - absolutely loved it first time round, but this time was different; a different companion, a different perspective, and a different purpose...yet the entire trip from start to finish lived up to every expectation I'd upheld from my first trip almost a year to the day before! Paintings, electronics, nightlife, culture, humidity, selfies (shameless I know), I enjoyed every minute as much as the first, and what's more, I got to witness my traveling companion (the famous Kaj in case you don't know) love it just ad much too ❤️ . x

29 March 2017

The terriblilist of terrible photos - but it was the first of our trip, so who am I to deny??! 😜