Japan, Indonesia · 5 Days · 4 Moments · September 2016

Ansley's voyage in Japan

4 October 2016

The jet lag has not been bad at all. Since it is is 12 hour time difference, I was expecting the worse but we just went to bed early and would wake up early naturally.
We rode the train into Tokyo which took about an hour. We walked around the streets for a little and then ate tempura at one what we thought was going to be a sushi restaurant then went and got sushi at another sushi restaurant. The Japanese were so sweet to us! Jeannie can't use chopsticks so she brought cheater chopsticks and they were laughing at us. We went to sleep in our hostel at probably 7 pm bc we could not keep our eyes open any longer and woke up at 6 am naturally. Then headed back to the airport to board a 7 hour flight to Bali!!
I met my semester at sea friend- Jeannie Peters- in the Atlanta airport Wednesday September 28. We had a 14 hour flight to Tokyo where we had about a 20 hour layover. The flight went WAYY better than I expected it to. I watched Me Before You and Couples Retreat. Most of the passengers were Japanese and they. Are. So. Cute. I cried at the gate in Atlanta because they were all so cute. I slept for probably 4 hours on the flight because it left at noon and got to Tokyo at 2 am Atlanta time so I wasn't really tired until the end. Our bags went straight to Bali so we just had our carry on which is probably all I should have packed for the whole trip. Less is more, right?!

29 September 2016

Can't believe I finally got to say konichiwa in real life !!! I think I learned it from the Delta Airlines safety videos at the beginning of the flights 😂