Europe · 8 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

#familytime in Austria #tradition #love

21 April 2017

Some impressions of our time... great Easter 🐣 presents, perfect food and wine, sweets and ice ❤️

18 April 2017

Some more impressions of the Riegersburg on our way home from Hungary 🇭🇺
Market in Szengotthard in Hungary

17 April 2017

We enjoyed the Show, it was really so beautiful 😍
The Vogelwarte (ornithological station) at the Riegersburg
Lunch 🍴 stop ✋ at the "Taverne" yummiii
We did the tour inside...unfortunately the Witch-Exhibition was closed, but the rest is also really good (including the transfer up and down with the elevator, the exhibition and the birdshow)
At the Riegersburg, one of the main-sights here in Styria

16 April 2017

Gasthof Meissl in Puch... nicenice 👌🏻 had some cakes 🍰 and a nice walk #Apfelstrasse

15 April 2017

Breakfast 🍳 @Stuziak's .... best Family-breakfast 💕🎉❤️️

14 April 2017

Arriving .... home 🏡
Stopover with creative input 💕
Like every year we do our traditional Easter-family-holiday back in Austria, Styria