Germany, Italy · 8 Days · 25 Moments · June 2017

Trip to Venice

18 June 2017

We just landed and are now in the train back home! Thanks everyone for following our Journi! We hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did! Greetings Ann & Anni Steps and Kilometers we walked: Thursday: 6.600 Steps, 5km Friday: 18.500 Steps, 13km Saturday: 26.600 Steps, 18km Sunday: 12.800 Steps, 9km Total: 64.500 Steps, 45km
Boarding was supposed to start at 17:15. We started at around 17:50 and boarding was completed at 18:16. Now we are off to Düsseldorf! Bye bye Venice!
What's a better way to get to the airport than by boat?! We drove to the nearby islands and around Venice and then to the airport! Great experience ☺️😍
Already the last day in Venice! We had breakfast and saw the hands from two days ago again from the other side... for lunch we had Bruschetta. Only about two hours left until we have to go back to the airport. Our backs hurt from carrying around our bags but still we are enjoying the weather and the city.

17 June 2017

And finally the sun sets and the lights turn on! Good night Venice!
Then we walked long the promenade and watched the sunset.
After dinner we just wandered around in the Castello quarter. We came across the Basilica dei SS. Giovanni e Paolo and the Ospedaletto. Then we kind of got lost and walked around where our map had already ended.
Delayed lunch ☺️ or maybe dinner, who knows :D
After a little shopping tour we went onto the Marcotower! We bought tickets last night over get you guide and it was so worth it! We didn't have to wait more than a minute while there was a line of hundert people and we could just go through! And the view was stunning! 😍
Then we got some gelato and sat in the shadow at another little bridge ☺️
The theatre here in Venice is known as one of the prettiest in Europe from the inside! We were not allowed to go further than the shop in the theatre but that was already really pretty!
Then we arrived at the Santa Maria della Salute! Really pretty from the inside and a great view on the promenade!
After breakfast we started walking towards the Santa Maria Della Salute. We saw the Chiesa di San Barnaba, Gallerie dell'Accademia and the Palazzo Dario.
Good morning! ☀️26 degrees at breakfast on the Campo Santa Marghrita.

16 June 2017

After lunch we just walked along the promenade. I bought a new bag and Anni a new hat! Along the way back to the busses we made a stop at a little bridge and just sat there for a while. We walked pass Bacino do San Marco and past a house where you could see a huge hand around the corner. We also passed other churches called Chiesa della Maddalena and Chiesa di S. Simeone Piccolo. Because of a strike we had to take the last bus at around 7pm.
Lunch 😍
In the pics you can see the famous Piazza San Marco (Markusplatz) with the Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale. We also visited the inside of the Basilica (Markuskirche) and you can see the Pala d'Oro with a lot of gems and gold! It was a stunning!
When you visit Venice of course you have to go on a traditional Gondola!
After breakfast we started walking towards our meeting point for our Gondola tour. First we walked along the Chiesa di S. Nicolò da Tolentino and the Chiesa di San Rocco. We came across pretty many shops with traditional masks too! 🎭 To get to S. Marco we had to cross the Ponte di Rialto (a bridge).
Somehow we managed to get to Venice by bus. We weren't able to by a ticket in the bus so we bought one when we arrived and for the next time we take it we will have our tickets :D. Then finally we got breakfast!

15 June 2017

We arrived at our Airbnb place! Which is basically a room in a tennis club but heey it's clean and the people are nice so far 😂
In our tiny 2x2 seated airplane our departure was on time and AB8766 is on its way to beautiful Italy!
First our train was canceled and the one after that had a delay of 10 minutes! We finally managed to get to the airport and boarding starts in 18min!! 😍 🔜🇮🇹

14 June 2017

Checked in and finished packing! Now we are ready to go! 😍

11 June 2017

Next week our next city trip will start! This time we will visit Venice! Thursday we will fly from Düsseldorf to Venice and on Sunday we will come back! Follow to keep updated 😉