Australia and Oceania, Asia · 14 Days · 20 Moments · May 2017

Ann and Rob's tour through China

30 May 2017

Hong Kong airport: We were separated from Hannah as we had different check ins and then had to take a train to our gate. Here she is as we are about to board. We're driving home now. Great flight and glad to be home.

28 May 2017

Off to Macau today, an island near HK... given back to the Chinese in 1999 by Portugal. The tour was crap but the island is quite amazing. Full of casinos... China's Las Vegas!

27 May 2017

Started the day riding up the steepest train in the world to see the views over HK. Took a sampan around the fishing village of Aberdeen. Visited a couple of markets. Watches Watches for everyone!!

26 May 2017

We've arrived in Hong Kong. Our guide told us that the same plane that we were on had skidded off the runway last week due to a code black rain storm when landing.

25 May 2017

Guide:"Individual thinking causes too many problems"
Nanjing: Started the day visiting Dr Sun Yan-sen's (father of the republic of China) mausoleum.... up 300 or so steps. Went to President Palace to learn more about the revolution Ate a lot of food!!!... Need to be up at 4 in order to catch plane to Hong Kong.

24 May 2017

Spent the day yesterday in Xi'an and visited the terracotta warriors museum, cycled a part of the wall surrounding the inner city and went to a market in the Muslim quarter. Flew to Nanjing last night.

23 May 2017

Travelling from Beijing to Xi'an to see the terracotta warriors. Rob found a Tesla.

22 May 2017

OMG!!! The Great Wall of China...what an amazing experience... perfect weather and apparently we chose the best section to climb (via cable car) We visited the summer palace in the afternoon after spending the morning at the Great Wall and having lunch there.

21 May 2017

Big day! Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Heaven Temple and ended with a theatre production of Kung Fu.

20 May 2017

In the family home there was a pet grasshopper in a cage. It sang :)
We arrived in Beijing at around midday and were picked up by our guide Kevin. We spent the afternoon looking at the Hutong area and had a rickshaw ride through the narrow alleys. A local family cooked our dinner for us... very fresh and tasty. Some of the pics were taken in their home.

19 May 2017

Hannah's air bnb finished a day before she thought so it looks like we have a visitor tonight.
Long day travelling out of Shanghai into the countryside which means that you're on an eight lane freeway looking at high rise apartment blocks which go for kms. We drove two hours out and still never got a sense of leaving a city. Went to a silk factory and 900 year old water village. We'll be up early to catch plane to Beijing. Hannah will be with us from now on. ps: Rob found his red Ferrari

18 May 2017

At last, a country that values tea over coffee Went to a Chinese tea house which was hidden up three flights of steps behind a very dodgy looking door. Participated in a Chinese tea ceremony which I think just means 'taste all of these teas and then buy some'. Lunch: Shanghai dumplings where the soup is in the dumpling, not the dumpling in the soup! Spent the afternoon at the Shanghai museum. Ming this Ming that! We've just returned from a cruise down the river... think Yarra river but with barges carrying coal going past. Trucks aren't allowed in the city so barges are the main form of transport for this type of cargo.
Started the day by walking along the Bund with Stephen. He gave us a bit of a history lesson about European influences(especially regarding architecture) in China and Shanghai due to the Opium Wars, why the Chinese hate the Japanese and the Cultural Revolution. We're staying in the French concession ... roads lined with plane trees and quite a beautiful part of the city.

17 May 2017

Arrived in Shanghai at about 11, met our guide Stephen and went straight to our hotel. Hannah came around and we set off to check out the neighbourhood. Desserts, beers and duck ( in that order) were a highlight. Watching ballroom dancers in the park tonight was really interesting. Shopping centres are the same the world over. Train system is awesome.
16/7 Waiting in the queue in Melbourne we met the owner of a chicken farm near Bendigo. He exports chickens to China and Vietnam Fact.. He can kill a chicken on Monday and have it fresh in China/Vietnam by Tuesday afternoon. They travel by plane. Frozen ones prefer to go by sea. There's something reassuring in having Luke McDonald (No lipstick!! ) as your pilot. He sounds happy (not shitty with the missus and kids) and calm.
Hi Bye Honkers

16 May 2017

Just in case Joe can't find the car. We left it in level 2 Row O