Germany, Egypt · 16 Days · 30 Moments · October 2017

Trip to Cairo

6 November 2017

Made it back to Germany in one piece and it’s actually not raining! It was a wonderful trip and many new experiences thanks for everyone who followed my trip I hope you enjoyed my posts! Thanks a lot!! Ann ☺️
In the Swiss airplane everyone had a blanket and a pillow so I could actually catch some sleep! We arrived 20min late in Zurich and I had to get through security and passport control. I ran through the whole airport and made it the second before they wanted to close the gate!
At the gate waiting for the boarding to start... had the nicest driver to the airport and everything went really quick ☺️ Didn’t expect that but thanks Cairo 😉 So far away from home and tomorrow I’ll be back home ❤️

5 November 2017

Everything packed and ready to go to the airport! Thank you Cairo for a great time and thank you Thassia for spending that time with me and making it possible for me to come and visit you! Now I only have to get back in one piece 😉
My last day in Cairo... I went to see the Coptic Museum which was actually pretty cool! Now I’m heading back and will start packing before I will leave tonight.

4 November 2017

To end the day we went to the cinema and watched the new Thor movie! Was really funny even tho the people kept running around in the cinema with flashlights on 🤦🏽‍♀️
At the moment I’m relaxing in the Al Azhar Park enjoying a really nice lunch with Taboola, Egyptian lemonade and mint tea!
Today is already my second last day here in Egypt! I went into the Islamic part of Egypt and a guy showed me really cool places! I went on top of a mosque and into the spices part of the market! Also he showed me how they originally craft those little boxes. Was really interesting!

3 November 2017

After the first ATM nearly didn’t give me back my card the second one took 30min of waiting cause the signal was bad... The guy from Uber actually found us and took us to Saqqara to see the Djoser-Pyramid and some kind of monastery or temple.
Afterwards this guy nearly screamed or cried trying to convince us to ride a horse, camel or horse carriage... I just sat on a camel to take a pic and then we took the horse carriage to take some pics little further away. We also had a look at the Sphinx but didn’t go closer cause there were reeeeally many people!
After a long drive from New Cairo to Giza we arrived at the pyramids and bought our tickets! The one person accepted my student ID card and the other one didn’t so I had to pay double price 😒 We went into the great pyramid first and the way was really tight and steep!!

2 November 2017

After surviving another time of driving in Cairo we went on a dinner cruise in a very fancy boat! Thanks sooo much for making this possible!

1 November 2017

Today I’m off to the Festival City Mall! And it’s big!! There is an IKEA and a big supermarket, a lot of shops and a cinema in here! Reminds me a little of Dubai! ☺️

31 October 2017

When we got home we ordered something to eat and planned our next days!
And we went to the souk Khan El-Khalili! And I bought a lot of things! All of the Egypt guys thought Thassia was an Egyptian too so it was really funny to buy things... everyone was talking Arabic to her and we both didn’t get a word 😂
After ages of driving we managed to get to the citadel! Really great view from the top! All the Arabic girls wanted to take pictures with me cause I totally look like a tourist with my red hair 🤔
After waking up earlier this morning we quickly went to the mall so I could get cash from an ATM. After it basically screamed at me I got my money and we headed back to the entrance of the compound where our driver for today was already waiting for us. Right now we are on the way to... I’m not sure but we just drove backwards on the highway... 🤦🏽‍♀️

30 October 2017

The guy at the park wanted 50 Pounds from me for a Coke! He didn’t speak a word of English and could only write an normal 5... I didn’t tell him I could read Arabic numbers so he ended up getting 15 Pounds 😂 The trip back to the apartment was not so nice... I was glad I didn’t eat anything before... Well I survived and got back in one piece ☺️
After I walked towards the Tahrir Square but it was rather unspectacular... ohh and there are traffic lights here! But they seem to be decoration cause no one seems to notice them 😂 Now I’m relaxing in the Al Horreya Garden before heading back.
The museum is soooo huge and there are so many things to see! It’s a really stunning culture! At the exit a guy asked me to marry him... Egypt is crazy 😂
I survived driving alone in a cab here in Cairo! Now I’m in the Egyptian museum and it’s absolutely stunning!!
When I returned from the Mall yesterday I just sat down with a book and enjoyed the free time I had! Now I’m gonna start my way towards the Egyptian museum! This is going to be amazing!

29 October 2017

After sleeping in a room with a dog I think he actually starts to like me! While Thassia went to university I went to the mall and it took the Vodafone people 30min to give me a new SIM card 😂 Right now I’m just sitting at Starbucks and enjoy the weather! Pretty nice with 23 degrees and a little wind!

28 October 2017

First we drove to her place and I could leave all my stuff there and take a quick shower before we headed to the pyramids of Gizeh! Driving in Cairo is not fun! It’s totally crazy and really scary! They honk all the way (1h drive) and where there are supposed to be only four lines to drive in the Egyptian make it seven and drive mirror to mirror with approx 2cm space between them... Also there just randomly walk people, horses or donkey on the road. But that seems to be the standard here in Cairo. The Lightshow was really cool, even though the sounds where little loud and creepy sometimes!
Finally landed in Cairo and I’m so happy so see my friend Thassia after such a long time!! Got some food for lunch and here the first picture out of the plane.
After flying for 40min from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt I had to sprint from terminal A to Terminal B to directly catch the next flight to Cairo! Four hours to go until I will hopefully land in Cairo!
Alarm clock set on 4.45am and took the train at 5.10am. When I entered the airport there were so many lines and people... Ofcourse everyone who looked like they could have a small plan of things.... had no clue so they sent me to wrong lines for three times... once I’ve managed to check in my baggage everything went well and now I’m sitting in a little Café and have a little time until my boarding starts at 7.55am!

27 October 2017

Off to Düsseldorf to catch my flight tomorrow morning! ☺️
Everything packed and ready to go! Home sick all week... Hope the cold will be completely gone before the flight tomorrow! 💪🏾

21 October 2017

Only one week left before my trip starts! Already planning and preparing for my stay in Cairo! Really excited to fly next week 😍 Thank you guys for following! ☺️