Italy · 3 Days · 13 Moments · July 2018

Anniversary Getaway

27 July 2018

Spent a nice evening chilling with some of the family
Talk about thin base. A regional (Romagna) speciality of piadina. Much thinner than that Romana base Pizza Express try for.

26 July 2018

Il Volo were amazing!
Sampling "the best ice cream in Italy"
Apparently the new thing in Italy is to write out menus...script is so hard to make out!
Ready for our night out
Nothing tastes better than a Coca Cola from a glass bottle
Found a hidden gem of a beach

25 July 2018

When you order a cocktail and get cocktail, crisps and olives. Take note British bars!
No point coming all this way without getting some gelato
Pizza 😍😍
Beach day
Laid in until 9am.....winning