New Zealand, Fiji, Australia · 312 Days · 104 Moments · September 2014

Annika's work and travel trip in New Zealand

20 July 2015

Melbourne, I love you! I have already spent great days with great people and cold (but sunny!!) weather. Good food at every corner and art behind every door. Hidden cocktail bars, donuts, beach walks..πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

14 July 2015

Hello from cairns! The first days have been amazing, Cairns is such a great place! Along the esplanade there are workout stations with equipment and every day there are free classes, eg yoga, Zumba. There's free wifi and a beautiful lagoon to cool off in - as its too dangerous in the sea because it's inhabited by crocodiles. This city has so much free stuff to offer but also loads of activities round this area. The weather has been good so far so I am looking forward to a fun week!! Lots of love x

7 July 2015

How awesome is my accommodation on magnetic island! I had the most epic day ever! Two girls and I wanted to explore the island and were just on our way to a Bay. We asked a man that just happened to stand there which way we had to the end he invited us to go sailing with him! We were a big group with another family and family friends and sailed to a different bay. We helped sailing the boat and learnt and laughed so much. It's amazing how kind the people are. And I think the reason is: he was a kiwi! They even invited us for dinner or to stay on the boat the next couple of days but we have to move on. What an amazing experience, especially as it's one of our last days overseas! Aaaaand now we're off to feed some wallabies on the rocks.

4 July 2015

Airlie Beach & the Whitsundays! 2 days/2 nights sailing trip through the whitsunday island and it was epic! Whitehaven beach (second beautiful beach in the world) with its 98% silica sand is so impressive and sooo beautiful! Again I was lucky with my group of people and our Trimaran was great fun, too. Best thing: We were snorkeling through Great Barriers beautiful reef and I swam right next to a turtle, let's hope the photos turned out good ☺️ and we saw a whale sooo close, he was flipping at least 10 times and waving to us,haha! That was the last animal I hadn't seen properly and I can't believe that my bucket list is complete now!

29 June 2015

3 days camping on Fraser Island!!!! 😍😍😍 definitely one of my top experiences while being abroad. We were a group of 29 people plus one guide and were split up in 4 4WDs with 8 people each. Cruising through sand and water, streams and bush! Amazing. So many clear lakes and so so so much fun. Of course I got bitten by a spider in the face on the first day and smashed my ankle while sandboarding on the second day but oooh well. A Python in the kitchen, 1,5m lizards and wild dingos. Experience of a lifetime, I just had a great time with great people!

25 June 2015


22 June 2015

Noosa β˜€οΈ Beach walks, runs, walks through the national park, Sunday markets, reading in the hammock.. Exactly what I expected of this laid back place. It's known for being similar to Byron bay, with all its beaches and the atmosphere, although it's got less of this hippie-touch. Update: 277 days gone, 39 left

14 June 2015

Brisbane! What a day. Two things off my lifetime-bucket list: got a selfie with a kangaroo and held a koala ☺️☺️☺️☺️ had a really nice sunny day at Lone Pine - the Koala Sanctuary. They also had loads of Australian animals like dingos, reptiles, birds etc. expensive but worth it! Look at these fun creatures, so adorable ☺️

10 June 2015

After a good week in easy-going Byron Bay I am now in Australia's Miami: surfers paradise!

3 June 2015

Lovely time at the koala hospital in port Macquarie - apparently the boy one you get! Did the coastal walk today which was soooo beautiful. Was able to do some whale watching for free, too! May-October they get a lot of whales passing through and mostly one can see them every day. I really didn't expect Port to be so big and also so nice. Full of beaches!

31 May 2015

Every Saturday evening there is a 70.000$ firework at darling harbor. Plus during the vivid festival there is a water/light/laser show every 20 minutes from 6pm onwards. Luckily we got to see both at the same time! Probably the most beautiful firwork and lit up place I've ever seen! Yesterday we went up to the blue mountains. Incredible view, hard to believe it's so close to Sydney. Lucky as I am the walk to the three sisters is closed for 3 days - and one of them was yesterday 😣 Tonight I'm off to port Macquarie

29 May 2015

Vivid night and city tour πŸ‘πŸΌ Today I went for a walk on the famous Harbour Bridge. Walk with a view!!

27 May 2015

Hello Sydney! After remote New Zealand and tiny Fiji islands it's time for a big city! Today we went for a beach walk from coogee beach to bondi beach. I didn't expect the weather to be this good but so glad it's this warm β˜€οΈ I already love Sydney and want to stay! It's big but friendly, busy but colourful and I'm sure I will see more lovely parts of it!

23 May 2015

Barefoot Manta Island! Definitely the nicest Island I've been to. That little hut on the picture was my bure where I slept 😊 so you'd wake up and see the sun rising out of the window. Special about this place is that you get to swim/snorkel with Manta Rays if you're lucky and I'm in Fiji the right time so I did it! They're like huge (up to 3m wide) underwater birds. It swam maximum 2m underneath me, sooo incredible. Unfortunately it's my last day on this island, this afternoon I'm heading back to Nadi and seeing my friend for one last night before my flight to Sydney departs tomorrow morning!! I can't believe I'll already be in Australia. Fiji was DEFINITELY a huge highlight and I had such a blast! Magical place, no question! 😍

20 May 2015

My friend Theresa kept annoying them so in the end they switched my two islands so we have at least one island together (we had to pay another 100$ for that though). So now I am on this⬆️ island: Manta Ray Resort and she is on another island next to me. The next two nights we are at Coral View Resort together and then I go to the place she is staying at now and she comes to where I am at the moment. I'm used to hanging around alone as well but she wasn't too keen on that. It's annoying cause we hadn't seen each other and were looking forward to this buuuut oh well. I did say that I had so much luck in New Zealand that I'll probably have problems in Fiji and Australia πŸ™Š on this island I actually met to girls I met in Queenstown-world down here is tiny! It's a beautiful island known for a nicer place than the Great Barrier Reef for diving and snorkeling. Sandy beaches and SUCH clear blue water. Food is amazingly good - I can understand we had to pay extra! Paradise!!! 😍

19 May 2015

β˜€οΈπŸ‰πŸΉπŸŽΆπŸš’πŸ‘™ - this describes my last days the most! Our first night we had to spend in Nadi where we had a really nice place to stay though. The next morning we went to Port Denarau where the boat was supposed to take us to one of the Mamanuca Island: South the Islands. It's the smallest islands on the Fijis and so hilariously tiny! One morning we took the kayaks/stand up baddle boards and easily could get round it. It takes 3 minutes walk to go round once πŸ˜ƒ when snorkeling I saw nemo, zebrafishies,sea stars and so on. Unfortunately there is a big annoying problem. When we booked the tour there was an itinerary on the website which let us assume that it's simply one trip. So my friend and I booked the same thing but separately. In the end we found out that we were on different islands because they had so switch her itinerary around because of availability. They didn't know we were traveling together but we didn't know it mattered and that they put people on random islands.

15 May 2015

So hard to believe. I can remember my first week and now..? Where has the time gone? I so wish I could stay and make more and more experiences. The weird thing is it doesn't feel like this "traveling to explore new things" but simply feeling as comfortable in New Zealand as I would back in Germany. I know places, I know people, I know how things work and I get around and about easily. I hope I can come back but I never know what will happen. Mum and Dad, you should be glad that I'm a very realistic-thinking and responsible thinking person, otherwise I would just stay here longer πŸ˜› seriously. I am so grateful to people who helped me do this trip. Definitely the best thing I have ever done. I have never experienced something that gave me the best -and now that I have to leave- the worst feeling. Thank you also to Trish and Terry, it was a great feeling to know there would be people I could have relied on in case something went wrong. Lovely to meet you and I hope to see you again!! 😊
Well that was fun. I came down earlier from Blenheim because I wanted to take a closer look at Christchurch. If I come back one day, I would like to be able to compare. So I wanted to spend the day walking through the city, looking at memorials and the quake museum, the Church and so on. As I didn't have any food I wanted to check out the city on my way to the nearest supermarket which was 30minutes walk away!! Very unusual for a "big city". Five minutes after I stepped outside it started raining, a few minutes later it was absolute pouring. I thought I'd just make it to the mall and wait til it's over but I was so soaking wet and couldn't find the mall so I decided to walk back. And of course I got lost, like everyone does in chch. So basically I spent 90-120mins walking through the rain and didn't see much at all and didn't find any food. Spending the rest of the day in one of these too expensive hostels. Well this is definitely not a nice last day...

4 May 2015

Today was a quiet day. I took a walk through the bush and snuggled up in bed to watch movies. And guess what - I felt my first earthquake here! The main spot was located in Wanaka with a magnitude of 6,1 (which isn't that weak) and up here in Franz Josef and down in Queenstown one could feel it too. Seems like New Zealand wanted to surprise me in my last few days πŸ˜‰ I probably won't have much to talk about until I leave, heading to greymouth tomorrow.

3 May 2015

Franz Josef Glacier. While most people pay 15$ for a shuttle bus I decided to do the one hour walk to the car park (so many lazy people in this world 😜). On my way there I did the terrace walk which ended up in walking through the rain forest for 30 minutes and ending up at a closed dead end. Hurray. It was lovely weather today so I was able to get 300m close to the glacier - I think that's not too bad. I must say glaciers aren't quite something that really attracts me. It was pretty impressive but I could only see about 30qm and behind that bit there's the massive impressive glacier. I didn't want to treat myself to a heli ride though, I've still got other countries to discover πŸ˜‰ Towards the end I felt like I haven't got enough photos of New Zealand with me on them so I decided to get back to selfies, sorry for that 😁

1 May 2015

Hike to Diamond Lake and Rocky Mountains. So lucky with the weather 😍 Off to Franz Josef tomorrow. Wanaka will probably have been one of my favorite places!

30 April 2015

Puzzling world! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

29 April 2015

Oh how beautiful is WANAKA! ❀️ Today was one of those "healing-the-soul-days". The sun was shining and clear blue skies. I went for a walk round the lake with soo many beautiful different colours. This will definitely have been the most prettiest autumn day ever! Everybody was walking around smiling and breathing in the fresh wintery air 😊 I loved it! Now I'm off to the famous cinema - big red sofas and made up quite old-fashioned. Also there is a special cookie-break for their famous cookies. Ps: 17 days left.

28 April 2015

Maybe traveling on the South Island during autumn isn't as bad as I thought it might be πŸ‚
Leaving Tekapo for Wanaka today. Unfortunately the two days I was here it was pouring the whole time so I couldn't do much. Luckily the sun was out today and as you can see I was very delighted about that πŸ˜ƒ

24 April 2015

Oops I did it again πŸ™Š went up with the gondola today and did the AJ Hacket Ledge Swing. Swinging around over Queenstown on this incredibly beautiful day. Could have done that the whole day haha!

23 April 2015

Hiked up Queenstown Hill today πŸ’¦ got another surprise tomorrooooow 😎

22 April 2015

Gotta love Queenstown! 😍
So tomorrow I'll check at the reception if we can stay in the camper van on the parking lot an just pay for use of facilities. Not knowing where to sleep is nothing for me πŸ™ˆ I know many people having that problem so many times - I guess know it was/is my turn!
Finally in our super cool awesome amazing hostel I wanted to check us in when...well in the end it turned out that I had booked more nights at the place in Te Anau where we stayed the night before. And every hostel in Queenstown was fully booked. The owner of that hostel was so nice though so he let the guys plus one f us sleep on the parking lot in their camper van and two in the rooms. I was soooooo annoyed. I hate disappointing people or just doing something so stupid like that. I still can't get over it and understand how that could happen. Oh well, anyway we got this night sorted. Problem are the next nights cause Queenstown is always fully booked. The two guys are doing a four days walk though and offered to rent us their camper van.
What a day. This was a backpacker day the way it's supposed to be but the way I was able to avoid it until today. When we walked to a waterfall in the Catlins a guy walked past and just greeted us. Funnily enough we met him and his travel mate on our Milford sound cruise today. Our car was being a bit weird so we asked them to stay close as its a very remote area. At some point, 35km before Queenstown, the car went out and didn't go back on. So we had o get towed away. Luckily I was able to go with the two guys whilst the other two girls went in the tow truck. The girl who owned the car decided to sell it to the tow man spontaniously for 200$ because she didn't want to invest in the car and wouldn't be able to sell it. So aaaaall her stuff from the car was just on the pavement. (Tbc)

21 April 2015

Milford Sound! 😍 Obviously we weren't very lucky with the weather. But Milford sound is definitely not known for that. It was foggy, dark and rainy. But on our way down from Te Anau I was already impressed by this nature. Seriously, this is incredible! The cruise was a very wet journey with lots of waterfalls. Luckily we saw soooo many dolphins and a baby sealion 😊 we were soaking wet afterwards though. Now we're just at the fuel emergency stop πŸ™ˆ let's hope we'll make it to our next stop: QUEENSTOWN for 6 days πŸŽ‰

20 April 2015

Photos for grandad! Here I am, in bluff, with all the distances. It is quite a bit, aey πŸ˜‰ The southern scenic route was really really nice. Lots of green, lots of water and waterfalls, loads of sheep and of course a cloudy and rainy sky. I also made it so the slope point (most southern point in the Southern Hemisphere), even though I had to go down there alone because the two girls I'm here with didn't want to go due to the weather. It was one of my aims to go there so I went alone πŸ’ͺ🏼 Anyway, now we're on our way to Te Anau - Milford sound cruise is booked for tomorrow morning! Lots of love ❀️

18 April 2015

Tomorrow I'm leaving Dunedin for a road trip down the scenic route to Invercargill, through the Catlins. On my first day here I just had a strole round the city: Cadbury Chocolate Factory, botanic gardens, the law house and especially the oldest and probably most beautiful railway station in New Zealand. Apart from yesterday I was really lucky with the weather 😊 the next day we drove down to the tunnel beach which was quite impressive. Also we drove to the Moeraki Boulders, huuuuuge round ball-like stones right at the beach. I still don't understand how nature did that 😳 today I walked (or shall I say hiked?!) up Baldwin Street - the world's steepest street. I must say I liked Dunedin. I knew it was known as a university city but there were literally 97% young people which was so good!

16 April 2015

Impressions from the ride to Christchurch and then to Dunedin the next day. You can see snow on the mountains which looks so incredibly beautiful but of course it means that it's getting cold. Freezing down here in Dunedin! Last picture shows the map I've got with me where I mark where I've been.

14 April 2015

Goodbye Blenheim πŸ˜“ there's nothing I would love more than to stay here with these great people! I loved my time here to bits, despite the work. It didn't turn out the way I originally wanted it to but that's okay, there's reasons for everything. Now I'm back to having tummy ace because of heading off alone again and not knowing what will happen. It was below 0 tonight and I was freeeezing!!!! Don't know how to survive down south. Anyway, I'll have to leave and there's more places to see and experiences to make now. πŸ’•πŸ’•

4 April 2015

Update time. Five more weeks left in New Zealand 😞 The Easter weekend wasn't too special. One day we went to a spot near the river where one could swing into it, yesterday we went to Whites Bay. This Friday will be my last day at work and on Monday I am planning on leaving blenheim. I really don't want to go. I wish I had more time - I'd stay longer. But I haven't.. Then I've got four weeks to travel the rest of the South Island before heading to the Fijis πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ Ps: our clocks changed, so now it's 10hrs difference to Germany

29 March 2015

After a fun weekend I have to say goodbye to my closest New Zealand mate πŸ˜”

13 March 2015

So basically, getting out of your comfort zone is SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable and scary. It has to challenge you to an extent. Dreams should always be chased after and falling, failing, all of that is normal. ONE THING CANNOT MEASURE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Ways in life are often filled with disappointments and heartbreaks but would we feel happy for how far we have come without them?!
Twelve hours just give me by far too much time to think about all kind of things!! I would just love everybody to know how happy I am with how things worked out for me here and how greatful I am! Lots of people who've encouraged in one or the other way and deserve a thank you!! 😊 Life is too ironic to fully understand it. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. Of course it's easy to stick to your comfort zones, just to feel safe and secure. Carol Dwecks Book called "Mindset" talks about two mindsets in this world: a fixed mindset, believing that talent is everything and defines people. It believes success is about being more gifted than others and that effort is for those who can't make it with their talent. Basically it limits achievement. The other, growth mindset, describes people thriving challenges. Those people learn over time, take a challenge and make progress.(tbc)

8 March 2015

This weekend a friend of Marks passed Blenheim and gave a friend and me a lift to Kaikoura. Unfortunately it was absolutely pouring with rain when we arrived but we still were able to spot a seal colony on the way down. As soon as it cleared up we had a game of mini golf and took a short cliff walk to find more seals. After treating us with some good Italian food we had an early night cause we got up at 4:30am to go dolphin swimming! Floating in the water with about 50 dolphins whilst the sun was rising.. I think I still haven't quite realized what happened today! Blenheim luckily welcomed us with lots of sun again. Just went for a quick sunny evening run along the river. Early night today again, back to work tomorrow. My "to do" and "to go to"list is getting shorter and shorter and so is time...

1 March 2015

Two days ago a school friend of mine (Philip) came to Blenheim so we could see each other 😊 we didn't have much time but just took a strole down the river and into town. Weekend was like the usual - running, getting things sorted for the week and chilling. It's been 29 degrees so perfect to lie outside β˜€οΈ It's my friends birthday next week so we're going to Kaikoura to swim with dolphins. I just booked 😊

17 February 2015

Blenheim is actually a quite sweet town but very dominated by seasonal workers. It's known for its vineyards - so somehow a little bit like home πŸ˜‰ What doesn't feel like home is spending 12 hours in a factory placing dividers between wine bottles. 5 days a week. I get up at 4:30am and get back home at 18:30. So I haven't got anything else to tell for the next six weeks! πŸ˜ƒ

15 February 2015

Just had a call from my hostel that I've got a job starting tomorrow. I get picked up at 5:30am for a wine bottle factory. They want me permanently, so for about 6 weeks. Monday to Friday. Long hours and early nights and most people can't do it for really long but obviously you can make soooo much money and haven't got a lot of time to spend it. Let's see how that goes 😯

13 February 2015

Beautiful days in Nelson again, I could stay forever in the city with 360 days sun a year ❀️ today we're off to Blenheim, a city with a big wine culture. Hope to get work there!

10 February 2015

Anyway, I'm glad I did it but I still prefer taking advantage of nowadays devices and being able to stay in contact with friends and family 😊 two weeks was just right (annoying half way though but really good at the end) but I couldn't do this for 3 months or something. It feels like time is running now though anyway, so I won't do this again I don't think. Might be a waste of the membership but now I quickly need to move on and find a job so everything will somehow work out ✊
After 12 days I am back, wohooo! πŸŽ‰ I will never forget these days. It was my highest aim and my biggest fear to go somewhere so isolated which is why I'm happy it's done. There was no endless electricity, no warm water, no phone reception. There were sheep I had to chase from our property and at night I could hear the possums on my roof. My own little house further away and next to Glowwormes. I cut dead chicken with scissors and heard about shooting goats. I went fishing (without success πŸ˜ƒ) and had freshly caught fish. I heard so many stories. No cars, no roads, just the forest behind me and the water in front. Unfortunately I didn't see any Dolphins though πŸ˜”

8 February 2015

Today my "hostmum and hostdad" took me on their boat and into the Sounds. Perfect weather and we luckily even got to see penguins and seals ☺️ it's awesome having a boat and just being able to go out onto the sea.

4 February 2015

Beautiful evening (waterfront,front of house,behind main building,front of my house)

2 February 2015

Today and yesterday it was pooouring with rain! As soon as the sky cleared up I went to the front of the property and played around with some photos. The first two days I was just gardening and now it's more cleaning and kitchen work. Looks like I'll stay here a little longer than originally planned... Ps: the first two days it looked like I was finally losing some of this weight everybody gains down here but unfortunately now they've started to spoil me with pizza, Windbeutel, mousse au chocolat, shortbread and so on πŸ˜£πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

31 January 2015

Impressions πŸ˜‰

29 January 2015

The way up to my own little house (called possum palace πŸ™ˆ) and the view from inside and from the front door step. As today was my day of arrival I just did a little gardening in a "tent" I couldn't even stand in with probably 30 degrees in the burning sun-yayyyy! The owners told me we were a little short on water so we had to use it very wisely. No long showers anyway. This is something people need to get used to πŸ˜€ We just had dinner and the last picture shows where I'm sitting with my book now.

26 January 2015

Went up the Botanical Hill today which is supposed to be the geographical centre of New Zealand. After 9 great days of awesome weather and everything that belongs with it I'm leaving Nelson tomorrow πŸ˜” I'm just going a little further east to a small town called Havelock. From there I'll catch a Mailboat on the 29th to go to the Te Rewa Resort in the Pelorus Sound. There I'll work in exchange of accommodation and food. It's literally in the middle of nowhere, as you can tell having to get there by boat, and I am very curious if I'll enjoy it or not. The owners are a german couple and I'll spend at least a week with them. If I like it there I might stay a few days longer but I have to be down at the west coast in Franz Josef by the 15th of February as I've got another position of working for accommodation there in the rainforest retreat. After that I'll go down to Queenstown etc. Might get back to working for accommodation but I'll have to see how I feel with it...

25 January 2015

Went to Abel Tasman Nationalpark again and took a cruise later on

23 January 2015

Abel Tasman Nationalpark

21 January 2015 Link to my skydive video ☺️☺️

20 January 2015

As it's over now... I just did a Skydive! I jumped out of a 13.000ft high plane over the Able Tasman! 15 minute plane ride, 40 seconds free fall, 5 minutes gliding and incredible views of clear blue sky, sparkling blue water, the north and the South Island, the able Tasman national park and ooooh I wish I could do it again!

19 January 2015

I arrived in Nelson yesterday - great hostel again! Today we went on a one day-road trip to golden bay, which is up the west. There we visited the farewell split and on the way down we went to a reserve where we could see the worlds clearest water. Incredible. I'll probably stay in Nelson until the 27th. Tomorrow's a biiiig day for me but won't tell you until it's over πŸ™Š

17 January 2015

Today I borrowed a bike and rode to the next towns' bay. Later we went to the maritime festival round the corner at the harbour and will go there again later for fireworks πŸŽ†
And this is the hostel in Picton 😊

16 January 2015

Made it to the South Island! Two nights in a lovely hostel in Picton. I might upload some photos of the hostel cause it's so cute.

15 January 2015

AAAAAAHH!!!!! Just booked my flight to the Fiji islands and Australia!!! Can't stop grinning!!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ πŸŸπŸ¬πŸ³πŸŒžπŸŽ‰πŸŠπŸ„πŸΉβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
Well that was fun. Not. Just hiked up Mount Victoria from where one can see the whole city and also the sea. I'm afraid it's very cloudy but unfortunately it's still sooooo warm - I'm just wet!!! πŸ™ˆ Tomorrow I'm off to the South Island, wohooo! 😊

14 January 2015

Te Papa Museum in Wellington

13 January 2015

Wellington is suuuch a nice city. Prettier than Auckland, I have to admit. Everything is painted, decorated and colorful. Loads of small shops and cafes and music from everywhere. So first we went for a stroll round the city and later we took the famous cable car and had a picnic in the botanic gardens. On the way down we passed the parliament.

12 January 2015

Napier. A nice little arty hostel with the beach just on the other side of the road. This morning we went up to Bluff Hill, from where one can see the whole habour. Napier is known as new Zealand's art-deco city and it does seem like a pretty town but there is not too much to do here. So off to Wellington this afternoon!

11 January 2015 This is too good. So many sentences I would have said exactly like that.

10 January 2015

Enjoying life in Taupo. Tomorrow I'm off to Napier - the art-deco city of New Zealand.

9 January 2015

Wai-O-Tapu I don't even know how to describe. I only took these to photos with my mobile cause I wanted some better ones with my camera. But even these look quite stunning,don't they? Now I'm on the way to Lake Taupo where I'll spend the next two nights with my relatives 😍

8 January 2015

Whakarewarewa - the living thermal Maori village. Even though it's called like this I actually wasn't aware that Maori people still live there. "Luckily" I just arrived when there was a funeral. I'm saying luckily because it obviously was held in a very very traditional way, with Maori people in their traditional outfits and gadgets. The men did one of their very aggressive seeming cultural dances in front of the huge black-dressed Maori crowd that followed. There where up to 100degree hot pools where the Maori cooked and still cook they're food - hangi. They still have communal bath areas where there's basically just a hole in the ground with hot water (they consider 45degrees as luke warm). We saw two natural geysers but the most dominant experience was the smell - again!! Rotorua is such a disgusting smelling city because of the steam coming out of the ground. In the end there was a life performance of the Maoris cultural dances and games.

7 January 2015

Mount Maunganui is a beautiful little part of Tauranga on the east coast. I stayed at a hostel that was right at the mountain. Being summer holidays it is full of people and it is just like a French town with little shops and cafes (mum and dad,you'd love it again). The beach is huuuuge and the actual mount Maunganui just looks incredible. Everything is flat and you're at the beach but then you turn your head and there is this massive mountain just in the middle of nowhere. This morning I got up at 5am and hiked up the mountain (so glad I actually didn't do it at a normal time cause it was soooooo hot). But the view was just incredible. I think I get to see quite a few stunning sunrises here but that was just breath taking (literally,ha ha). Unfortunately my phone was dead so I've only got loads of lovely pictures on my proper camera. In 3 hours I'll be on my way to Rotorua for the next two nights..

4 January 2015

What a long day. I went on a 12 hour tour up to cape reinga-known as the most northern part of New Zealand, although there actually is a part which is longer but there's no way to get there. So today I was closest to all of my people at home from all my time spent in nz! On the way up and down we made stops at lovely sceneries, the ancient kauri kingdom, the kauri forest and the world famous fish and chips place. But not to forget the Te Paki Sand Dunes where we sand boarded down those massive dunes 😍😍 and we actually drove down the whole 90 mile beach (which isn't even that long either) where we could spot wild horses. You can definitely notice how all those places are filled with batches (holiday houses owned by New Zealanders). Tomorrow I'll take the ferry to Russell and later the bus to Auckland where I'll spend one (my last πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ) night before heading south. Ps: It's been 15 weeks that I've been here and probably only 17 more weeks to spend in Nz. How can time fly so fast?

31 December 2014

Well that was epic! 5 days of sun(burn), good music, awesome people and lots of fun. Now I'm back in Auckland and will head off to Paihia for two nights on Saturday.

25 December 2014

Franklin Road, Ponsonby
In the end it did feel a liiiiiittle bit like Christmas. But really more like some other occasion or party like Halloween or a summer festival πŸ˜ƒ So today I've been off and relaxing and packing 😩 tomorrow after work I'll stay at a friends house and the next day we're off to Gisborne to be summer festival and the r&v festival wohoooooo!

18 December 2014

Mount Eden at night again. Today I booked my first route with all the busses and hostels. Getting there πŸ™ˆ

11 December 2014

Trying to make it feel like Christmas! And on the last picture our beautiful Christmas tree πŸŽ„

9 December 2014

Time is running so incredibly fast. I've nearly been here for 3 months and I have only 2 more weeks of work. Can't wait for Christmas, nye and the traveling after! But on the other side it feels like having to leave home.. I would have never thought of feeling so comfortable in one place. But the people at my place seem just like a second family and everyday I look forward to coming home from work 😊 might be hard leaving this.

24 November 2014

Daytrip to coromandel yesterday. First few pictures are at the hot water beach. You dig a hole and the water coming up is so hot, you wouldn't believe how I burnt my foot! Last few pictures are at the famous cathedral cove. It was soooooo amazing. The weather was perfect and I was in the sea the first time. Came back to the hostel red like a crab and everyone was so confused cause it had been raining the whole day. You can have a whole year of weather just in one day

23 November 2014

Waiheke island Thinking of going back there for maybe a week or two of wwoofing in January

21 November 2014

After a morning run and breakfast I'm scribbling away in my travel journal before heading to work. I bought this at the beginning of my journey to cut out tickets and bits and bobs to stick them in there. Also I let people I met sign in there or even write just a few lines if I spent more time with them. I'm already looking forward to looking through it on my way back home. I'm sure it will be full of life and memories. Today another friend of mine who's doing a Working Holiday in Australia is coming to visit us. This evening we'll have a barbecue at the beach in Mission Bay and as I'm off tomorrow we'll visit Waiheke Island. Glad I finally get to go there! Lots of love x

14 November 2014

Art in the dark, Western Park, Ponsonby

13 November 2014

If everything works how I hope it will I will go to the Fijis for a week with a friend at the beginning of May. Then I'll do the east coast of Australia for about 6-8 weeks, take a flight from Cairns to Melbourne, spend a few days there and take my flight back to Germany from here (via Singapore where I'd like to stay for about a week). So this is what's going on in my head right now. Plans over here always change but people knowing me might very well know that I'm not good at not planning things πŸ™Š I enjoy organizing it all in my head and it would definitely be a dream come true if it all works out that way! Last but not least my favorite quote atm, copied by Granny and Grandad: out of sight but never(!) out of mind πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘­πŸ’•
I've been thinking quite a lot lately about how my journey will go on and when and where and for how long. It will probably be a little longer than I planned at the beginning but still not so long that I'd have to start studying later. So beginning of January I'll do the north of the north island which will only take me one week at the most (welcome to New Zealand). Then I'll meet up with two girls and travel the south of the north island (1-2 weeks) and take the ferry over to the South Island. There we might rent a van and discover the west for about 2 weeks. It should be the end of February by then. I'll stay on the South Island and will start wwoofing where I possibly can - farms, families, lodges.. I've seen beautiful places with the most incredible scenery around them. I might also try to get right down to Stewart island (a small island south of the South Island) where there's not even phone reception πŸ™ˆ I'll have time until April to stay on the South Island...

4 November 2014

Piha 😡
Whangarei Falls
Kerikeri, City of Hundertwasser
Kerikeri Rainbow falls
Paihia, Bay of Islands, at night and at 6:00am.. πŸ’€ This is the right country.

2 November 2014

Happy Halloween!

25 October 2014

Still loving my lunch breaks which I can luckily spend at the harbor ❀️ Life is not too special at the moment as the days are the same: work and gym

16 October 2014

How I love being woke up at midnight by girls voices yelling happy birthday next to my bed... Lovely view on the morning run later

12 October 2014

Rangitoto Island. Photos can't express the stunning view and the colour of the water we had. Tiring way up but so definitely worth it.

11 October 2014

Devonport with Anna (a friend from Germany) today with lovely weather and an amazing view. Evening program was treating myself to some proper food in Takapuna πŸ˜πŸ™Š

7 October 2014

Who's a happy girl? ☝️ I have got a job! It's at a juice bar called "Tank Juice". All about freshly made Smoothies and Juices. Not sure if there is anything that would fit me more (also as it is only 3 minutes walk from my hostel). Two years ago they also included wraps and yummy salads to their menu and atm they are expanding so incredibly around Auckland. I can work up to 6 days a week which is a lot but I am willing to work and earn money that I can aaaaaaall spend on beautiful trips afterwards. Maybe my birthday won't be as sad then, between the smell of delicious fresh fruits. I want to eat and drink it all myself!!!!

3 October 2014

Yummo 😍
Auckland museum

2 October 2014


1 October 2014

Auckland Zooooo πŸ’ Lovely day with lovely weather but finding jobs is a catastrophe. Everybody is looking for staff that can stay for at least six months so I have absolutely no clue what is going to happen in the future..

28 September 2014

26 September 2014

Auckland cityyyyy 😊

23 September 2014

Sitting right here, in Browns Bay. Finally sunny weather! Last night I met all my german friends for a birthday of one of them. So good to have familiar faces at the beginning ❀️

20 September 2014

First 12hr flight done! It's 6:39am in Singapore and already 29 degrees. Next 10 hour flight to come.. 😣

11 September 2014

8 days to go. "TrΓ€nen bedeuten oft Abschied, aber auch ein Wiedersehen!"