Taiwan · 3 Days · 25 Moments · December 2017

JA Babymoon Escapeawaymoon

10 December 2017

At the Mercedes Pop Up, tried the cruffin. It’s a fusion of croissant and muffin. It’s ok, I like Cronut more.
Then we went to a new place called Cummune A7, Jon and I wish there is something like this in HK. We just had so much fun taking pictures there.
At the morning we went to 永和豆漿 for breakfast. I ordered a 蛋包油條,夾餅肉鬆,咸豆漿😌😋

9 December 2017

After taking a half an hour nap, we reunited with Winnie again to 曉河夜市as our dinner. We ate a bunch of stuffs that we just walk by shops we like and then buy and eat wahahaa 😋I think my favourite is the super long french fries and the fish roe pizza.
After shopping we went to the famous Cronutt shop from New York. They are a hybrid of 🥐 croissant and 🍩 donut. 😋
Laio is always a shop we go for Jon to shop his stylish semi-formal clothes. The sales are super nice and their clothes are mainly made in Korea. Their cutting fits Jon perfectly and their pricing is comparatively cheaper. Buying one full suit is around 9000NTD.
After dropping off Winnie, we went to 忠孝敦化南路250巷to shop. There are a lot of unique boutiques for men and women.
We then walked to the coffee shop around the corner. They have so many choices of coffee. I really love you can find a nice and unique coffee shop anywhere in Taipei! 🤩
After we picked up my sister in law, we went to Locofood for a non-traditional taiwanese breakfast. We ordered the signature egg wrap, a hash brown wrap, a spicy chicken burger and a fresh pork bacon burger. They all tasted yummy. When we left, we are confused whether we had lined up incorrectly to the take-out line... Anyway, we got out food so it’s ok.
While we are waiting for my sister in law to be ready, Jon and I went to a nearby beef noodle shop for beef noodle, it’s called 玖五牛肉麵. I also ordered a pork ball soup. They are very yummy, however, they service is really bad. I am ok as I don’t go to this restaurant for service but we rarely meet Taiwanese who are impolite.
We started our day with a cup of nice coffee in a cozy coffee shop called Slow Tempo. We just love how you can easily find a nice and with heart coffee shop in Taipei. This coffee shop has their own coffee and tea pot and cups.

8 December 2017

Last but not least, we saw the bicycle at the door so of course we have to take a photo with the bicycle boss, Erik.
Everything was set up neat and tidy. We were so happy to see Erik again in Taipei! There are only the main course that you can choose from, other dishes are set menu. All dishes are delicious, artsy and delicate. They are also very detailed that they know I am pregnant and change some of the dishes slightly so I can eat. We had a great night enjoying the dinner at Leputing.
When we arrived Leputing, we learnt that it’s a japanese style heritage house. Outside pf the house, there’s a garden with a wooden deer that I love. Then, it’s a traditional Japanese style entrance, it didnt required us to take off our shoes but required to wipe clean. Then you can see all the beautiful scarfs and paper crafts. They are all decided by different designers including the deer outside of the house. When we walked to the dining area, we saw a Japanese garden.
Then we decided to take the train to Leputing for dinner instead of taking uber. As usual Jon is naughty and put his ticket on his forehead. When he was off, he couldn’t find his ticket and thought it was still on his forehead. 😂
After we walked around, we walked into a shop that says pharmacy but it actually sells a lot of pregnant and baby stuffs. We bought a baby sunglasses for babynini, another one for our friend as gift and a diaper changer. Their products are imported and high quality.
When we walked around, we found this siao lung bao place. We just sat at the side of the road to enjoy. If the skin can be thinner, it’ll be even better.
We then went opposite to the Attitude Hair Salon. I enjoyed washing hair at the hair salon in Taipei, it is half of the price of HK and it’s so comfortable. When they wash your hair, they will massage for a long time and the best thing is to place the warm towel around your head. I fell asleep twice.
We missed this soup restaurant. We happened to try when they opened on the first day there. In 2 years time, they added more food and more varieties of soup. They even have noodles now. We ordered a spinach, a spicy pepper dark chicken and a black sesame chicken soup noodles. It was awesome!
All of a sudden, weather was so cold in Taipei, I wore a tank top and a hoodie, a denim jacket and a scarf and still felt cold.