North America · 4 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

The Fab Four Cruise

25 August 2017

Rainy morning arrival in Ketchikan...gearing up (literally) for our adventures!

24 August 2017

#Onze #trumps #pjsallday
#pajamassunglasses3pm #wickedcardgame #whoswinning
Let the games begin!! #justalittlecompetitive #whatareslashtags #onze #barneysnapping
Good Morning Gracious God! We are lifting Chris up to you with all of our hearts! Thanks and Praise to You!

23 August 2017

Dinner on 11! Yum!!
Safety drill...check!
So looking forward to our journey together!
ALL ABOARD! #outofoffice
Fun wandering around Vancouver, taking care of a few requirements before heading to the dock!
Why yes....we will have some bacon!! And thanks Poppy for joining us this morning!

22 August 2017

Some like it hot! Finished the day with more wine and a great sunset! Then back to the Fairmont to prep for the cruise.
Late lunch on the patio with Toby! Wok Shrimp, Coho Salmon, Narrative Rose and lots of laughter!
Out of Office!!