North America · 12 Days · 20 Moments · January 2017

Anne's adventure in Cuba

28 January 2017

Old Havana
Old Havana

27 January 2017


26 January 2017


25 January 2017


24 January 2017

To Matanzas

23 January 2017


22 January 2017

Today remedios to Santa Clara to che's memorial and to the central plaza for lunch. Back to remedios. Classic cars.

21 January 2017


20 January 2017

Second full day. Contemporary ballet Pedro Ruiz 646 387 9087. Then class nova pottery

19 January 2017

Our first day in camougay. Started the morning in a bc taxi. Many galleries, public squares, churches. Then Lunch and trip to music conservatory
View from our room.

18 January 2017

Last Ishtar ate at a very delicious paladore. Lots of park dishes. We were serenaded by two musicians. One plays for the symphony and makes 18$ per month. Met the owner of the restaurant who left engineering to start the business. Millie a good guide so far.
Waiting for take off
Waiting at the airport with Phyllis.

17 January 2017

Now moved from the sublime to the beginning of the trip. The dreaded Sheraton at the airport. Met Phyllis and Bernie, two New York Jewish therapists who now live near Seattle and have taken numerous, over six, OAT trips and are very willing to share highlights, including pictures.
Lovely stay at the carillon hotel and spa for two nights before joining trip