Cambodia · 7 Days · 3 Moments · November 2017

Aussielies Trough Asia

21 November 2017

19 November 2017

‘Madly in love with the world and it’s beautiful hidden wonders’ ~ Kampot a dreamy riverside town, with old bones of history and a young ambitious, fertile heart of progression.

17 November 2017

Beer, sunsets and seafood in relaxing but smelly Otres.

15 November 2017

I couldn’t have started my three months adventure in a more sacred place then Angkor Watt - the land of the temples. In the heart of Cambodia lays a pretty sleazy ‘created for the tourist’ town called Siem Reap. Everyone that calls himself even a little bit of a traveler would have heard about it. Angkor Wat is as stunning as they make you believe and totally deserves its spot on uncountable bucket lists. Yes, it’s horribly touristic but the floating village, the massive seasize ‘Ton Le Sap’ lake and above all the sacred temples of the enormous ancient angkor city makes it an unforgettable almost magical experience.