Japan · 1 Days · 11 Moments · July 2016

Anna's exploration to Asia

11 July 2016

Cutest thing i saw today! The whole squad got them sl now we're matching!
These are so yummy!!!
Had to buy this as a souvenir!
Kitte today was awesome!!! So many shops and so much cool stuff! I bought so many souveniers and clothes (and lots of food)
Spent the evening at tokyo bay. This place is beautiful and a wonderful place to bomd with friends.
Got ice creams!!! And i bought them in japanese! We just met cinderella who was super sweet.
Am having the best day ever with Emi, catherine and clara! Disney land is awesome, everyone is so nice and the weather is perfect. Its my first time at a disney land and i'm lovin it!
Tokyo tube!!! Had dumblings for breakfast and we are off to disney land!
Staying at the capsule hotel!!! So much fun with the squad!!!
Just landed! So happy the flight is over! Going to our hotel now.
Off to Japan with my three best friends before uni!!!