Ireland · 3 Days · 15 Moments · June 2017

Anna's tour through The U.K.

2 July 2017

Day 3: Today we started our day by packing up our stuff and then we headed to the Blarney castle which was built in 1200 and is home of the Blarney Stone which we all kissed. We then stopped at the Monastery on the rock where we explored the old home of the monks in the 1200s. Then after that we went to Dublin where we ate a chicken dinner and headed to an Traditional Irish Night where we enjoyed three hours of traditional Irish music and dance. Some of use even got to learn the Irish jigs. Then we headed to the hotel and settled in. Tomorrow we are heading to Scotland.

1 July 2017

Day 2: Today we started out the day with a carriage ride around Killarney National Park. Our tour guid was a cute little Irish man who liked to talk about the leprechauns that lived in the woods. After the carriage ride we started our tour around the Ring of Kerry. Our first start was the Bog Museum where we saw baby horses, dogs and rabbits. We then went a bunch of different beaches and cliffs for picture opportunities and exploring. I took many pictures. Once we were done with the ring we headed back to the hotel in Tralee where we ate chicken stuffed with ham and cheese for dinner. We then went shopping after dinner and when we came back we ate food and played uno by the fire. Tomorrow we go to Dublin.

30 June 2017

29 June 2017

Day 1 continued: Dinner consisted of Pork Loin with tomatoes, green beans, and mashed potatoes as the main course. After the main course we were served a ice cream desert and then some tea or coffee. We were then set free to do whatever we wanted for the rest of the night. My friends and I when and explored the small town of Tralee. We visited all of the little shops and even sat in an authentic Irish pub for a bit. When it got too cold to continue walking around we went back to the small hotel and called it a night.
Day 1: Today we landed in Ireland at 9:30ish in the morning. We met our tour guide and immediately started our long awaited journey. Our first stop was the Bunratty Castle. This castle was built in the 1400 and was gorgeous with many high steeples that looked over the ongoing fields of green. We took a tour of the castle and were then set free to explore the grounds for about two hours. We fed baby goats, learned from a cute old blacksmith about the way of life back in the 1400s and even went and frolicked in a gigantic field with some sheep. We then headed to a small little restaurant called the Original Dirty Nelly's where I ate a toasted sandwich with a side of homemade tomato bisque. After lunch we left the castle grounds and traveled for three hours to Tralee, Ireland. We are staying in Tralee for two nights. We went to the hotel and signed in, I was assigned a room with Maddy, Pam, and Ashton. We stayed in our rooms for about an hour before we had to go downstairs for dinner.