Asia, Australia and Oceania · 15 Days · 51 Moments · December 2015

Anna's East Coast Australia 2015

28 December 2015

Feedbacks that the company would like to get. Automated SMS and emails. Good one!

26 December 2015

We are both so dark now. Heh. Sun kissed by the Australia sun. Back in Singapore.
We made it! Off we go!
Short walk around the city and the harbour area. Boxing mega sale everywhere.
All charred after 4 full days of scorching summer Australian sun. Before and after scrubbing up.

25 December 2015

Lovey dovey in front of the Sydney Opera House. Last night in Australia before we head back. Had a short romantic walk along the Sydney Harbour bay area.
Wandering around the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Date night on Christmas with sweetie. At Sydney Wharf area, The Rocks.
Spectacular view from top of the cliff! Up the cliffs and down to the beaches, coastal drive is indeed a fantastic drive with countless breathtaking scenic views. Glad we did the road trip from Melbourne to Sydney. #Australia #vacation #travelgram #25dec2015
Grand Pacific Drive
Kiama Blowhole without the blow. Low tide so we ventures across to the rock out there.
Hyams Beach
• G L O R I O U S • Was expecting lots of pebbles at Pebble Beach but I'm loving the luscious green grass and forest. It looks just like the postcards - perfect. Spotted some kangaroos chilling at the grass nearby. Merry Christmas everyone!! Praise The Lord in all that we do. Thank you for Jesus the gift of life. @naan1314 with @yautengyan #25dec2015 #beach #wildlife #nofilter #pitstop #Australia #travelgram #xmas #nosnow #sand #vacation
Breakfast with a view at Batemans Bay. Two third of the road trip done! $170/night. Merry Christmas! 25 Dec 2015.

24 December 2015

Blue Pool at Bermagui. Cool!
Blue Pool. Waters were freezing! Stepped onto some green mossy pile. Eeks.
Gipsy Point

23 December 2015

Saw rabbits, kangaroos and lizards on then side of the expressway. Hope to see wombats.
Golden Beach on part of the Ninety Mile Beach. We did drive for quite some time on this deserted island off Gippsland.
Found a geo-cache at the Morwell Centenary Rose Garden. Cool!
Swimming with the seals! They are such carefree, playful and gentle animals. Saw them darting around and twirling around underwater. The waters were really freezing cold. But since we were out here, heck it!! Probably about 18 degrees water. One swam close to me but we are not allowed to touch. So video will do!
Swam with the wild dolphins today!! Decided to go with Moonraker the certified and quality dolphin swim provider. Max 10 person in the water. The boat will find the dolphins and instruct us to go into the waters when the dolphins swim past the boat. Pretty cool!! 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 Being able to see the wild dolphin swimming past us is just breathtaking! Glad they are all happy and free out in the sea. $150 per person for 3 hours.

22 December 2015

The penguins were like about 20cm tall. They are the world's tinkles penguins. We watched them make their way back to their nests ashore. The way the tumble back to the sea on the beach is so cute! Haha. They can walk as fast as our adult normal speed despite their small size! 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 Enjoyed the penguin parade. $25
Summer land on Phillips Island
Awesome sunny weather. On our way to pick up the rented car.
Met up with sweetie at Southern Cross Station. Walked around the Hoiser Laner
Space Hostel was not bad. Bed was comfortable and clean. Spent like 2 hours writing greeting cards to family and friends before leaving the place. Posted! 22 Dec 2015
Time has flew, I'm at the midpoint of my adventure already... 😂 Time to meet my sweetheart at the train terminal later this afternoon. 22 Dec 2015.

21 December 2015

This is how the Elizabeth street looks by night. It is the equivalent of Orchard Road in Singapore.
Arrived in Melbourne. Chance upon the shopping strip of Elizabeth Street. Today the Target store will open till 12mid. Awesome!
Nice cosy hostel. Backpackers by the Bay. Just $35 Aud per night for a 4 female dorm.

20 December 2015

Some beer, some quiz and simple dinner back in the Backpackers by the Bay.
Whitehaven beach is truly amazing, I can see why it is the most beautiful beach in Australia. With @yin_fa on the day tour. Sharing the good times together. #australia #beach #sunsandsea #travel #paradise #nofilter
Visited the Whitsunday Island on a Sunday. Whitehaven Beach was pristine because the water was clear and the sand was white fine, and the water temperature was just comfortable and the sun was up! Time just flew while we get toasted in the sun. Wished we could picnic here ALL DAY at the Whitehaven Lookout and just relish the view. #20dec2015 #hardtobeat #australia #beach #travel #sunsandsea #paradise #singingpureshores
Whitehaven beach!!! Don't wanna leave this paradise! Met Phillis on the one day tour on Whitsunday Express.
Whitehaven Beach! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Absolutely love it!
Beach day out! We are just at the start of the day tour. Whitehaven Beach here I come! With Whitehaven Express $175.
Bridgett Liu

19 December 2015

Reached Backpackers by the Bay. Had dinner and bumped into a lady who is a South African and a Chinese citizen. She dived at Yongala on 17 Dec while I dived there on 18 Dec. She was the one who saw guitar shark and eagle rays. Bridgett Liu I'm happy that I saw many unique wildlife too. Eagle Rays, leopard shark, big turtle, big stingray and barracudas. Hostel here is quite ok. Getting more used to cooking my own meals. Getting used to talking to new people at the hostel. Not quite hanging out alone actually. Definitely moving around independently. Really like the personal time and adventure. Sunday I shall spend some time reading the word and listening to sermons. Also I hope to read at least 30 pages of the book I brought. 😜 19 Dec only. 🤗😎👍🏼
Dive Day 2. Glad that I took the motion sickness pill again. Wasn't feeling too well as the waters were just too choppy. Washed up and packed up, back on land and ready to move on!
Day 2- Yongala Dive at Ayr.
Megamite for breakfast as bread spread. Tastes ok

18 December 2015

Lunch time! With my dive buddy Thomas. He managed to smile for the camera. Haha
18 Dec Dive at Yongala Wreck. Love it. Can't wait for day 2! Dived at the famous SS Yongala Wreck near Ayr. Highly recommend this as part of your Great Barrier Reef diving adventure. Saw Eagle Rays, Leopard Shark, Hundred years old turtle, huge grouper, sea snake. Heard you can see the hammerhead sharks too!

17 December 2015

Reached the AYR town! I was late to catch the coach at Townsville and thought I had to stay there for the night! Panicked a little. Luckily the coach is late and I managers to get on it nicely. Phew. Should have checked the schedule before chilling.
Did my grocery shopping at Castletown before I go to the suburb for 2 days. Bought $14 worth of fruits and bread! Haha
Reached Townsville this town near AYR. Shall make my may to AYR with Greyhound coach. Finally I can get some proper sleep.
Transiting in Bali Depansar airport. New airport! It was being built when I was here 2 years ago.

16 December 2015

After rushing through handovers, managed to get to the airport in time for my 8.40pm flight.

13 December 2015

Can't wait to see one of the world's most beautiful beach Whitsunday Beach!