Argentina, United Kingdom · 14 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017


20 July 2017

21/07/17 After 4 days travelling, a lot of tears and the same clothes - I'm finally home! Thank you to everyone who helped fundraise and donated me money towards the trip, I couldn't be more grateful. I had the most amazing experience and really gained a lot out of it, I really hope to return some time soon! Thank you also for reading my day to day stories from Argentina, hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed writing them 馃槉 Anna

18 July 2017

19/07/17 Thought this post would be necessary, a perfect way to finish my trip! If getting taken away in the airport wasn't bad enough (I had to empty my whole bag out and have the sniffer dogs search it out whilst my passport got taken off me), we were 40 minutes into our flight from Asunci贸n, Paraguay to Madrid, Spain where a technical error occurred and it was too dangerous for us to fly over the Atlantic so we had to do an emergency landing back in Asunci贸n. After hours of waiting to get another flight, it was cancelled in the end. So here I am, writing my blog alone from a hotel in Paraguay with no clue when I'll be going home.... hopefully soon 馃槱馃槶 Anna
17/07/17 / 18/07/17 Writing a post for 16/07/17 seemed irrelevant as me and Steph took full advantage of it being a Sunday and spent the whole day in bed! Yesterday was my last day in C贸rdoba and the vets didn't want me to leave. I perfected a 1/2 stitch on a cat undergoing castration and saw 5 little scotty dog puppies that were just born! Me and Steph celebrated my last night by going out at midnight for ice cream... in 0 degrees. I'm currently at the airport as I write this awaiting my 15 hour flight to Madrid, then 2 1/2 hours to London Gatwick then 1 1/2 back to Inverness. I've had the most amazing time, I'll definitely be returning in the future! 馃槉 Anna

15 July 2017

15/07/17 Today was zoo day!!! I was lucky enough to meet Margaux from France who is also doing veterinary medicine and animal care then her room mate Alisha from USA doing medicine. They hadn't seen the city of C贸rdoba yet so we decided to venture to the zoo and it was a great idea, we all had a good time! Lucky enough in the taxi home, the driver forgot to turn the meter on so I go a free ride. Win - win situation! Tomorrow, me and Oscar decided to go for merienda (a meal between lunch and dinner) then visit C贸rdoba's fine arts museum. Anna

14 July 2017

14/07/17 Another day in the veterinary clinic! There was only 1 op with a cat undergoing a castration. Today I learnt how to make specialised veterinary needles for closing wounds and also how to do the stitch in a certain way (the vet said if I'm good enough by Monday, I can try it on a patient)! Under supervision of course... ! The cutest little puppy also came in and I couldn't resist taking a photo of him, he was the same size as a kitten if not smaller! Today was my last day to say goodbye to one of my room mates Tom who is also from the UK.. I did cry. I don't know what I'm gonna be like Tuesday, I don't wanna leave!!! Anna

13 July 2017

13/07/17 Today was well and truly an eye opener - 400 dogs previously abused or abandoned all in one place with only the ground and crates as their bed. The first photo (which had me bawling my eyes out earlier) is of 3 puppies who were left at the side of the road and brought to the shelter whilst I was there. If I could take them home I certainly would, why anyone would be so cruel I don't know馃槶 It just shows how much volunteers are needed with only 4 people working there. Me feeding and walking the dogs today made a huge difference. Onto a better note - tonight is the last time me and my room mates will be together before I go home as some of them are travelling next weekend so we're going out to celebrate! Anna

12 July 2017

12/07/17 Another day at the veterinary clinic meeting new fluffy friends so not much to say today! I'm so in love 馃槏 I don't want to leave! I'm prone to missing buses back home and it looks like it's the same out here... although I can manage the buses alone now. It's not as dangerous during the day as people make it out to be like but still good to keep extra precaution. People coming to the vets with their animals were amazed to see that I was from Scotland and how I spoke English. Tomorrow will be exciting as I have a 5:30am wake up call to go to the dog shelter then off to 'Parque Sarmiento'. Today we finally got some sun and tomorrow is meant to rise to 30 degrees - woohoo! Anna

11 July 2017

11/07/17 Today I finally got to start one of my placements at the local Veterinary clinic in C贸rdoba. I was introduced to Armando and Cecilia, the 2 vets that work along side each other. As I entered the staff room, I was greeted by 5 French bulldog puppies, so so so cute!!! 馃槏馃槱 In the photos was a Bichon Frise and a Beagle. The Bichon Frise was undergoing a castration (to remove the testicles) then a teeth polish. The Beagle was unfortunate enough to have a tumour growing on the leg which was pussing and smelt horrific - I was lucky to have left before the operation went on. I also survived my first bus journey alone (in the dark) AND I didn't get mugged.. always a plus. Anna

10 July 2017

10/07/17 Today has been very laid back as it was my orientation day. I got picked up by my coordinator, Manuel, who took me for a walk round C贸rdoba so I could seem more of the culture. He took me inside one of the churches which was so beautiful with all the artwork and high ceilings. He then took me to a restaurant and I tried a very common Argentine dish, beef Milanesa. This was simply a technique of breading pounded meat and shallow frying - it was so good! Then I also tried my first 'dulce de leche' in a chocolate. Dulce de leche is a famous confection in Argentina. It is a creamy caramel sauce that's traditionally made by simmering a pot of milk and sugar, stirring as you go, for seven hours. Afterwards, I got a local SIM card for my phone and bought my bus pass so we got the bus to the Projects Abroad Office. Buses in Argentina are so different, you top up a card and scan it when you get on and only leave the bus via the back doors. A much quicker process! Anna

9 July 2017

09/07/17 Happy Independence Day from Argentina!!!馃嚘馃嚪馃嚘馃嚪 Today was spent by chilling out in the morning then myself and Tom (another volunteer from the UK) headed out to Patio Olmos to meet with Cristian who is a volunteer coordinator and he brought along 2 other volunteers that were also from the UK, yay! We all went to a quirky caf茅 for drinks and cake then headed down to the flea market to see the stalls and the Independence Day celebrations. Definitely a watch out for your backpack with the crowds! Anna

8 July 2017

08/07/17 A bit late for writing yesterday's post but here it is eventually! I was so lucky to meet up with one of the locals in C贸rdoba, Oscar, who is originally from Peru. Oscar took me around the centre of C贸rdoba and showed me some of the famous buildings and told me a lot about the history which was very interesting to find out! (Imagine building a C贸rdoba in Argentina for your girlfriend because you love her so much as well as having your own C贸rdoba in Spain). I then maybe got the outline of the Argentina map inked on my skin... sorry mum!! He then took me for lunch to try some of the Argentine dishes - I'm lucky they still have fast food over here... Later on 2/3 of my room mates and myself went out for a walk round the city and captured such a beautiful sunset! At 9pm, Oscar took me to the musical theatre to watch the symptomatic orchestra of C贸rdoba play - it was so interested to watch! Anna

7 July 2017

07/07/17 From Inverness - London Gatwick - Madrid - Buenos Aires - C贸rdoba, (never mind the broken rucksack, delayed flights and horrific Spanish) I have finally arrived in the heart of the city being 2:45pm Argentina time, 4 hours behind the UK. From C贸rdoba airport to my host house, I have seen so many stray dogs and it was only a 20 minute car ride so it's going to be quite daunting to see what it's like when my placement starts. I was welcomed by my host mum, Mar铆a Elena, and 3 other volunteers - 2 males and 1 female. I'm so glad to finally arrive after 24 hours of travelling and then to go sightseeing tomorrow!!! Anna