United States of America · 31 Days · 13 Moments · September 2014

Anna's Exchange year in Texas

1 October 2014

I discovered that IKEA sells my childhood!! This is what I've grown up with, and I missed it so much!

12 September 2014

So - Friday of the second week of school, and I have a psychology test that I'm definitely not prepared for. Oh well.

4 September 2014

My third day of school - I'm a little bit better prepared, so I'm looking forward to this a little bit more than the two previous days.

2 September 2014

So I'm back at my counsellor's office. Again x2. It's so overwhelming and scary - everything is just so /there/. But I'm happy, even if I'm slightly scared and shy.
Choosing classes....
First-Day-of-High-school-coffee. So excited!!

1 September 2014

We finally got everything sorted! I've got my American sim - unlimited texts, calls and 3GB of data!!
So we've spent the day shopping and getting essentials. We've had a couple of problems with the sim, because we don't know if the phone is unlocked. Let's see how this goes!
100 degrees
This is scary. You can buy a shotgun in Walmart.
Still unpacking!! 😱👌
Jonah and I went shopping and got a bunch of stuff 😊😊