North America, Europe, Asia · 11 Days · 19 Moments · August 2017

Anna's adventure in Russia

20 August 2017

This is the Berlin Wall. Nuff said
This is a wall that a polish dude scaled to join an anti communist movement.
In Gdansk Poland

19 August 2017

Home sweet home

18 August 2017

Today I am in my home country. Sweden!

17 August 2017

In Helsinki Finland

16 August 2017

Making a dream come true today coming to the Romanov Palace where Anastasia lived! I am humming once upon a December the whole way.

15 August 2017

St Petersburg Russia

14 August 2017

In Tallinn drinking honey beer

13 August 2017

Riga Latvia

11 August 2017

Copenhagen around
In London

10 August 2017

Trivoli Garden
Arriving in Copenhagen
Leaving San Fran for Denmark