United Kingdom, Estonia · 7 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Anna's adventure throughout Brighton

7 May 2017

And our fun adventure has come to end. Back to homeland. Sweet, sweet Estonia.

5 May 2017

Last day of school! We had so much fun doing treasure hunt but some words were abit confusing...such as chippie and curly wurly. After treasure hunt we went to Primark and bought clothes :). I bought a black, laced shirt and a grey T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it :) then we jumped into Starbucks and grabbed a caramel Frapuccino.

3 May 2017

Chinatown At Chinatown we ate chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, and spring rolls and all that with sticks/spoon. We could also add soja and other spicy sauces to our food if we wanted to.
We visited Buckingham Palace, unfortunately Queen Elizabeth II wasn't at home turning that time. It was alot fun even though It was 2nd time for me.

1 May 2017

2nd day, hiking/tour
Today we had free time so we visited Starbucks, book store (I forgot its name), clothing stores (H&M, Sports Direct, and so on), we also visited Fish and Chips shop and ate Fish and Chips :) It was the best Fish and Chips I have ever eaten. At the evening 🌄 we played with doggy. Then at night we watched some anime and played Harry Potter card guessing game

30 April 2017

Hiking, Seven Sisters Fun fact: Third most famous suicide place. Well I don't consider it a FUN FACT but lol. It was very windy up there, couldn't make any fancy selfies because my hair was such a mess