North America, Europe · 49 Days · 35 Moments · May 2018

Circling the Sea

4 July 2018

Today we wanted a break from the crowds so we decided to take an hour high speed train out to the Dover Cliffs! We took the extra long way to get up there and it was scary because there wasn’t really a walking path, but the views were so worth it! I recommend it to anyone going to England!

3 July 2018

Today we went to Stonehenge. It was really cool because we were at a world Heritage site and Katie was at Machu Picchu, also a world Heritage site! We rounded off the day by watching England Win!

2 July 2018

We went to the Tower of London, twinnings, Covent gardens...and the oldest Irish pub in London! Now off to Stonehenge!

1 July 2018

Made it to London! Dad and I have started off the day with a bus tour! Good thing because it’s really hot!

29 June 2018

Today they were short on nurses in the ER so I got to help! I was so excited because I helped the doctor with bandaging and stitching and all of that. There was also a little girl who had a super infected bug bite from New York and I helped comfort her. I think it helped that she understood what I was saying. It helped her parents too. Now I’m sitting at a beach bar listening to the island reggae version of the “Final Countdown”. I would count this as a successful day!

27 June 2018

Most recent update I did my first night shift and it was really fun! I enjoyed it a lot! Today I hung out with one of my friends I made in Croatia in her book store and it was really fun! On to a 12 hour shift tomorrow. Hopefully there are lots of fun things to learn!

25 June 2018

Today was a public holiday so I went to Lake Bled in Slovenia with some friends and it was gorgeous! It felt like a combo of lake Louise Canada and Austria! Now on to my last week in ER! Night shift tomorrow!

22 June 2018

Today I visited the zerostrasse tunnels and yesterday we watched croatia beat Argentina! Pretty successful few days!

19 June 2018

Today was my second day in transfusion medicine. It is really cool because I can see the tests that I learned in school and how they are used in the field. The picture of me is with a blood typing test because the machine was down! If anyone could send some actual cold weather, I would appreciate it very much!

16 June 2018

Today was a pretty successful birthday! All my new friends made me stay out till midnight so they could be the first to wish me happy birthday! Today I went diving with Eva and we both agreed that Mexico is more colorful! We did see a squid though! Sarah, Eva and Victoria had to leave after dinner to go home which was really sad but we are already making plans to go on adventures once we are back in the states!

15 June 2018

Not a bad start to a birthday! Watched soccer and took shots (Victoria and I did shots of tap water everyone else did Rakia which is a 70proof alcohol. No thank you!) now off to bed so I can go diving tomorrow!!!

12 June 2018

The first two days of Neurology have been going well this week! Our mentor is the head of the department and MS (Multiple Sclerosis) specialist so we have seen a lot of MS patients which is really sad. Our mentor is a little quirky but it makes it funny and entertaining!!

9 June 2018

It’s not every day you find a Porsche Car show on the rooftop of a castle! Made it to Slovakia!
Not a bad view to wake up to! Almost to Vienna Austria! Definitely going to have to put Austria on my list of places I want to travel to and spend time in!

8 June 2018

First border crossing. Pula to Slovenia!
Great last day in general abdominal surgery! Now off to Slovakia!

7 June 2018

After a slow day in the hospital (good for the patients, boring for us) we went to Hawaii beach so Victoria could conquer her fear of heights and jump off the little cliff. On Wednesday we went to the local Red Cross to volunteer. The volunteering consisted of playing games and interacting with the locals! You can see in the last picture that our team won the gold medal for high scores in memory, darts, ball throwing and charades!

5 June 2018

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a few days. This week I started my rotation in general abdominal surgery. So far I haven’t seen anything super cool, but I am at the old navy hospital which is fascinating! It was built for the military in ww1 and now is used for surgeries, emergency and trauma! This past weekend on Sunday we went to the beach and cliff jumping! I did go off of it and have to get the video from one of my new friends. The picture is of the cliff! The lady was doing arial fabrics off of it which was awesome! So far so good and I hope all is well with everyone at home!

2 June 2018

Well it’s not Berlin (disaster flight cancellation, but funny story!) but it’s pretty awesome! We went and walked around a little coast town 30 minutes from Pula. Weather was great and views were awesome! We ended the day at a 5 Star restaurant!

1 June 2018

Final day in ear nose and throat. We got to learn how to stitch! Also, some more pictures from yesterday as promised. Can’t wait to see what the ones on my camera look like! Next stop, Berlin Germany for the weekend!

31 May 2018

Only one picture so far but Plitvice Lakes is the most gorgeous place I have ever been! Worth every penny! More pictures later!

30 May 2018

Great day today! Saw multiple tonsillectomies (that’s what I’m holding)

28 May 2018

Today was the first day at the hospital. I started out in ENT (ear, nose and throat) and it is not what I expected. We spent the majority of the day in the operating room and watched 3 deviated septum surgeries. Our mentor is really nice and she loved when I asked questions! The health care system over here is very different in terms of procedures on how to sterilize things and who is in the operating room, but overall it seemed to be a well oiled machine! It was also cool to see a completely female surgical staff and they all were willing to teach us throughout the surgeries! After the hospital some of my new friends and I went into the pool because it is uncomfortably hot and then we walked around downtown Pula. They have some really cool shops. I didn’t buy anything though (minus gelato), today was just scoping it out!

27 May 2018

Made it to the gap medics house! My home for the next 5 weeks
I made it! It’s a cute town and so unbelievably hot! It’s only 9:00 in the morning and already 85 degrees with humidity! Looks like I will be going for sunrise runs!

26 May 2018

After a long day of traveling I finally made it to pula!
They had a food truck festival in the international terminal in Norway! So cool! Now off to Pula!

25 May 2018

It’s been a busy couple of days! Yesterday we went get Versailles and today we did a mini food tour around the “hip” part of Paris! Fun time with mom and I see why everyone loves Paris! Next stop, Pula!

23 May 2018

Felt like we walked the entirety of Paris today! Visited Luxembourg gardens, Notre Dame, Sacre Coure. We ended at a completely gluten free bakery! Best bread I have ever had! Last night we did a paris by night tour! Lots of fun!

22 May 2018

Gluten free crepes for the win!
Boat tour this morning! Now it’s pouring down rain so it’s time for a crepé break!

21 May 2018

Day 1 in the books! Got in at noon and did a lot of touring of Paris! Gorgeous city! Now off to bed.

20 May 2018

Off to Europe!

19 May 2018

Ring Dance at the Naval Academy!

18 May 2018

Off to the naval academy! Dad and I are having pre flight smoothies!