Italy · 4 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Anna-Lena's adventure in Italy

12 July 2017

12.07.2017 Our last day on that part of the island We relax at the beach on portobello. After we will go to capo testa
11.07.2017 We drove the opposit side of our accumodation the way to porto torres. Castelsardo: A city up a hill Old castle on top Amazing few over the sea. Beaches there are not that beautiful Portobello; Water really clear and nice. Many rocks Nice sand stone beach You have to pay 1€ per hour for parking Not many people. We ate at a pizzeria its called bonvicino. On the way from olbia to tempio P. On the left hand side. Sooooooo goooodddd. I would recommend to eat at this place. Five stars from me.
10.07.2017 Luogosanta: nice town Really steep streets. Amazing few over sardinia San Tremo: On the way to luogosanto You should definitely go there. Awesome few Great rocks Little church up there Arzachena: Is a city but nothing spezial for me Costa Smeralda: You should drive the way from olbia to santa theresia. We drove the other way and we couldnt see a lot. But the beaches the few everything is amazing. A lot of big expensive houses, villas Every is it expensive (food drinks ...) We drove to the end of the costa smeralda to porto rotondo. You didnt need to pay for the parking and the beach was really nice. Olbia: We went there to eat something. Nice city. Very touristic. A typical italian street with bars restaurant and so on.
09.07.2017 Vignola: is a small nice city We where only there to buy some stuff for the beach. A few km after vignola (the way up to santa theresia) there are a few spiaggia (beaches) not that much people on the beach. Also beautiful. Its calles Monti russi Than we drove the way up to santa theresia. This town is really beautiful. A nice few over the sea and the city itself its not to big but cute. We ate at the place where we sleep. Sooo good (traditional sardinia food) from there own farm. (Cow, salat ...) Cost about 20 euro per person but its sooo good and a lot to eat.

8 July 2017

La Cerra: 08th - 13th of july - including breakfast - total price for two € 380,00 - its not that easy to find - the place is in the middle of sardinia between Tempio P. and Palau - landscape side Chiai ...
Our start was on the 8th of july 2017 at 3am. A lot of traffic the way down to piombino where we took the ferry to olbia / sardinia. ( Moby ferry) Now its 6:30pm and we are still on the way. We have an accommodation in the middle of sardinia. Its calles La Cerrra I found it on AGRITOURISM.