Cape Verde · 5 Days · 10 Moments · January 2019

Anna and Cath's Cape Verde retreat

22 January 2019

Cath was beside herself with excitement tonight as we managed to sit on "the comfy seats" in the lobby for pre dinner drinks. She's been shocked by the "selfishness of other people" sitting on them during previous evenings. Dinner at the Cape Verde speciality restaurant this evening. Tuna soup, mixed kebabs and seafood platter, delicious.
Time for a change from the poolside view. We walked along the beach for over an hour to reach the town here. Beautiful sand and sea and a lovely little hut to stop for a Superbock beer at lunchtime. Had a little look at the shops and markets and lovely buildings in town before a swim in the sea and the long walk back. Cath paused for a 30 second plank exercise, mid walk. 5 hours walking may have caused a little sun burn today!!
Well they say on holiday you do things that you don't at home....look at this for breakfast!! Good job there is a gym here too

21 January 2019

Another hot day, 34°c and windy, perfect for tanning and reading our books. A late afternoon gym session and a walk along the beach with a glass of wine as the sun sets.

20 January 2019

Enjoyed watching the very energetic fitness and dance classes put on by the pool. Cath even managed a swim in the freezing cold water before Anna headed off to the gym.
Awake nice and early and it's blue skies!! Straight to the pool where the early morning towel leavers have already reserved most of the sun loungers! Coffee was very quickly upgraded to champagne by Cath.

19 January 2019

Tanning time. Very windy day and a few clouds so we took a Ourselves for a long walk along the beach on the same dunes, stopping for a little photo shoot. Beautiful peaceful beach, sea was cold though! A couple of beers at the pool bar before dinner as unfortunately the gym was full and we couldn't go, there's always tomorrow. Dinner outside on the terrace this evening and ice cream treat for dessert, upgrade the water glasses for wine too.

18 January 2019

Lovely dinner in the buffet restaurant, classier than expected and wine on tap!! Cath forced Anna to sit and watch a few songs of the Grease entertainment, yikes. No wonder it's all you can drink here, people seemed to enjoy it though. Nice coffee in the lobby before early bed after a long day.
Cath putting on her best sass outfit (very ab fab darling) ready for her first look at the hotel grounds, beach and pool. A couple of beers and a croissant to get us in the mood of all inclusive for a change. Nice and warm but a little windy.
Early morning meet up at Gatwick airport for our 8am flight. Only a small gin hangover for Anna after a cousin's wedding last night. One of the first times I've caught a flight without having a drink at the airport!!