United States of America · 2 Days · 8 Moments · April 2016

AnMarie's adventure in Mississippi, United States

17 April 2016

Sitting at the half shell having more oysters and crab and lobster! Me loves some good seafood!
Trying to find some good deals!
Oysters and sea food for dinner at shaggys! Dad also found a black pearl in one!

16 April 2016

Got to our destination. Bay st. Louis mississippi. Lovely lil town. Check out our lil beach house! Wish I always lived here! On a side note if your ever flying don't EVER sit in the very back of the plane!
Sweet tea! Cause ice tea is my fav and this is soooo much better!
In Atlanta Georgia!
Almost missed my plane! But just got on it!
Just had 3 hrs sleep now to get dressed and head to the airport. Let's start this travelling day. 4am