Sri Lanka · 8 Days · 44 Moments · May 2017

13 May 2017

And that's a wrap ! We land in Kempegowda International Airport and will head home soon ! Sri Lanka was amazing and a much needed break ! 🤗😎
We are already at the airport, but our flight is at 6.50! A looong wait awaits ! 🤔
We stop at Sasha for our last meal in Sri Lanka! A simple rice and curry buffet with 2 types of rice and 5 types of curries.
After a lovely breakfast at Jetwings St.Andrews we head out to Colombo to mark the end of our trip in Sri Lanka! 😎

12 May 2017

Gregory Lake. Many activities like boating, jet skiing, cycling or just enjoy the view ! The boat in the picture is a boat converted into a restaurant.
Hakgala Botanical Garden. Established in 1861 and elevation above sea level is 1680m.
Seetha Amman Kovil. This temple is next to a small stream with fresh and cold water. The hill and the area around it is the Ashokavana as mentioned in the Ramayana.

11 May 2017

Our final pitstop is at Jetwings St.Andrews! Lovely place! And an amazing view 😍
Ramboda waterfalls
View point of Garandeal Falls.
Chinmaya Mission Hanuman Temple. The temple is on top of a hill. A big idol of Lord Hanuman is present inside the temple. The view from the top is just beautiful.
After a filling breakfast we are off to Nuwara Eliya! It's been raining a lot in Nuwara Eliya and it's gonna be very cold! But certainly it's gonna be beautiful 😍

10 May 2017

Early dinner at Midland Deli. Finally got to have Kottu. Kottu roti is shredded and mixed with shredded vegetables. It also has options of chicken, fish or only vegetables.
Oak Ray Kandyan Dance. About 10 different folk dance forms of Sri Lanka!
Oak Ray woodcarvings. Showcase of different kinds of wood and natural coloring for them. This also is a store.
We reach Isini Gems. A documentary of how a gem mine is dug up and how gems are extracted from them. It is also a gem store.
After an early visit to Buddha's tooth relic temple on the auspicious day of Vesak we visited the Upper lake view. Now we are back to the Hilltop Hotel for our breakfast!

9 May 2017

Finally we were able to get back to our car with the umbrellas our driver brought. And now we are at the Hilltop Hotel and the view is just beautiful!
We reach Kandy and head for lunch at Balaji Dosai. A simple Indian hotel which serves rice and curry and a variety of dosas. Ratnayake Baker's for some chocolate eclair. Even before completing our lunch heavy rains start pouring.
Dambulla Caves. After a small trek of 401 steps we reach the top of the hill. Inside you find a set of caves with Buddha's statues and painting all over the cave walls. In one of the caves we find a small crack on the top from which water droplets fall down to the cave floor. This water is used for religious purpose. At the foot of the hill we find the world's largest sitting Buddha statue.
Grand Regent Herbs and Spice Garden. They have a variety of spices and herbs grown here. Some indigenous plants like Polpapa, Akkapana, Rampe, Arrarh and many more. They also have Vanilla, Jasmine, Cloves, Cardamom, Aloevera, Cocoa and a lot more.
We stop at the Henry Batik Factory. The first step is tracing the design onto the cloth which is cotton. Next the areas which need to be white are coated with wax. Then the cloth is dipped in a color bath. The areas without the wax absorb the color. This process is repeated several times to get color in all the necessary places. Every process is manual and no machines are used.
And we are off ! We head to Dambula caves and then travel to Kandy!

8 May 2017

Kassapa Lions Rock. After a wonderful trek we rest for the day ! But not before a dip in the swimming pool 🏊
Long awaited Sigiriya Rock trek! The rock held the palace of King Kasyapa and smaller palaces of his 100+ queens. The entrance at the top has a lion paw on each side. It is believed that the paws actually held the whole statue of a lion at the entrance, but sadly all we find now are the ruins. It also has paintings on the rock face and also has a mirror wall which was soo polished that it was like a mirror. The view from the top is breath taking and a must visit place !
Sri Lankan lunch. Rice with curry. Vegetables, fish and chicken curry options 😋
Glenloch Tea Factory.☕ 1) Semi dried tea 2) Fan drier for drying the leaves 3) Grinder 4) 3 size sorter 5) Fire wood tea drier 6) Last stage 4 size sorter 7) Blower to remove mixed stem from tea powder 8) 4 size teas 9) Fresh tea stem and leaves
Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. 65 elephants. Elephants eating, pooping, taking bath and playing !🐘
After an early breakfast we bid adieu to Colombo and leave to Sigiriya en route the Elephant Orphanage.

7 May 2017

A light dinner at a local eatery. Egg hoppers 😋
Gandhi Lodge ! A very very late lunch 😝 and dessert at The Royal Bakery 🤤
Bandaranaike Memorial International Center and Aoukana Buddha replica statue, the original is at Anuradhapura.
Independence Square
Seema Malaka on the Beira Lake
Gangaramaya Temple. Buddha statue and Bodhi tree. Jade Buddha statue. Golden shower tree or Asala.
Galle face hotel the first hotel in Colombo. Old Parliament. The first light house of the Dutch. Old Colonial buildings. Sighting of the port.
And that's our ride 🚐
An ocean view morning ! Blue and green everywhere 🏖️
Hotel Sapphire, our first resting spot ! And after a not soo eventful day we retire to our beds to have an amazing tomorrow 😁

6 May 2017

Bandaranaike Airport ! Sri Lanka baby !!😎 Decorations in the airport for the Vesak festival 😁
Dinner on a high 🍴
And we are ready to take off !! 🛫
Urban food market at the airport ! Donut time 😍
Kempegowda International Airport ! Checked in and immigration checked ! 😝 Now the wait to the take off begins ! ✈️