Colombia · 23 Days · 26 Moments · November 2018

Anja's voyage in Colombia

7 December 2018

Afternoon little hike to the waterfalls.
Visiting of the coffee farms of Salento with tasting and little hike.

5 December 2018

Last day in Medellin: visiting the Antioquia museum to see Botero's amazing work, afternon in the water museum and evening drinking around Pueblado.

4 December 2018

Evening at the Christmas festival of Medellin.
Morning at casa della memoria in Medellin, to learn the past of this crazy city
Afternoon: wandering the streets of one of the most dangerous places, until recently, in Medellin. Poor people, but looking towards change.

3 December 2018

Night bus and walking day in Medellin. The city on the verge of collapse, but now first in the world for innovation.

2 December 2018

Swimming in Pescadeira in Curiti, before the night bus to Medellin.

1 December 2018

Water rafting experience. Becoming an adrenaline junkie.

30 November 2018

Little day trip from San Gil to Barichara and walk on the Camino real until Guane . Hiking a bit difficult with injured foot, but I resist! Evening with pasta carbonara at the hostel. Nice feelings

29 November 2018

Paragliding day!!!!! Just not the best on the stomach, but amazing sensation!!
Afternoon at the Pozo Azul where I manage to hurt myself badly... Learning to cook Arepas in the hostel

27 November 2018

Chill day in Taganga before the night bus to San Gil. I'll miss the Caraibic coast badly...

26 November 2018

Hiking to Pueblito in the Tayrona national park. Heavy but beautiful hike all uphill on rocky paths.

25 November 2018

Part 2 of pictures. At night the stars were super shiny. Beautiful starry night
Amazing day at the Tayrona national park.little hike and sleeping in a tent. Either the tent or the hammocks....

24 November 2018

Another day, another dive. I completely fucked up my ears so the afternoon was a sleepy one at the swimming pool of the hostel.

23 November 2018

Waterfalls and little hikes in Minca. Tried a moto taxi in some funny roads!

22 November 2018

Diving morning, first time after many years. Really cool experience, even if the underwater currents are really though!!

21 November 2018

Arrived in Taganga. Ready for some diving tomorrow!!

20 November 2018

More strolling and drinks

18 November 2018

More strolling and enjoy parties with fellow travellers
Strolling through beautiful Cartagena

17 November 2018

Having to say goodbye to Capurgana and Sapzurro and a horrible boat-bus trip direction Cartagena (again rain and storm on the boat and 10 hours of crappy bus ride). Arriving Saturday night, quick shower and ready to enjoy night life in the city.

16 November 2018

Little hike between Sapzurro and Capurgana. Fell in love with these two little towns hidden from the rest of the world. Hostel is just in front of the beautiful beach. A maximum of around 20 backpackers are here every day. No cars as it is just reachable by boat. Fresh fish, but very little fruit and veggies. Hiking in the tropical forest. Sweaty, but happy. You can also see that I haven't seen a brush in few days...

15 November 2018

Welcome in Sapzurro, Colombia where some recovery time was necessary after the San Blas adventure. Short hike back to Panama to hit the amazing beach of La Miel for a very chilled day with fellow travelers. Chilled night with Arepas dinner.